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    20 Oct

    Motorbike Moc Chau – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Moc Chau plateau the heaven invites travelers to discover a simple peaceful place, with a unique and rich cultural destinations. To make sure not to miss the special plateau of land northwest beautiful fatherland, Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team will share you lots of experiences while you travel to Moc Chau plateau by motorbike. North Vietnam is always the paradise for bikers.

    Motorbike Moc Chau – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    1. The ideal time to travel Moc Chau by motorbike

    Timing issue will first be prompted to Moc Chau motorbike ride experiences, because each season Moc Chau has a different appearance. Maybe you saw a picture of Moc Chau fields snowy landscape, or the kids playing under forest plum blossom – cherry or it could be endless green pastures … But there will be at Moc Chau no nothing but plum, peach leaf thin – the low pasture sporadic – not very green and there took a flower wealth. In general, each season brings a personal touch Moc Chau’s it to you many options.

    Motorbike Moc Chau – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours
    2. What to see in Moc Chau?

    Moc Chau are flooding both in the white plum blossom color, cherry blossom pink and wealth. You can stop at any garden yet encountered on the road. Tea hills around the valley are beginning to fill a charming blue. From farm town to ask directions Tan Lap, here are heart-shaped tea hills, Ngu Dong Ban On fields or wealth, gems, poinsettias, cherry, plum blossom immense. This is where it should be called greenways of Moc Chau, the most beautiful season of flowers, plum blossom. Mineral 16km stretch of road, there is a little snippet bad, slow note.

    Pa Co village is located 15 km from the highway, this is a very beautifully situated in a valley with beautiful plum orchards.

    Motorbike Moc Chau – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Ban Long Luong is located on the road to Moc Chau farm 20km straight highway is blooming cherry plum flowers. Ba Phach garden improvements is one of the largest and most beautiful land reform Moc Chau occupy the farms. On Sunday morning, the Hang Kia local market at 20 km from Moc Chau’s sparkling colors H’Mong ethnic people.

    Dai Yem waterfall is located 5 km from the town, this is a beautiful waterfall with romantic scenery, charming. The road to Long Sap border gate, ran through more than 30 km, passing a lot of villages, the plum garden, digging gardens and numerous immense cane forest.

    Pine forest under Ang Village resort, 3 km from Moc Chau. It also has a lot of ties cauliflower flowers. When Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team rid into Ngu Dong Ban On flap passes through many improvements. On the way you remember to pay attention to the road to take pictures with the letter S on the hill beautiful and heart-shaped tea between hills. Hibernation cave farm town located nearly 20 km Moc Chau. If you want to try the feeling stronger, come to Hua Tat Pass Crossing, located on old Highway 6 road ( Forgotten highway 6 ) we then have fantastic off-road north Vietnam motorbike tour.

    Motorbike Moc Chau – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

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