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    2 Jun

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam


    From the North to southern part of Vietnam, there is a variety of landforms and terraces for adventurous bikers to explore. Therefore, it is hard to say which one is the best place for Vietnam motorcycle touring.

    However, among all the attractions stand out few iconic destinations and just by recalling its name, you could think of wonderful routes for motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

    Let’s see which places are waiting for your exploration with Vietnam motorbike touring. All tours can be tailored to suit to rider’s skill, on and off-road or partly on and off-road riding. Drop us the email to have the best Vietnam motorbike tour. Email us then we together tailor your trip to suit to your riding skill. Email to us at: sales@offroadindochina.com

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

    Central Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    1. (  Hue – Da Nang – Lang Co )

    – One of the best mountain pass for motorcycle touring in Vietnam.

    – Admire Lang Co Bay, is one of the most beautiful bays in the world …

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

    Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    2. Hanoi – Moc Chau – Ta Xua – Bac Yen

    The most stunning mountain road in Northern Vietnam. We conquer the roof top of Pha Luang plateau, the roof of Moc Chau.- The challenging motorbike ride as steep adventure like “Thung Khe” Pass and “Doc Cun” Pass. Lots of riders who had done this northern Vietnam motorbike tours special but never get bored with the route.

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

     3. Vietnam Motorbike Trip From Tu Le to Sapa

    One of the most special things in Northern Vietnam is terraced fields. With every North Vietnam Motorbike Trip, we will try to include a day through Mu Cang Chai – Tu Le area in Yen Bai Province. This is where you could see extremely high terraced fields, stretching from the road down to deep valleys.

    Apart from it, on the Vietnam Motorbike Trip from Tu Le to Sapa, we will pass 2 of 4 most legendary passes in Vietnam: Khau Pha and O Quy Ho. These winding and long passes will amaze you with the panoramic views of mountain, valley and hill villages, which look like a small dot on the background.

    Just come and experience these wonderful routes with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia. It will make your motorbike trip in Vietnam more exciting with lots of fun and challenges.

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

    3. Hanoi – Nghia Lo – Mu Cang Chai

    The best time for this motorcycle route is during September and October, fall of grain season.- Conquer Khau Pha pass – one of the four most incredible pass in north Vietnam. Amazing motorcycle ride to Mu Cang Chai – The bikers’s paradise – it is another planet of Vietnam.

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

    4. Hanoi – Dien Bien Phu – A Pa Chai

    As supply lines for the nation ‘s westernmost point with famous A Pa Chai is the dream of many bikers, especially on road bikers.- Conquering the Pha Din Pass beautiful but dangerous pass , and it is also one of the biggest four Pass in Vietnam. Motorbike Trip to Dien Bien Phu also provide us lots of Vietnam history.

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

     5. Ha Noi – Lao Cai – Hoang Su Phi

    This is also one of the roads most riders loves most, within 5 to 7 day trip, we can ride up to the roof on Indochina, its name Fansipan mountain, moreover we also can have enjoyable Vietnam motorbike tour on O Quy Ho Pass – one of the four biggest Pass in Vietnam, continue to the ride we will have great Sapa motorcycle trip through many hidden tribe villages. After Sapa motorbike trip, we will ride to Hoang Su Phi- the most beautiful terraces and famous in North Vietnam.

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

    Northeast Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    6. YEN MINH – Lung Cu – DONG VAN – Meo Vac – Ha Giang.


    The bikers’paradise, the most incredible place for Vietnam motorbike adventure tours. The famous 6 day Ha Giang motorbike tour is always TOP CHOICE or you can ride 8 day off-road Sapa and Ha Giang motorcycle tour, the ride offers beautiful Lung Cu flagpole, this is the most faraway place in northern Vietnam ( The borders of Vietnam, Laos and China ). This route for sure best part for Vietnam motorbike trip with Nho Que River – the road of Happiness , Quan Ba …

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

    7. Off-road motorcycle tours around Cao Bang and Ban Gioc Waterfall

    If someone asks about the best waterfall in Vietnam, definitely it will be Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang, a northern mountainous province which is about 290km from Hanoi.

    This area is a must-visit in almost all motorcycle trips North Vietnam as the landscape here is gorgeous!

    From Cao Bang Town to Ban Gioc Waterfall, our Vietnam motorbike trip will pass through terraced fields of local people. Dotted in the forested hill are rustic villages of tribal people such as The Nung, The H’mong or The San Chay People. Also, there are some high passes with panoramic views to valley under mountain feet.

    Come and join northern Vietnam motorbike trip and see how fantastic the motorcycle road Cao Bang to Ban Gioc Waterfall is!

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

    8. Motorcycle Touring Around Ha Giang – Dong Van – Meo Vac

    As the farthest province in the North of Vietnam, Ha Giang is still a myth with many people. But in recent years, this province has attracted thousands of tourists every year to sightsee the marvelous beauty of Dong Van, Meo Vac Rock Plateau.

    Riding through rock plateau with motorcycle trips Vietnam, you can feel the magnificence of nature with a field covered with multi-shaped rocks. As a remoted area in Vietnam, this land still keeps its authentic beauty. People here are mainly from tribes; hence, they are really friendly and nice.

    From Ha Giang to Meo Vac, you can be totally shocked by the phenomenal view of winding passes surrounding mountain ranges. It looks like a thread of silk around green hills.

    Always, the route from Ha Giang to Meo Vac is highly regarded in motorcycle tours Vietnam. We will arrange some stopovers so we could take a break and savor the wonderfulness of nature in Ha Giang.

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

    Short Vietam Motorbike Tour Around Hanoi

    9. Vietnam motorbike tour Hanoi – Tam Đao 

    Hanoi motorbike tour to Tam Dao is the great choice for those who has short Vietnam motorbike holiday in the mountain , it’s also incredibly beautiful point where only 80 km away from Hanoi.

    • Hanoi Motorbike Tour Duong Lam ancient village
    • Hanoi Motorbike Tour To Ba Vi Mountain
    • Hanoi Countryside Motorbike Trip

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

     South Vietnam Motorbike Tours

     10. Saigon motorcycle tour to Nha Trang

    This is the most selected motorbike trip for those who loves Vietnam motorbike tour along the coastline, the most famous 5 day south Vietnam  motorbike tour from Saigon. This route also famous as Vietnam motorbike tour top gear special.

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

    11. Coastal Road from Quy Nhon to Nha Trang

    With the long coastline, Vietnam is also famous for its beautiful seashores and beaches.

    Riding motorbike with the experienced team of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia from Quy Nhon to Nha Trang, you could admire the wonderful view of Vietnam ocean. Just choose the highway 1D, which is less congested than highway 1A so that you could totally revel in the breathtaking view of ocean.

    On the way from Quy Nhon to Nha Trang, our motorcycle touring team could have few stopovers for motorcyclists to take photo or enjoy the fantastic scenery. There will be some fishing villages also, where the local life is still untouched by tourism.

    Apart from wonderful beaches that you could stop to get relaxed or swim, Vietnam Motorbike Tour crew will take you to few cliffs or rock landform on the coastal line; which are super marvelous and magnificent.

    Undoubtedly, the route on the coastal line with motorcycle tours Vietnam special is always the highlight of whole trip.

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

    Motorcycle Tour Ho Chi Minh Trail – Vietnam Motorbike Trip

    12. Depart From Hanoi To Saigon or Reverse.

    Originally built during Vietnam War period in early 1960s, Ho Chi Minh Trail/Road is one of the most well-known existent historical relics in Vietnam. Located on the western mountainous area of central Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Trail is a dense system of small paths cutting through the Truong Son mountain range.

    The Most Favorite Routes For Motorbiking In Vietnam

    However, it is also an ideal route for motorcycle tour Vietnam with plenty of striking natural views and winding passes. Since 2000, the road has been widened and upgraded. Also, the old road is less used by local transportations. Therefore, motorcycle touring Vietnam on Ho Chi Minh trail will be less stressful and extremely impressive. Especially on road bikers.

    Along the way with motorcycle tours Vietnam, you can drop in lots of relics and also natural parks with the beauty of nature.

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