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    18 Feb

    Ha Giang – Truly Bikers Paradise

    Ha Giang By Motorcycle, a new trend for travelers to Vietnam

    Back to the old day, Ha Giang is not listed in the to-travel-list of wanderers. But nowadays, the extraordinary beauty of this Northernmost province of Vietnam has made it become totally attractive to exploration lovers. And if you desire to experience it thoroughly, a motorbike tour is undoubtedly the BEST CHOICE.


    There are various things making this destination more charming in the eyes of travelers. At first, Ha Giang is always complimented for its magnificent landscape and breathtaking view of rock mountains. Riding motorbike tour along winding passes connecting each districts of Ha Giang, travelers can get themselves revealed into the gorgeous charm of Dong Van rock plateau, river valleys, the northernmost point of Vietnam or enormous terraced fields of rice.

    Located in the farthest province in the North of Vietnam, Dong Van is a small town traditionally preserved with unique features of ethnic community. The must-see place in Dong Van is the Dong Van Rock Plateau. Being recognized as the world heritage by UNESCO, Dong Van draws a large number of tourists to Ha Giang. Travelling to Dong Van offers motorcycle touring to the Northern mountainous area chances to admire the massive and extensive space of rock fields and spot the little human, who have worked tirelessly to conquer the hardness of nature.

    Ha Giang – Truly Bikers Paradise

    Ha Giang Motorbike Tour

    Coming to Dong Van, all the motorcyclists can have an insight into life of indigenous people. This small town is the residence of few hundred households and gathering place of the local from surrounding forested villages. Like many area in the Northern Vietnam, there are also lots of weekly market. However, they are somehow different. every Sunday, indigenous people flock to here together to exchange commodities, make acquaintances or simply hang out to enjoy the lively atmosphere of weekly market. While eating local foods, our Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team can take a look at how the life functions here.

    Ha Giang is naturally privileged with poetic nature of wild flower fields. Coming to this province in any seasons of the year, you can totally be stunned by its authentic beauty. At the end of winter, influx of tourists travel to Ha Giang to admire the grace of nature. There is a famous flower in Ha Giang named “Tam giac mach”, blossoming in large fields creating a spectacular natural landscape. Just take time to revel yourself in the tranquility and pleasant beauty of this magnificent view. It is an ideal place for motorcyclists who have passion in photography. Also, along the way with motorbike tours Vietnam, we can see lots of wild flowers on 2 sides of the road, which is really romantic and idyllic.

    Ha Giang – Truly Bikers Paradise

    Motorbike Tour Ha Giang

    Like Sapa or Mu Cang Chai, Ha giang is also famous for terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi district. On the way with motorcycle tours North Vietnam, our team will cross numerous terraced rice fields, which look like golden carpets shining under the sunlight. Surely, the terraced rice fields can impress all the motorcyclists and bring you the amazing experiences. Even this one is not only famous in Ha Giang, but this bring a different feeling to the adventurers about endless beauty of this province.

    However, if you prefer the off-track destinations, where the sceneries are almost untouched of travelers, let’s get on the motorbike and explore the mountain in our own way. Apart from it, this land is also famous for the lively life of indigenous people.

    Riding motorbike to hilly villages of local people, we can see lots of tribal children. They will run behind our motorbikes and wave hands enthusiastically. Children here are very friendly and hospitable. Therefore, you could prepare some candies as the gift for them as most of children here are from poor people.

    Ha Giang – Truly Bikers Paradise

    Motorcycle Ha Giang

    Having interactions with local people in Ha Giang, you can understand more about their hard life. However, they still remain their bright smiles no matter how tough their life is. People here are really warm-welcoming and friendly with the guests. When our Vietnam Motorbike Tours comes to the Dong Van Geo-park, you can really feel the hardness of the people.

    Being home of many tribes and ethnic minorities in Vietnam, Ha Giang is always highly appreciated for it cultural diversity. From the colorful markets where the local gather at the weekend to the far-lung villages, all are still well-preserved, reflecting real life and traditional cultures of local people in Ha Giang. Coming to the weekly market in Ha Giang, you can feel like getting lost in a local festival. Take your time to admire the vivid life of indigenous people with colorful clothes and eye-catching handicrafts.

    Ha Giang – Truly Bikers Paradise

    Dong Van Motorbike

    Dong Van, Meo Vac are names of districts you should not miss in the motorbike tours Vietnam to Ha Giang. Besides, don’t forget to visit the Lung Cu flag tower, Heaven Gate, Nho Que River…and so many wonderful places in Ha Giang.

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