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    4 Sep

    Things To Do In Hanoi In 1 Day

    Hanoi is a city of ancient and peace. There are many points to go sightseeing in Hanoi . If you first visit Hanoi, do not ignore the major landmarks of Hanoi , such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum , Hoan Kiem Lake , Temple of Literature , Long Bien Bridge . Hanoi travel is easy and flexible, you can take a taxi, bicycle, private car or any type of vehicle you want. On time sightseeing in Hanoi, depends on where you want to go to.

    Things To Do In Hanoi In 1 Day

    Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum


    In the morning after eating Pho Hanoi ( Pho Ga, Pho Bo ), you should come to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum previous practice, because the steering is open in the morning, except the Monday and Friday closed. Next you go to the Temple of Literature, “Bun cha” for lunch or hot Spring rolls over the old town. Afternoon stroll around Hoan Kiem Lake, sauntered out of the old town, past the Opera House and the French Quarter, by shopping some souvenirs, enjoy the food sidewalks. When tired legs you can visit a number of cafes to enjoy the feeling of looking at the streets of busy Hanoi (old town cafe on Hang Gai, Egg Café or one of the restaurant has beautiful view on the building near Hoan Kiem Lake ). In late afternoon you can walk or bike to the Long Bien bridge, watching a Red river is flowing next to a hole to ignore the urban bustle. At night you should try to eat BBQ in Hang Bong, Dinh Liet Street to eat snails, fried nem chua Interim Trade Lane Hang Bong Street. Wind slashed iced tea on Ly Thai To. We can arrange Hanoi Street Food Tours with the guide upon request!

    Things To Do In Hanoi In 1 Day

    Temple of Literature

    Attraction Ticket Fares: 40k Literature, Ngoc Son Temple, Hoa Lo Prison. Ethnographic Museum 40k

    The best places to eat in Pho Hanoi in the morning you should eat, to enjoy this unique dish, if that connoisseurs will recognize only the most delicious Pho Hanoi. Two delicious Pho Hanoi is: Pho Bat Dan (49 Bat Dan, near the ancient city), Pho Thin (11 Lo Duc). Lunch: Grilled Bun at 67 Hang Manh, Duong Thanh, or Bun Cha Mai Hac 47C.Hoan Kiem Lake. If you want to enjoy a true taste of coffee, you should place Forest Cafe 60 Nguyen Huu Huan.

    Things To Do In Hanoi In 1 Day

    Hanoi Egg Cafe

    What vehicle used to travel in Hanoi You can combine taxi and walking, or biking . Walk around Hanoi nothing difficult . Tourist attractions away from the center you can go by motorbike, bus, taxi or private car. The Hanoi street food walking tours or Street Tours Hanoi by scooters are TOP CHOICE


    Things To Do In Hanoi In 1 Day

    Obama – US President eating Bun Cha in Hanoi

    Short tours around Hanoi

    You look forward to a trip to relax and rest, have time with your family. You should choose the following destinations :

    Tam Dao: distance 80km

    Dai Lai lake: 50km

    Resorts and vacation around the foot of Ba Vi mountain : Long Dam , Suoi Tien , Ho Tien Sa …

    Ba Vi mountain resort ( with swimming pool , is open space for camping ) . Tourist spots are often available tourist facilities , with substandard motels , with many accompanying services . Suitable for trips relaxing and entertaining.

    About means you can ride your own cars or motorcyclists family friend group.

    Ba Vi National Park and the ancient village of Duong Lam is a destination for those you like scenery and countryside . Can be combined to go 2 points in 1 day or 1 point away each day . Should motorcyclists to enjoy a adventure freedom. You motorbike up to the top of Ba Vi mountain , climbing onto the upper temple and the temple of Uncle Ho , on the way to visit the Church of the pour and enjoy feeling fresh tastes of the mountains . Afternoon visit to the village of Lam Road , park their cars and walk around the village , visiting some old house over 300 years old, and 2 visit Mia pagoda tomb King Ngo Quyen , Phung Hung. More Motorcycle tour to Duong Lam at below link:

    Things To Do In Hanoi In 1 Day

    Ba Bi Mountain

    Tourist Village near Hanoi

    The famous villages around Hanoi, which must include: Bat Trang Ceramic Village, Van Phuc Silk Village, Chuong Village Hats, here are three villages that I find interesting and rewarding when to visit.

    Bat Trang pottery village, you can go during the day. Here you will directly be seen from the village of Bat Trang production of ceramic products, is to learn the manufacturing process. And moreover you will be direct Squeezing Ceramics, create shapes and to your own products. Attractions in the village: Market Ceramics, Pottery family, Dinh Village, the kilns along the Red River. There are 2 ways to go to Bat Trang. You can purchase Red River tour, learn more about this type of tour on google offline. There are many online travel along the Red River Waterway swept make Hung Yen (via landmarks such as Bell Temple, Chu Dong Tu, Bat Trang v.v.v). 2nd way is that you go by road, or bridge Chuong Duong Thanh Tri bridge, along the dike is to Bat Trang. Can ride a bike, motorcycle or bus number 47 from Long Bien go to Bat Trang, also from the address you are going to further investigate how it offline.

    Can spend half day or full day to visit Bat Trang ceramic village.

    Van Phuc Silk Village is home to the production of well-known type of silk. Most tourists come here is to see and buy the products Silk. You can also learn about the history of the village as well as the manufacturing process here. Buy Silk as a gift, you should choose carefully, there are also some shops mixed shoddy goods to sell. On how to go back, you can go down to Ha Dong Nguyen Trai street, is cheaper to go to one segment. Also you can go on Le Van Luong street. If you go to Van Phuc silk combined visit one of the old pagodas in Ha Tay as: Temple Percent, Tram pagoda, or swept along Day River (village visit North Delta).

    I had time to go with your group along Day River, downstream from the village through Lang Chuong, then back, Tram pagoda. Along the way there are also many beautiful churches.

    LANG CHUONG is famous for the production of hats , there are monthly fair where traders focus nausea from around trafficking . You should choose the day to visit the market session . You can also combine to Perfume Pagoda for Chuong Village is located right on the road and Van Dinh Pagoda . Chuong Village combined village should go and one of his sites mentioned here.

    The temple around Hanoi

    The temple in the City and in the city do not mention , with the temple you can visit the Hanoi 1 day urban area . Some other temples are also well known that you should visit : Chua Thay Pagoda, Boi Khe Pagoda, a Buddhist temple of the aforementioned , and especially to the Perfume Pagoda temple complex . If you go out of this temple would take 2 days is less. With Perfume Pagoda you will spend one day to visit.

    Things To Do In Hanoi In 1 Day

    Thay Pagoda

    The best way to see Hanoi countryside is by motorbike, can ride scooter too. Check out this link for more.

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