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    19 Jul

    Thac Ba Lake – Northern Vietnam Motorbike Trip

    The hydropower plants of the northwestern mountains lit not only contribute to the country’s electricity but also is creating beautiful artificial hydroelectric lakes to local people.

    Thac Ba lake ( Yen Bai ) , one of the beautiful artificial lake between contemporary jewel thousand titles . With charming scenery and Thac Ba is the ideal destination for those who love wild looks of northwestern mountains of Vietnam.

    Thac Ba Lake – Northern Vietnam Motorbike Trip

    From Hanoi , tourists can easily visit Thac Ba , 180 km from Hanoi along Highway 2. It will be unforgettable destinations of travelers in the journey to explore the northwestern highlands .
    Located on the territory of both Luc Yen and Yen Binh district of Yen Bai , Thac Ba is formed when rivers stop flowing river dam to block construction of Thac Ba Hydropower Plant , the first hydroelectric power plant in the north the period of transition to socialism .

    The area of about 23,400 hectares of lakes , 19,050 hectares of water surface area , 80km in length , water depth of 20 – 29m . Thac Ba has more than 1,300 large and small islands . On the limestone mountains and islands in the lake area has many beautiful caves and pagodas , temples associated with the legend and lore of ancient indigenous inhabitants .

    Thac Ba Lake – Northern Vietnam Motorbike Trip

    By cruising around through the island, visitors have the opportunity to feel the cool air from the emerald blue waters and cool breezes titles of natural healing , watching the deep green swathes , are interspersed rolling islands make up the picture of a sparkling or domestic airspace . In that context, the human spirit will become more relaxed .

    Thac Ba Lake – Northern Vietnam Motorbike Trip

    Journey also takes visitors to the famous historical sites around the lake such as Thac Ba Temple , Temple São . Come here , light a stick of incense Buddha compassionately thom gate , guests will find their soul serenity and love life , love nature more .

    Thac Ba with pristine beauty charm invites visitors to admire and explore . With tourism potential available , Thac Ba would be an ideal stopover in the journey of discovery of the northwest who loves natural landscapes , rivers . / .Thac Ba Lake – Northern Vietnam Motorbike Trip

    With dozen years of organizing motorcycle tours in Vietnam, Vietnam motorbike Tour Asia team always choose this place to stay one night with the local ZDao people in the stilt houses. The local is so friendly and funny.
    Thac Ba lake ( Vu Linh ) is always great stop when you book motorbike tours in northwest Vietnam or northeast Vietnam.

    Please contact us to book a motorbike ride to ( Thac Ba lake ) Vu Linh from Hanoi.

    Please contact us for detailed price!

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