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    28 Sep

    Cao Bang – Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Travel to  Cao Bang by motorbike – The best way to see northeast Vietnam

    Cao Bang – Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Cao Bang is a favorite province for Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team and all bikers, which must include Ban Gioc waterfalls- the 4th largest waterfalls in the world. If you are planning a north Vietnam motorbike tour to Cao Bang, should not ignore the experience Cao Bang by motorcycle and detailed below are compiled from the share of the experienced team of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia. It is useful and necessary poles.

    Cao Bang – Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    About Cao Bang

    Cao Bang is a province in the Northeast in our country. West of Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang, Bac Kan south and Lang Son.

    Cao Bang – roots revolution. As a border area Fatherland, has a long revolutionary tradition. Pac Bo, Forest Tran Hung Dao, Dong Khe, Lam Son … are the places marked for an epic historical era.

    The beauty of Cao Bang are Ban Gioc waterfall, Thang Hen lake, Khuoi Lai lake, caves primitive (Nguom Clams, Nguom Sap …). Cao Bang with special cultural background, is home to the majority of the ethnic Tay, Nung, H’Mong with unique customs and traditions.

    Cao Bang – Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Best Time to Visit Cao Bang

    Discover Cao Bang by motorbike, it is easy and best way to see this incredible part of Vietnam that Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia crew loves the most, you can ride motorbike to Cao Bang any time of the year. All year round is very beautiful. In the interval of 8-9 months is Ban Gioc water season and 11-12 months, when the wild flowers bloom and triangular circuit around the scenic mountains. Depending on preference and purpose of the trip that you select for themselves the most appropriate time to travel Cao Bang by motorcycle.

    Cao Bang – Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Motorbike tour to Cao Bang from Hanoi, you can go by motorbike to the initiative of the time and freedom to explore, admire the beautiful roads. Or you can travel by bus is also very convenient.

    + Traveling to Cao Bang by motorcycle, about 280km from Hanoi to Cao Bang to move you can choose according to the following three ways:

    Firstly: Take Highway 1A toward Lang Son -> along Highway 4 to Cao Bang. (Pass Road to Cao Bang is small, quite dangerous so you need to keep in mind when to pass, when to pass wind can rest.)

    Secondly: The direction you go through Thanh Tri Hanoi -> Hanoi Highway – Thai Nguyen -> to Bac Kan -> go straight in the direction of Highway 3 to Cao Bang. (Move this way is quite convenient, however byline no rest stops)

    Thirdly: The direction of the old Highway 3 -> Hanoi – Thai Nguyen – Bac Kan – Cao Bang. (If you go this way from Pho Yen district to the city of Thai Nguyen, this is more difficult).

    Cao Bang – Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours


    If traveling by car you can rent a motorbike in Cao Bang to facilitate the move and explore, but car rental services in Cao Bang has not developed. Some addresses of motorbike for rent in Cao Bang that you can refer to:

    • Hung (01695449797) have motorcycles for rent in Cao Bang with 150k / day (7h00 – 19h00).
    • Kien (0918281444) with the motorcycle rental shop Cao Bang in the heart of the city, a bus station about 1km, Price 200k / first day, from day 2 onwards reduced to 150k / day.

    Place to stay when traveling in Cao Bang Hotels and guest houses in Cao Bang quite negligent condition of the rooms, however before you should also make reservations to avoid being “forced” price. Cao Bang rates range from 150k – 500k ( 7 to 23 USD / room/ nite ) depending on the region and type of room. Where/ when should travel Cao Bang? Below is a selection of hotels and motels in downtown areas and districts of Trung Khanh area you can refer to:

    Cao Bang – Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Lodging in Cao Bang city areas:

    • Motels Allegiance. Address: 125 Kim Dong, City of Cao Bang. Tel: 0263853810.
    • Peace Hostel. Address: 47 Le Loi Street, City of Cao Bang. Tel: 0263855258.
    • Ngoc Son Hostel. Address: Kim Dong, City of Cao Bang. Tel: 0263852658.
    • Power guesthouse. Address: No. 105 Xuan Truong, City of Cao Bang. Tel: 0263855737.

    Lodging in Trung Khanh

    • Motels Hoan Le. Address: Town of Trung Khanh. Mobile: 01695705355.
    • Trung Hieu motels. Address: Town of Trung Khanh. Tel: 0263826217.
    • Guest house Trung Khanh people. Address: Town of Trung Khanh. Tel: 0263826190.
    • Tai Shan Hostel. Address: Town of Trung Khanh. Tel: 0263826537.
    • Motels Minh Duc. Address: Town of Trung Khanh. Tel: 0263826588.

    Famous attractions in Cao Bang

    Travel to Cao Bang – what to see? Here, the famous tourist spots in Cao Bang, you can refer to:

    1)Ban Gioc: Dam Thuy commune Address, district of Trung Khanh, located bordering Vietnam – China. City and about 90km from Cao Bang, this is the 4th largest waterfalls in the world and also one of the beautiful waterfalls in Southeast Asia. Ban Gioc is famous sights in Cao Bang with majestic beauty, pristine.

    2)   Nguom Ngao 3km from Ban Gioc, located in the Gun, Dam Thuy commune, district of Trung Khanh. With its wild beauty, charm and magic. Each beam falls stalactites created strange shapes, unique.

    3)   Lenin Stream, Pac Bo cave (about 55km from Cao Bang City, addresses in Truong Ha commune, Ha Quang district). Is a famous historical sites in Cao Bang, many travelers love. With lush green mountains, cool streams, charming painted marine. Situated between jungle, ruins the atmosphere a cool, windy, always fragrant forest flowers.

    4)   Thang Hen lake in Tra Linh District, Cao Bang Province. Famous for its beautiful scenery, romantic, blue lake water, spread over long distances. You can rent a boat to visit and discover the beauty of the lake.

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