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    18 Feb

    Sapa – Where Heaven Meets The Earth

    Fantastic motorbike tours to Sapa: Brace yourself for unforgetable challenges ahead

    Being a tourist to Sapa is promisingly one of the best travel experiences you have in Vietnam. However, in case you are longing for something more “unusual”, special, challenging and totally unique, try to ride around Sapa, even to the farthest villages, with motorbike tours Vietnam.

    Sapa is naturally prioritized with the balmy and pleasant condition. Forests next to valleys, graces of wild flowers or vast fields of peach, apricot trees are strikingly appealing to every travelers as coming to Sapa. From well-planted and carefully grown bushes of flower in Ham Rong Mountain to wild flowers which you can catch an eye on while wandering around Sapa, all are so gorgeous.

    Sapa – Where Heaven Meets The Earth

    In case you want to see more, hit the road with motorcycle tours to far-flung villages, where you can revel yourself in the tranquil beauty of mountain and less touristic places. When our Vietnam motorbike tours team descends to hilly villages of local tribal, we could get an eyes on the plum, apricot trees, grown in front of their houses or tremendous orchards. That scene is really poetic, alluring and promised to be the highlight of motorbike tours in Vietnam.

    Sappa Motorbike Tours

    Moreover, coming to Sapa, you can pray for your luck to come as it is one of the only places in Vietnam where you can see snow. Even a motorbike tour is not totally suitable in winter but a normal trip is still amazing to this romantic town. However, in summer, it is a perfect destination to get away from hot weather in Hanoi. It is really interesting to join motorcycle tours and drive along the winding passes while the wind is cooling off the atmosphere.

    Also, Sapa’s architecture is the combination of local building style and exotically designed constructions. Once the Vietnam Motorbike Tours reach Sapa town, on the front of Sapa stadium stand a striking church built by French. The colonized have built many villas or constructions deeply imprinted with the features of western architecture. Riding motorbike along the Sapa’s streets, you can see the wonderful houses or the Sapa church floating in the clouds. But in surrounding areas, tribal houses are still constructed in local style: simple, eye-catching but really functional. That perfect combination makes it more attractive and alluring in the eyes of tourists.

    Sapa – Where Heaven Meets The Earth

    With the 54 ethnic groups inhibiting from the North to South of Vietnam, Sapa  is also rich in cultural tradition and home of various tribal group. Different groups share different characteristics and aspects of life. Joining motorcycle tours North Vietnam to explore Sapa, we can drop in some peaceful villages of hill tribes and see the unique local life. Also, to know more about daily life, travelers can choose to stay in their homestay, which is normally included in Vietnam motorbike tours. That would be an unforgettable night with tourists when you could get connected with local people in close ways, listen to their stories about life and enjoy traditional foods.

    Sapa – Where Heaven Meets The Earth


    Apart from breathtaking natural views or the ideal climate, Sapa is alluring more tourists for its typical cultural aspects. Visiting Sapa town, our Vietnam motorcycle tours can take a look at weekly markets of tribal residents. From remote villages such as Ta Van, Ta Phin, Lao Chai; the residents come to the central market to trade products and make acquaintances. A thing that you should not miss in Sapa is love market, where the young can find their partner, have a talk and flirt each other.

    Sapa – Where Heaven Meets The Earth

    Since the sun has not risen up, lots of tribal youngster has got down to the market, brought along with them lots of thing. The girl will wear their most beautiful clothes so as to attract boys. They will chitchat, have a talk, eat together and maybe plan a date later. It would be so great when our motorcycle tour team can get chilled around by walking and admire local life, instead of just riding around non-stop.

    Sapa – Where Heaven Meets The Earth

    Also, if you want to see something more local, authentic; let’s hit the road to surrounding areas with Vietnam motorcycle tours. It can be Y Ty, a far-away place in the North of Lao Cai Province with wonderful terraced fields and rustic villages or Bac Ha, a famous destination for love market and local specialities. Probably, you can also see the border between Vietnam and China when descending to Lao Cai City, which is just about 30km from Sapa Town.

    Generally, coming to Sapa is undoubtedly a really worthy experience for every single traveler. Lots of fun is waiting for you with these incredibly amazing Sapa motorbike tours Vietnam.


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