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    3 Sep

    Noi Bai Airport ( Hanoi Airport )


    English name : Noi Bai International Airport ( NIA ) •

    Address: Noi Bai international airport , Phu Minh Commune , Soc Son district , Hanoi •

    Phone: ( +84 ) 04.3886.5047 •

    Fax: ( +84 ) 04.3886.5540 •

    E – mail : noibaioffice@vietnamairport.vn

    Noi Bai Airport ( Hanoi Airport )

    SITA : QQXH •

    Code airports : + IATA code : HAN + ICAO code : VVNB •

    The passenger terminal : + Domestic passenger terminal ( Terminal T1 ) : 115.000m2 , capacity of 15 million passengers / year . + International passenger terminal ( Terminal T2 ) : 139.216m2 , with capacity for 10 million passengers / year ( can expand to 15 million passengers / year )

    • Level airport: 4E • runway ( Runway ) : + 11L / 29R ( 1A ) : 3,200 m long , 45m wide + 11R / 29L ( 1B ) : 3.800m long , 45m wide •

    Aircraft Apron ( Apron ) : Aircraft Apron + T1 : 23 wide 230.000m2 park location Aircraft Apron + T2 : wide 280.000m2 with 24 parking lots •

    Now serving : 24/24

    Noi Bai Airport ( Hanoi Airport )

    As civil aviation ports combined with military flight operations , including civilian areas located in the South and military areas in the north of the runway , Noi Bai international airport is allowed to receive visits routine fly , not always, private aircraft , operating 24/24 hours .
    International airports of Noi Bai was established on 02.28.1977 under Decision No. 239 / QD -TC , February 28, 1977 of the General Department of Civil Aviation of Vietnam , in order to meet the transport needs of nationally and internationally , serving for the reconstruction of the country after the war and made two strategic tasks of building socialism and defend the socialist fatherland.

    Noi Bai Airport ( Hanoi Airport )
    International airports of Noi Bai airport is of Hanoi capital, is located at the economic, political , geographical and vital advantages, is an ideal stopover in route network from Europe , South Asia to Southeast Asia , Northeast Asia and the Asia – Pacific region – the growing economic potential . Climate other hand , is located in an area with relatively mild climate of the northern region , along with many special scenic tourist attraction . This has the potential to exploit investment , and a huge advantage in competition with the airports in the region in order to gradually invest , build international airports of Noi Bai into a trading port , a central aviation hub of the region and the world .

    Noi Bai Airport ( Hanoi Airport )

    After nearly 40 years of construction and development, the international airports of Noi Bai has overcome numerous difficulties and challenges, many generations of officers, soldiers and employees have devoted their strength and wisdom, youth and their blood to build airports gradually mature, from zero to there, from small to large, from primitive to modern. From a military airport was devastated during the war, the infrastructure is poor, backward to a modern airport civilization. From a railway station is just a block from the 4 temporary, equipment very rough until passenger terminal T1, T2 and modern technological lines, advanced equipment and systems for ensuring investment services are synchronized flight and increasingly modernized, fully capable of serving millions of passengers / year.

    Noi Bai Airport ( Hanoi Airport )

    From inception to date the international airports of Noi Bai has contributed actively to the cause of building socialism and the construction and development of aviation . Each step of the Port mature Noi Bai International aviation is always associated with each step up the Vietnam revolution and associated with the development of the civil aviation industry in Vietnam. That achievement was awarded the Victory Medal and First Class Labor Medal Third Class 1995, second-class Labor Medal in 1999, First Class Labor Medal in 2005 .
    Since 2012 to date, the international airports of Noi Bai is the official member units , under the Airports Corporation of Vietnam ( ACV ) .

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