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    20 May

    South Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 5 Days

    Duration: 5 Days/4 Nites
    Destination: Saigon - Nam Cat Tien National Park - Ta Dung Lake - Da Lat - Nha Trang.

    Passing many striking passes and splendid landscapes, seascape, the motorbike tours from Sai Gon to Da Lat and then descending to Nha Trang, offers motorcyclists a wide range of emotions.

    Let’s come and enjoy the fantastic moments with South Vietnam Motorbike Tour to fulfill your travel experiences in this lovely land.

    South Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 5 Days

    Day 1: Sai Gon – Nam Cat Tien National Park: 150km

    Highlights of the day:

    • Tri An Lake and natural reserve
    • Crocodiles Lake, the sanctuary of crocodile in the core area of Nam Cat Tien National Park.
    • Overnight in forest ranger hut in the forest

    For the 1st day with Motorbike Tour South Vietnam, after getting out of city’s bustle, we hit the road toSouth Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 5 Days Nam Cat Tien National Park. The distance from Sai Gon to that area is around 150km.

    We continue South Vietnam Motorbike Tour by crossing Dong Nai River on ferry and then ride motorbike to Tri An Lake, where you could see the second largest hydroelectricity power plant in Vietnam.

    After that, Motorbike Tour South Vietnam team keeps riding to Nam Cat Tien Park. It is time for you to sightsee the countryside view of Southern area Vietnam. There will be another ferry crossing to headquarters of the national park.

    On the way, we could have some stops for taking photos and getting relaxed after long riding hours. Definitely, there are so many places to view the marvelous landscapes of Southern Vietnam.

    Once our motorbike tour team reaches the park, we will be transferred by a truck through the jungle. It is followed by a short trekking through the forest to approach the crocodile lake. The breaking dawn is the ideal time for you to spot crocodile as it is really quiet and the temperature is lower than daytime.

    The first day could be the highlight of Motorbike Tours South Vietnam when you could really get harmony with nature and feel the breath of forest. We will stay in the hut of forest rangers to know more about the life in the forest.

    Day 2: Nam Cat Tien National Park – Ta Dung Lake: 130km

    Highlight of the day:

    • Tea and coffee plantations
    • Picturesque scenery along the way

    South Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 5 DaysFor the 2nd day of South Vietnam Motorbike Tour, you will be woken up in the call of nature with the sounds of forest. Just enjoy a peaceful morning and admire the beauty of sunset view.

    We come back to the pick-up place with the path leading through the forest yesterday. There is a truck waiting for us and taking us back to the parking area to take motorbike for the next route.

    Together with the experienced team of South Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia, our team will set off to Da Teh, a small and infamous town, surrounded by numerous tea and coffee farms. Then, our Southern Vietnam Motorbike Tour keep passing some mountains. From now on, you could emerge yourself in the striking view of nature. Few places are recommended for our motorbike team to stop and take photo.

    We will come to Ta Dung Lake area in the late afternoon and stay in a small hotel. Have a full rest tonight after enjoy the barbecue party near the lake with fish and chicken. It is such a fantastic experience to close a day.

    Day 3: Ta Dung Lake – Da Lat: 100km

    Highlights of the day:

    • Cruising and swimming on beautiful Ta Dung Lake.
    • Elephant Waterfall

    In the morning of day 3 Motorcycle Trip South Vietnam, our team will take ferry to cross to other side of South Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 5 DaysTa Dung Lake. On the boat, you could sightsee many islets with row of pine trees reflected in the jade-colored water of the lake.

    There are also some fish farms to pass through. Also, it is really quiet in the morning and we could listen to the sound of birds singing or waves on the lake.

    After that, we have a chance to drop in a village of ethnic people in Lam Ha. Just a quick stop and then we continue South Vietnam Motorbike Tours to visit Elephant Waterfall.

    For the rest of motorcycle tour on day 3, just slowly ride through flower farms nearby, where you could be amazed by the glamor of flowers such as hydrangeas, strawflowers, etc.

    We will walk around Da Lat City at night after checking in the hotel. This is gonna be a fantastic night for all the motorcyclists as this city turns out really tranquil and romantic at night.

    Day 4: South Vietnam Motorbike Tour – Relax in Da Lat

    Highlights of the days:

    • Da Lat scenery
    • Getting relaxed in the thousand flower city.

    South Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 5 DaysIn the day 4th of Southern Vietnam Motorcycle Tour, we could relax and just stroll around the city.

    There are many attractions for tourists to try in Da Lat; from normal places such as Crazy House, Langbian Mountain, Bao Dai Palace to some adventurous games such as kayaking, ziplink…

    With the last night of motorcycle trip, we will have a fascinating dinner in nouveau art café which is run by a local artist. Therefore, you can enjoy your dinner in a cozy and artistic atmosphere.

    Day 5: Da Lat – Nha Trang: 120km

    Highlights of the day:

    • Visiting some vegetable farms in Da Lat
    • Stunning landscapes, seascape from Da Lat to Nha Trang

    Today’s riding will be easy and full of joyful from Da Lat to Nha Trang. You can enjoy the winds from the South Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 5 Dayssea on the big roads. Our Vietnam motorbike team can spend time on visiting few vegetable and flower farms, as well as coffee plantation and hill tribes.

    We will reach Nha Trang at roughly 5 pm and finish 5-day tour with the experienced team of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team from Ho Chi Minh City to the highland area. You can choose to stay more at Nha Trang- a waterfront city or come back to Sai Gon ( By night train or by airplane ). Our professional guide is more than happy to assist you with accommodation or transportation.

    Although the Vietnam Motorbike Tour is short, we hope that you did have the most wonderful moments in Vietnam with our team. We look forward to seeing you in the future with other challenging motorbike tours from our company.

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