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    17 May

    Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 Days

    Duration: 15 Days/ 14 Nites
    Destination: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Son La - Muong Lay - Lai Chau - Sapa - Xin Man - Ha Giang - Dong Van - Meo Vac - Cao Bang - Ba Gioc Waterfall - Ba Be lake - Thac Ba lake - Hanoi.

    As a long country with 3 regions, Vietnam possesses various types of landscape and typical cultural factors. Additionally, only in the North of Vietnam can we see a great number of topographies and landforms, along with unique colors of hill tribes living sparsely in the whole region.

    Therefore, to explore the northern area of Vietnam, it is highly recommended to join the 15-day North Vietnam Motorbike Tour. It will be the great time for you to open your eyes and discover a totally new amazing land with marvelous and unexpected things.

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    Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 Days

    Day 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau ( L, D – 160km ) Home stay

    On the 1st day with experienced team of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia, we will start off the trip to Mai Chau, a famous destination which is around 160km from Hanoi. To secure the timing, we will set off at 8:00, ride to the suburban area of Hanoi. From here, North Vietnam Motorbike Tour keep riding on highway No. 6 through many villages, paddy fields and small towns before reaching the administrative land of Hoa Binh City.

    Our team will stop for lunch and then run on the motorbike trip to Mai Chau valley. At around 5:00 pm, we will be there safely.

    One of the special things of Mai Chau is traditional house-on-stilt. Also, it will be our accommodation for the 1st night of the motorcycle trip. Definitely, a night with local people will give you lots of exciting moments.

    Day 2: North Vietnam Motorbike Tour From Mai Chau To Phu Yen ( B, L, D-  150km ) Hotel stay

    The road from Mai Chau to Phu Yen on the 2nd day of North Vietnam motorbike tour is less crowded as Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 Dayswe follow an old road, near Da River. The highlight of today is the stopover in Moc Chau – a reputable town for its mild weather and beautiful scenery, where you can admire vast forests of flower in spring time.

    After crossing the Da River on ferry, we will keep following the winding but easy roads to Phu Yen Town. We will stay in a local hotel here. Try to relax and sleep well to prepare for next days with motorcycle tours northern Vietnam.

    Day 3: Phu Yen – Son La ( B, L, D 180km ) Hotel stay

    Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 DaysAs riding for Phu Yen to Son La, all the motorcyclists have chance to admire the vivid and lively life of local tribes along the way. Motorcycle tours north Vietnam can stop for a while in Black Thai tribal village to see the local life of people, as well as rustic village of Thai ethnic minorities.

    Also, the worth-seeing things in day 3 of motorcycle tour are terraced fields and enormous valley with sugar cane plantations, sparsely located along road 37. Just enjoy the wonderful views and continue to ride to Son La Town.

    Day 4: Son La – Muong Lay ( B, L, D – 190km ) Hotel stay

    Coming to the next day of North Vietnam Motorbike Tour, today’s road is promisingly full of challenges Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 Daysbut also fascinating. Hitting the road from Son La Town, we ride on the road No. 6 and pass Pha Din pass – the most well-known pass in Dien Bien, which is considered the main gate to Dien Bien Phu battlefield.

    Even nowadays, there has been a new road widened for higher capacity of transportation, this old pass is still preferred by challenge bikers, and our motorcycle touring team is not exceptional.

    Lunch is prepared after we pass Pha Din Pass. After it, our Vietnam Motorcycle Tour keep moving to Muong Lay Town through best mountain roads, which is somehow rugged with potholes and mud. However, it could be a totally new and novel experiences for bikers.

    Day 5: Muong Lay – Sin Ho – Lai Chau ( B, L, D – 160km ) Hotel stay

    Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 DaysThe motorbike ride on 5th day can amaze all motorcyclists in North Vietnam motorcycle tours as you are supposed to sightsee and enjoy the masterpieces of nature with beautiful passes, impressive rivers, forests and rice fields. Our team will ride along Da River to travel from Muong Lay to Lai Chau.

    In the middle of the day, we will stop in Sin Ho Town to have a lunch and short break. As a small town lying in high attitude, the weather here is very cool and sometimes, you could see clouds floating in the air. After that, motorcycle tours in northern Vietnam hit the road to Lai Chau.

    At around 4:00 pm, we will reach Lai Chau Town. It ceases another wonderful riding day with motorcycle trips North Vietnam. Take relaxation in the local hotel.

    Day 6: Lai Chau – Sapa (B, L, D – 130km ) Hotel or Home stay

    As we move on to the 6th day of motorcycle tours north Vietnam, our riding team will ride to Sapa. From Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 Days8:00 am, we leave Lai Chau Town and follow the easy road with splendid views of mountain and forests. There also some small local villages of ethnic minorities in mountainous areas.

    After departing for around 50km, we access to a wonderful route through O Quy HO Pass. This is one of the most striking and marvelous passes in North Vietnam and conquering it is the dream of many bikers. Standing in the sidewalk of the pass, you could admire the magnificent view of northern mountainous nature.

    Then, our motorcycle team will have a lunch in Sapa with tasty local foods. For the rest of the day, just relax and explore the Sapa Town on your own or we can make short motorcycle ride around Sapa.

    Day 7: Sapa – Xin Man ( B, L, D – 180km ) Home stay

    Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 DaysLeaving Sapa, our North Vietnam Motorbike Tour team keeps descending down to Lao Cai Town and ride the way to the next destination, Xin Man. The route from Sapa to Lao Cai is totally wonderful as we could enjoy the widened view of rice valley on the right side of the road. Looking further, we could feel the marvelousness of nature and the loneness of people.

    As we reach Lao Cai Town, motorcycle tour North Vietnam will take a look at border gate between Vietnam and China. Just take a break and sightsee the busy life here.

    Then, with the rest of the Vietnam Motorbike Trip on 7th day, we keep biking from Lao Cai to Xin Man. This is a small and infamous town so that the atmosphere is really nice and peaceful. Just be relaxed and take a rest for tonight before we get more intense for the next days with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team.

    Day 8: Xin Man – Ha Giang ( B, L, D –  170km ) Hotel stay

    There must be a hard but really best interesting day as motorbike team travels from Xin Man to Ha Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 DaysGiang. We will pass Hoang Su Phi, a very famous place in Ha Giang which is really well-known for magnificent terrace rice fields. Even the road is quiet rugged with potholes and rocks, it is still worthy as the nature is incredibly wonderful.

    For the last 30 minutes of the today’s route, there is a smooth road for you to ride on. Our motorbike team will be at Ha Giang Town at around 5:00 pm.

    Day 9: Ha Giang – Dong Van ( B, L, D – 150 km ) Hotel stay

    Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 DaysThat route must be the highlight of the Motorbike Tour in North Vietnam, when we will visit one of the most remoted places in the Northern Vietnam. It is the home of many ethnic groups, which are typical of their unique cultures such as Lo Lo, H’mong ethnic minorities and special architecture and landmarks: “heaven gate” in Quan Ba, Rock plateau and Vuong palace in Dong Van.

    It must be really impressive with the local life here and incomparable for other Vietnam motorbike tours. We will have dinner in Dong Van town. After that, you can enjoy your relaxing and free time at night.

    Day 10: Dong Van – Bao Lac ( B, L, D –  140km ) Hotel stay

    Leaving Dong Van after breakfast, our motorbike crew keeps riding to Bao Lac. You can enjoy the high Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 Daysspot of Vietnam Motorbike Tours with the glorious views when passing the Ma Li Leng pass.

    In the corner the pass, our motorbike crew can take a quick stop to take photos of wonderful Nho Que river, looked down from the high pass. This “happy mountain road” can be the best thing of day 10 of Motorbike Tours In Vietnam. We descend down to Meo Vac valley, a Chinese border place and have a lunch here.

    After that, we will reach Bao Lac at 4:30 pm and overnight here, before enjoying another memorable day with the experienced team of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia.

    Day 11: Bao Lac – Quang Uyen ( B, L, D – 170 km ) Hotel stay

    Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 DaysIt will be a long motorcycle trip for the day 11 of Motorbike Tour in Northern Vietnam when our motorcycle team will ride around 170km from Bao Lac to Quang Uyen.

    This part of northern mountainous area is lower compared with other regions. Therefore, you could admire the beauty of average-height mountains, covered with green forests. Elsewhere, you could see villages of ethnic minorities.

    After crossing Cao Bang city, we approach a little town called Quang Uyen, which is on the way to Ban Gioc Waterfall.

    Day 12: Quang Uyen – Ban Gioc Waterfall – Cao Bang ( B, L, D – 180 km ) Hotel stay

    Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 DaysComing to the 12th day of northern Vietnam motorcycle tours, we will keep riding on the quiet roads with beautiful landscapes along the way. There will be more paddy fields and lush forests. You can catch you the daily life view of local people and most of them from tribes in northern Vietnam.

    We come to Ban Gioc Waterfall area at the mid noon. It is time for having a break, taking photo or swimming in the best waterfall of Vietnam.

    After that, we keep riding back to Cao Bang City. Just get chilled out and relaxed after a long riding day.

    Day 13: Cao Bang – Ba Be lake ( B, L, D – 150 km ) Home stay

    On the day 13 of Motorcycle Tours in Vietnam, our guide will take you through the countryside roads Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 Daysfollow the foothills with local houses of tribes to Ba Be national park.

    When we reach that lake at noon, we can take a stop for lunch in a village of Dzao people. Afterwards, we will take a boat tour on this quiet and peaceful lake. You can take your time to enjoy the splendid views of nature on the surrounding areas and listen to the sound of forests. It is really exciting and relaxing, after a long day riding on the roads.

    We will stay overnight in a Tay family, nearby Ba Be lake. Enjoy your night with hospitable local hosts before continuing the north Vietnam motorbike tour.

    Day 14: Ba Be lake – Thac Ba lake ( B, L, D – 160 km ) Home stay

    Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 DaysIn the morning, our motorbike crew will ride down to Thac Ba lake-one of the largest and most beautiful lake in Vietnam. The perk of this motorbike tour is that apart from natural landscapes, we also visit the historical sites, such as ATK Dinh Hoa, the place where Ho Chi Minh found the Vietnam communist party in 1930.

    After riding to Thac Ba lake, the Northern Vietnam Motorcycle Tour will stay overnight in a Dzao people’s family, on the bank of Thac Ba. We also can enjoy a boat tour on this splendid lake to see the impressions of the nature and heritage of man-made construction.

    Day 15: Thac Ba lake – Hanoi ( B, L, D – 180 km )Discover Amazing North Vietnam By Motorbikes – 15 Days

    On the last day, the Northern Vietnam Motorbike Trip will see off Thac Ba and motorbike back to Hanoi at 8:00 am. We promise to bring you the valuable memories with the out-of-track roads, which is challenging and adventurous for you to try. There are also some sealed and nicest roads for you to relax and enjoy the cooling winds in the afternoon.

    15-day motorbike tour North Vietnam is a long time with many unforgettable memories. Hope that we can see you again another time in Vietnam and try other tours with us.

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