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    Tour Guides

    Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia tour guide team members share their enthusiasm for motorbiking and travelling around Vietnam, their love for details and the common touring and working experience.

    AlanTour Guides

    OWNER / ORGANISER – Born in the countryside of Hanoi, Alan has rode the bike through out Vietnam.

    From the very first day that Alan started the motorcycle tours in Vietnam, he has insisted that tours are smoothly run. He will ensure that your motorcycle adventure tours with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia will be run to the TOP of standards, with quality Honda bikes, The guides with the best experience and knowledge in the industry. His number one priority is keeping his customers happy,  safe and sure LOTS OF FUN.

    Tours I will be leading: North Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh Trail.

    Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: Because I enjoy every moment being on tour with a great bunch of people!

    Favorite destination: SAPA AND HA GIANG, Northern Loop Vietnam

    What I like: Adventures, trails, off-road, sun and time to enjoy all that.

    What I dislike: Straight roads with heavy traffic!

    Hobbies: Motorbiking

    LeeTour Guides

    Tours I will be leading: Motorbike Tours In North Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh Trail

    Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: I never found an answer to that question (very big smile )!

    Favorite destination: North Vietnam

    What I like: Enjoy life (every single day of it!)!

    What I dislike: Bad weather

    Hobbies: Travelling, motorcycling

    My favorite bike: Honda CRF250cc and Yamaha WR250cc

    Lee was born in northwest Vietnam, in 1984, Life as a tour guide is never boring for him since it combines motorcycling, traveling and dealing with very interesting people.

    Vuong Ngo

    Tours I will be leading: off-road North Vietnam Motorbike ToursTour Guides

    Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: I have an open ear for every wish and motorcycling with me will become a unique experience and unforgettable time in Vietnam!

    Favorite destination: My second home country is Australia, a part of my heart belongs to this continent!

    What I like: I like open-minded people, music, good weather, different .

    What I dislike: Selfish people, easy and boring roads.

    Hobbies: Of course riding my bike, Music

    My favorite bike: Honda trail bike 250cc

    Vuong was born in 1985, a small town in the suburb of Hanoi. Motorcycling is a lifelong passion together with his love of remote and breathtaking landscapes.


    Tours I will be leading: Ho Chi Minh Trail Motorbike Tours and Northern Vietnam.Tour Guides

    Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: I love to share my passion with others, I am a very optimistic person and (almost) always in good spirits, I’m known to find a good solution for any problem and a tour with me will be “no stress but fun”

    Favorite destination: Northern Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh Trail.

    What I like: Travelling and motorbiking on- and off-road, open-minded people, being in the mountains, nature and seaside, organizing things.

    What I dislike: People in a bad mood.

    Hobbies: Riding motorbikes, on road and especially off-road and enduro racing

    My favorite bike: Honda XR 450cc

    Thon was born in North of Vietnam and he is a natural born explorer.

    In love with nature, he is either travelling by motorcycle, bicycle.

    Cuong ( Johnny )

    Tours I will be leading: Ho Chi Minh Trail ( I am a king of Ho Chi Minh Trail )Tour Guides

    Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: My focus is fun on riding for everybody. I know the narrow and tiny roads!

    Favorite destination: Wherever we are going today!

    What I like: The smell of gas!

    What I dislike: The smell of diesel!

    Hobbies: Riding, running and draught beer

    My favorite bike: Yamaha trail bike.

    Cuong was born in the northeast of Vietnam, he loves to travel, he likes to meet good people and make new friends, he values good food and he loves to ride motorcycles. He joined the Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team in 2013 and we’re sure he’s going to love it!


    Tours I will be leading: Northern Vietnam

    Reason why people enjoy being on tour with me: I love travelling on a motorbike with a group Tour Guidesof riders, lots of fun.

    Favorite destination: Sapa and Ha Giang

    What I like: off-road riding

    What I dislike: bus tours

    Hobbies: Enduro motorcycle adventure riding around northern Vietnam

    My favorite bike: XR450cc

    Let be a part of amazing riding experiences in Vietnam with our motorcycle team. Kindly check out what riders said about us on TRIPADVISOR REVIEWS!


    Tour Guides