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    25 Sep

    Phu Yen – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Highland of Vietnam Northwest region not only the familiar tourist paradise as Sapa or Moc Chau but also has many beautiful unspoiled land astonished, others still wonders waiting to be discovered and experienced. In particular, Phu Yen – one of the mountainous highland district in Son La Province is the venue promises one of the best place for riding in Vietnam, exciting new and unique travel in your Northwest. If you are still wondering what Phu Yen has played, let the experienced guide of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia lead you to discover beautiful land first hand.


    Explore The amazing beauty of  Nature  If you still do not know what’s in the land of Phu Yen playing, just keep your delight to visit, admire the unspoiled natural beauty of the land in 1000 m altitude above sea level! With magnificent mountain ranges, rolling, dense forests and green valleys nestled on the mountain, Phu Yen is like a giant art painting, a masterpiece of nature magic.

    Phu Yen – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Motorbike Route From Mai Chau To Phu Yen

    On the rolling hills, you’ll be watching the rice fields, the maize field with unique colors as beautiful oil paintings, such as the brilliant brocade cloth. Spectacular beauty, poetic beauty that is characteristic of the northwestern mountains where many people passionately. And just watch the beautiful nature, we again find moments of peace.


    Phu Yen – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours
    Motorbike touring to Phu Yen to play with mountains, exploring unspoiled natural beauty and experience growing rice, corn harvest would be the fun in Phu Yen stays yours.


    Phu Yen has nothing play that makes anyone who has ever set foot on this land wants to be back again and again? That’s affordable to experience “hunting cloud”, is played with white clouds, which are in harmony with nature and closeness.

    Phu Yen – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Motorcycle Touring with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team, You will get the opportunity to admire a vast sea of clouds embrace the spectacular high mountains, is delight “hunting clouds” and store the photos great art, unique natural scenery with picturesque places thick. Then, when someone asked what playing in Phu Yen, you re-think of the times “hunting cloud” remember FOR A LONG LIFE!

    Phu Yen – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours


    Travel to Phu Yen when you’re a passionate beauty of the waters gush, can watch forever the ripples on the lake that time forgot? Then, the Black River Lake is really a destination that you can not miss when in Phu Yen. Right from the first glance, you would have fascinated Da River in Phu Yen by the idyllic beauty, simplicity and peace of this lake. Not only is watching Da River you can float floating on the water, lakeside fishing and daydreaming with earth, water garden time forgot.

    Phu Yen – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Fishing Village Along Da River Along Way To Phu Yen

    In that place, you will be comfortable to relax, set aside the chaos and worries of the noisy city and only your own, and nature only. Also, if you also want to know what’s playing at the Black River Lake – Phu Yen, do not hesitate anymore to find this place to yourself to discover something more exciting then, Riding to the wilderness, you worry when there is nothing to see in Phu Yen? In the space of boundless grandeur and beauty so why should they have questions, concerns.

    Phu Yen – Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Get ready to begin the northwest Vietnam motorbike tour  to explore Phu Yen soon will you do? Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team do hope these suggestions will help you get Phu Yen motorcycle trip exciting, fun and filled with new emotions. Contact Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia today to see Phu Yen in style. Bookings can be made at: sales@offroadindochina.com


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