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    Trip Advice

    VIETNAM MOTORBIKE TOUR ASIA is an expert-led motorcycle tours from Hanoi to northern Vietnam, centre Vietnam and motorcycle tours Ho Chi Minh Trail. We strive to make our tours as exciting and safe as they can possibly be and constantly fine-tune our services and itineraries. On all our motorcycle tours we maintain a high standard of service and attention to detail. Through meticulous itinerary planning, careful preparation, thorough staff training and attention to our client’s needs, we deliver a comfortable, safe, fun and enriching travel experience. Please have short look into our trip advice to have the BEST MOTORBIKE TOUR IN VIETNAM!

    Trip Advice

    Big Thanks To The Bike


    The information you find here is written for you, to give a rough idea of what you might be reasonably confident on experiencing in VIETNAM. Forewarned is forearmed so the saying goes! I’m writing this after experiencing some, if not all of the possible scenarios on my own round VIETNAM MOTORBIKE TRIP. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting.

    * Large vehicles have right of way, Kindly avoid anything bigger than you and slow down please !

    * Traffic is like a stream, river which we have to flow in it. Riders will find a way to move onward!

    * Speed limit in Vietnam is so slow ( just 25 – 80 km/ h ) depends which areas in town or country side. Please do not break the speed limit. A speeding ticket costs from 40 USD, worst, the police may retain our bike up to 30 days!

    * Animals are everywhere in the country or mountainous areas. Such as dogs, chicken are seen in everywhere then buffalo, pig, horse… If you kill a chicken do not stop, cry and feel sorry, it is not your fault. in case of one buffalo in front of you, please slow down and avoid them, they are friendly water buffaloes, same with dog, pig, cows. As they are big!

    * Be careful with spilt oil from trucks and buses at curves on the mountain road, extremely slippery. Some accidents related this case!

    * Your guide lead the group and gives you hand/body language if there are big pot holes, trucks or any danger. He can see you in the mirrors and if you want to stop use the signal or simply pull off but must be careful with behind riders. If you lost please call someone to find you or call us ( We provides one free phone during the tour to make sure we are well managed during motorbike trip in Vietnam )

    Trip Advice

    View In North Vietnam

    * If the police stops you ( rarely happens ), your guide will not comeback. He will wait for you, out of sight up road. Just keep talking English or whatever you want and they’ll soon leave you free to go in few mins!

    * If roads are wet, use your both brakes together at same time. Most our bikes has front disc brakes and on 250 CC dirt bikes you have front and back disc brakes!

    * Space between you and other riders ( local people or guide … ) should be far enough in order to have no surprise. In cities or crowed roads, the traffic is usually slow. On wide roads or in the mountainous areas, We suggest 10 – 20 m. Do not ever ride alongside your guide as He has lots of work to do!

    * Say no with alcohol during day time!

    Packing List For Motorbiking In Vietnam ( It is the BEST if you bring your own gears like helmets, gloves, boots with you to ensure proper fit and comfort. )

    Trip Advice

    Here is a list of items that you should bring to make your self most comfortable during motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

    Personal Items to bring:
    T shirts
    Swimming clothes
    Long Trousers
    Long sleeve shirt
    Warm sweater or fleece
    Sandals or comfortable shoes
    Mosquito spray
    Motorbike gloves
    Sturdy boots for riding
    Passport/money belt or wallet
    Travel shampoo
    Tooth paste / brush
    Personal medications

    Equipment available in Hanoi
    (Gears including in tour cost):
    Waterproof rain pants
    Waterproof poncho
    HJC Helmets Open face helmet with clear visor and retractable tinted visor (M-XL)
    Motocross style helmet with tinted visor (S-L)
    Riding boots: IXS size 40-46
    Dry bag and bungee straps for your luggage

    We will provide dry bags and bungee cords for your luggage to strap to your back of the bike. Try and bring a minimum with you on tour, travel light. If you need to leave luggage in Hanoi you can leave it with the hotel or my shop and pick on your return to Hanoi. Please don’t leave any valuables in the left luggage. For larger groups we can arrange a support vehicle to carry your luggage while on tour. For an additional charge 140 USD/ day.

    We wish you have unforgettable MOTORBIKE TOURS IN VIETNAM!

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    Alan Chien ( Mr. )

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