When is the best  season/time to travel to Vietnam? This is a common question we hear very often, and one that is quite tricky to answer. There’s loads of information to be found about it, but being such a long and narrow country, the weather is quite diverse and there is almost no way to define an average temperature or rainfall for the whole country.

Vietnam is a truly year-round destination, and the best time to travel Vietnam by motorbike really depends on what your priorities are and what’s really important for you to see. Read on to find out what to expect month-by-month when travelling to Vietnam.

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Vietnam
Dong Van Motorbike Tour ( Northeast Vietnam )

Choose your month to visit Vietnam? Below is Vietnam Climate by Region

Jan          Feb        Mar         Apr        May       Jun         Jul           Aug         Sep         Oct         Nov      Dec

North:    17           18           20           24           28           30           30           29           28           26           22          19

Central: 22           22           24           27           29           30           30           28           26           24           22          21

South:    27           28           29           30           29           29           28           28           27           27           27           27

Viet Nam is located in both a tropical and a temperate zone. It is characterized by strong monsoon influences, but has a considerable amount of sun, a high rate of rainfall, and high humidity. Regions located near the tropics and in the mountainous regions are endowed with a temperate climate.

The monsoon climate also influences to the changes of the tropical humidity. In general, in Viet Nam there are two seasons, the cold season occurs from November to April and the hot season from May to October. The difference in temperature between the two seasons in southern is almost unnoticeable, averaging 3ºC. The most noticeable variations are found in the northern where differences of 12ºC have been observed. There are essentially four distinct seasons, which are most evident in the northern provinces (from Hai Van Pass toward to the north): Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Vietnam
Sapa Motorbike Tour ( Northwest Vietnam )

Every year there are 100 rainy days and the average rainfall is 1,500 to 2,000mm. The humidity ranges around 80%. The sunny hours are 1,500 to 2,000 and the average solar radiation of 100kcal/cm2 in a year.

Because Viet Nam is affected by the monsoon, that why the average temperature is lower than the other countries which are located in the same longitude in Asia. The annual average temperatures range from 22oC to 27oC. In comparing with these countries, the temperature in winter is colder and in summer is less hotter in Viet Nam.

Under  influence of  monsoon, and further because of the complicated topography, the climate in Viet Nam always changes in one year, between the years, or between the  areas   (from North to South and from low to high). The climate in Viet Nam is also under disadvantage of weather, such as typhoons (advantage there are 6-10 storms and tropical low atmosphere in year, floods and droughts are threaten the life and the agriculture of Viet Nam).

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Vietnam
Phu Yen – Central North Vietnam

Required clothing:

Lightweight cotton clothing is advised throughout the year, with an umbrella or raincoat for sudden cloudbursts. Be prepared for high temperatures and humidity in the summer, no matter where you go. A sweater and warmer clothing are needed in the winter in the northern parts of Vietnam, and in the mountainous areas.

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