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    Scheduled Tours

    Scheduled Tours


    + COMING SOLO but you still keen to join an existing group set departured motorbike tours in Vietnam 2020 with a guaranteed departure date, see below for the current schedules.

    + Booking a Vietnam motorbike tour with us is so easy, you can either select a scheduled date and join a group already booked or if you want specific tour dates contact us to discuss some special Vietnam motorbike touring routes ( we have roads for all riders, all level ) and get dates to suit your schedule. We also offer special price if booking with a group of riders. Contact us for more information TODAY!

    “Fifteen years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do, so throw on your bike gear, ride away from your usual routes , open your mind, ride explore, discover the unique beauty of Vietnam TODAY with @vietnambikers crew ”

    We look forward to arranging your motorbike holiday in Vietnam very soon.

    Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia is currently welcoming riders for the following tours:

    Vietnam Motorbike Tours in 2020: 100% Departured

    Departure DateTour NameBike Booking Status
    12th Jan8 Day North Vietnam Tour 2 CRF250LOpen
    13th Jan5 Day North Vietnam Tour 4 CRF250LOpen
    29th Jan3 Day Ta Xua Peak1 CRF250LOpen
    2nd Feb6 Day Ha Giang Tour4 CRF250LOpen
    12th Feb9 Day Northern Vietnam Tour 2 CRF250LOpen
    17th Feb 4 Day North Vietnam Tour 2 XR150LOpen
    20th Feb 5 Day Sa Pa Tour 1 CRF250LOpen
    20th Feb 10 Day North Vietnam Tour 1 CRF250LOpen
    1st March 12 Day North Vietnam Tour 13 XR150LOpen
    5th March 8 Day North Vietnam Tour 14 XR150LOpen
    31st March 3 Day North Vietnam Tour 1 CRF250L + 1 XR150LOpen
     6th April6 Day Sa Pa Tour 6 CRF250LOpen
     14th April 11 Day Tour North Vietnam 4 CRF250LOpen
    20th April9 Day Tour North Vietnam 2 CRF250L Open
    27th April 6 Day Northeast Vietnam 3 CRF250L Open
    30th July  6 Day Sa Pa Tour 1 CRF250L  Open
    4th August 10 Day North Vietnam Tour 1 CRF250L Open
    5th September12 Day North Vietnam Tour 2 CRF250 L Open


    Scheduled Tours

    Ho Chi Minh Road, Vietnam

    Find a group that fits your schedule

    + Our all inclusive tour have a maximum of 8 people with guide and mechanic on tour. Please contact us to secure the booking in.

    + If you couldn’t find suitable motorcycle tours for yourself? Let us tailor your own trip!

    We are always here to assist you. Please kindly tell us more about your travel plan in Vietnam: How many rider, Style ( on or off-road tours ), Destinations, Duration, Departure date, Type of bike. The more you send, the better . We will send you the best price offers quickly! Contact us TODAY

    + SOLO TRAVELER/ Coming alone

    + Can not find any dates that suit to your travel schedule BUT still keen on one of our motorcycle tours on website, please contact us for best price of SOLO TRAVELER. Contact us TODAY