Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Riding Tips

Northern mountainous region is one of the most intriguing parts in Vietnam with dreaming routes, which are challenging, yet thrilling. The winding and bending paths embrace mountain ranges, crafting the silk-like road system if being viewed from above. Also, along the motorbike riding path, tourists are supposed to bump into breathtakingly impressive landscapes, which are typical of mountainous scenery in North Vietnam; varying greatly from rice valleys dotted with small houses; the rustic villages hiding behind forested hill or being separated by complicated terrains which make those villages exist like isolated kingdoms. Coming there, tourists could feel the sense of traditional culture which are exclusive and unmixed with any kinds of modern customs.

But it remains some constraints and obstacles for bikers if their preparation is insufficient, physically and knowledgeably, and also personal equipment counted on. Thus, our pro Vietnam motorbike tour experts have listed primary things in need of pre-research and preparation. Those things seem simply and easy-to-handle; but if you pay less attention to those stuffs, probable troubles are likely to happen and even a very small incident could ruin your trip’s mood and also yours. So let’s be well-prepared to be ready for everything waiting ahead with Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours.

Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Accommodation – Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

Despite being regarded as a lagged-behind region with slow-developing economic and high proportion of the impoverished, the progressive and steady development of tourism over few years has significantly revolutionized the infrastructures and facilities in this area with the wide range of hotels, guesthouses, homestays growing like the mushroom after rain. On northern Vietnam motorbike tours, we offer unlimited range of choices for you to get the most comfortable feeling.

It isn’t necessary to bring tent or hammock for camping somewhere over sidewalk or forest bank; just in case you’d love to practice your survival skills and your physical resistance to harsh weather is great enough. The price for one overnight stay differs from one guesthouse to another homestay; with the most affordable price is roughly 5 $ for basic room and the luxury rooms for high-end clients, which could climb to 50 $. In the Northern Vietnam motorbike tours, normally you will stay in 15 to 30 USD $ room/ nite.

Weather – Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours

The weather in North Vietnam is really changeable and unpredictable with some hot daytimes but at night, the temperature can be plummeted to the bottom, which is unpleasantly freezing and cold. In the Vietnam motorbike tours ( holidays), if we ascend to the mountainous areas around December and January, our luck could help us to see snow, an occasional phenomenon which is fairly rare in Vietnam. Northern Vietnam motorbike tours in winter are likely to catch up with mist and dense fog, along with inclement rainy but freezing days.

Hence, it is vitally important for our motorbike riding team to pack enough warm clothes; multi-layer dressing-up is highly recommended and further things to carry should be face mask, gloves, footwear, scarfs and other things. Don’t let the weather discourage you from joining your lifetime experience with northern Vietnam motorbike tours because in each season, travelers are possibly impressed and astonished by distinguished natural views which prove irresistible.

Bike maintenance for a good trip in case self-guided Vietnam motorbike tours

In case of any broken and damage happening to your bike in self-guided Vietnam motorbike tours, you could easily find a mechanic or motorbike-fixing store around the highway and even in mountainous towns if your motorbike type is Honda Win or Honda Wave ( Honda brand ). Those type of motorbike are commonly used in Vietnam with a huge number of the local riding them, it is so easy to find the spare parts even the far away areas in northern Vietnam.

To reduce the avoidable problems and time-consuming wasted on motorbike fixing, it is recommended that motorcyclists should change oil each 500km, tighten and grease the motorbike chain when you are about to start off the northern Vietnam motorbike tours and check the brakes carefully, which are really important in limiting the speed. The road condition in North Vietnam is somehow unexpected with many potholes and rugged paths and if landslide happened before we drive through a road; muddy pool and slipperiness is inevitable.

Signs and Directions – Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam

Leaving the city for a while, it is still usable with the road signs for the frequency and high density of road signs. However, the more you ride motorcycle up North Vietnam, the less road signs are available on the way, especially when do off-road northern Vietnam motorbike tours. Extremely, in some rural areas, you are no longer see any signs directing your way. Therefore, it is a must for all motorcyclists to follow the leader of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia crew so that we highly recommend you to book fully guided Vietnam motorbike tours. If you could prepare yourself GPS system, it is an advantage in case some unexpected incidents take place.

If you could speak a little Vietnamese, it is fantastic for your trip to communicate and ask for the way from the local.

Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Ride Safety

Always bear in mind that we are never looking for some accidents, and even light injures to travelers and everything was in full preparation with high alert for every bad cases which are possible and likely to happen in northern Vietnam motorbike tours. However, there may exist some circumstances when the incidents are above our expectation. There will be a list of telephone number of our officials in case of emergency for you to contact at any time; especially when you are lost. Additionally, the system of hospital in Northern Vietnam area have been progressed and more upgraded than before, so that we could at least find a hospital if someone get injured or accident. Even hospital’s quality is erratic and mediocre, equipment is slight basic, they still can treat the light car injures.

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Great Places For Motorbike Riding In Vietnam

Northern Vietnam

We cover a very huge areas with large sites for motorcycle ride in Vietnam such as Hanoi, Ninh Binh, Mai Chau, Moc Chau, Ta Xua, Bac Yen, To Mua, Tram Tau, Tu Le, Phu Yen, Vu Linh, Thac Ba lake, Son La, Tuan Giao, Lai Chau, Dien Bien Phu, Muong Lay, Tam Duong, Sin Ho, Sapa, Bac Ha, Luc Yen, Phuc An, Ha Giang, Yen Minh, Quan Ba, Dong Van, Meo Vac, Khau Vai, Bac Me, Ba Be lake, Thai Nguyen, Cao Bang, Quang Hoa, Quang Uyen, Tuyen Quang, Halong Bay, Cat Ba, Lang Son, Mau Son, An Chau, Hoa Binh …etc.

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