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    7 Sep

    Ho Chi Minh Road – Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    Ho Chi Minh Trail route is a supply lifeline for Southern Liberation Army during the American war of the people of Vietnam. The bombing and chemical warfare has been unable to cut off this legendary route.

    Ho Chi Minh Road – Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    Ho Chi Minh Trail

    Duong Truong Son or Ho Chi Minh road.

    Strategic road Truong Son – Ho Chi Minh Trail is a great work, a feat of our people in the resistance against the American invasion . Front’s victory Truong Son Road – Ho Chi Minh Trail has become a vivid symbol of the strength of solidarity , desire to fight for independence , freedom , national unity of our nation . ” That is the claim of General Vo Nguyen Giap in the letter to the participants of scientific seminar ” Ho Chi Minh Trail – Truong Son , the desire for independence , freedom and national reunification. Ho Chi Minh Road is the wild beauty and spectacular mountains with the same message, the road bends crabs as challenges. Ho Chi Minh Trail is considered as one of the best route for motorcycle tours in Vietnam so far because of landscape and seascape along the 2 sides of the road.

    Ho Chi Minh Road – Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    Dong Loc T Junction ( Ha Tinh ).

    Dong Loc T-junction located at intersection of Provincial Highway No. 2 and Highway 15 , is located in Can Loc district, Ha Tinh province . In the war against the United States , where it has suffered thousands of US planes bombing and the great sacrifice of the squad with 10 girls youth volunteers . Travelers hard to hold back tears while listening to our Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team/ tour guides tell the story about the 10 girls youth volunteers . The tombs of Tan, Cuc, Nho , Ha, Hoi, Huong, Rang , and two people called Xuan located in the back hills of green trees . Right next to the entrance to the memorial tomb was for traces of bomb craters as fierce in the old days. A few hundred meters of the gallery, maquette reproduced images of girls , boys youth volunteers between the heroic sacrifices bombing maintain arterial roads for cars to the front .

    Ho Chi Minh Road – Motorbike Tours Vietnam


    Ben Hai River , Hien Luong Bridge ( Quang Tri ).

    Ben Hai River in Quang Tri, Dong Chan stems from the mountain of the Truong Son Range and flows along the 17th parallel from West to East and Cua Tung estuary. The river is a beautiful picture of the homeland , about peace. But there is a river that must bring in their resentment , buckling surely suffer divided North and South Vietnam more than 20 years uninterrupted in the war against America .  Hien Luong Bridge over the Ben Hai River north , in the middle of the bridge section has a horizontal white line, 1cm wide are used as boundaries. Hien Luong bridge the ever-changing colors, the Republic of Vietnam as many painted a different color go to create two contrasting colors, then immediately the Democratic Republic of Vietnam immediately repainted to look like. Currently Hien Luong Bridge was reconstructed with new 2 green and yellow livery.

    Ho Chi Minh Road – Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    Hien Luong Bridge

    Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery.

    Truong Son martyrs cemetery is located on a hill is located off Ben Vinh Truong Commune, Gio Linh district, Quang Tri; National Highway 1A ( at paragraph townships Gio Linh ) just over 20km north west . Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery is the eternal resting place of soldiers who died on the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the war against America . Who wants to go through also had to burn incense express their sincere gratitude to the heroes who fought bravely to defend the country.

    Ho Chi Minh Road – Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    Touring Around Khe Sanh

    Truong Son cemetery entrance, roads and walled , headquarters model , local icon , the statue , the drainage system, internal power, plant trees around the cemetery and the house festivities, national radio public records … So far all of the items of basic construction has been completed .  Travel hundreds of kilometers along the East Truong Son road ( Ho Chi MInh Road ) by motorbike you will see clearly the changes since the new road was built . Crossing the sugarcane fields untouched , are closely lush coffee farms in Dak Po ( Gia Lai ) with district K ‘ Bang ( Gia Lai ) , where the nature of how people see coffee to roadside traders wait to buy , on everyone’s face radiant joy.

    Ho Chi Minh Road – Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    Truong Son Martyrs Cemetery

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