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    18 Feb

    Motorbike Tour From Hoian To Saigon – 11 Days

    Duration: 11 Days/ 10 Nights
    Destination: Hoian - Kham Duc - Kon Tum - Quy Nhon - Nha Trang - Buon Me Thuot - Lak - Lake - Da Lat - Bao Loc - Mui Ne - Lagi - Saigon.

    The coastal line from Hoi An to Sai Gon is highly appreciated for its wonderful seascape and breathtaking beaches. On the motorbike tour Vietnam from Hoi An to Ho Chi Minh City, you will be amazed by the glorious scenery of central part of Vietnam. This 11-day journey is definitely an unforgettable memory for every biker in Vietnam.

    Day 1: Hoi An – My Son – Kham Duc: 165kmMotorbike Tour From Hoian To Saigon – 11 Days

    The motorbike tour Southern Vietnam could start off from either Da Nang or Hoi An. In the morning of first day, our tour guide will come and pick you up at hotel and we ride to the outside of city center. From there, you could enjoy the beautiful view of central area’s countryside. There exist numerous vast paddy fields on 2 sides of the road.

    On the way, our Vietnam motorcycle tour could pay a visit to My Son Sanctuary, the remaining towers of ancient dynasties in central of Vietnam. This area was recognized as world heritage by UNESCO. After a short walk and exploration around the side, our motorbike touring team rides the way to Kham Duc. This road is slightly craggy with winding trails but absolutely panoramic and wonderful.

    We end the 1st day with motorbike tour Southern Vietnam at Kham Duc Town, in a small standard hotel.

    Day 2: Kham Duc – Kon Tum: 180km

    Motorbike Tour From Hoian To Saigon – 11 DaysOn the 2nd day with motorbike cycle tours Vietnam, our team will ride mainly on the Ho Chi Minh Trail (Road No.14). It is a highlight of the whole trip when we cross the Highland area with many magnificent mountain passes. We also have chance to visit some local people from ethnic minorities, such as De Trieng people, habituating near the Dak Po Ko River.

    Just take a look at surrounding areas because you could be amazed by some strange things only in Vietnam like monkey bridges or Giong houses. There are also some historical sites from Vietnam War on the way.

    Our motorbike touring team will stay in Kon Tum for the 2nd night in a hotel.

    Day 3: Kon Tum – Quy Nhon: 190kmMotorbike Tour From Hoian To Saigon – 11 Days

    Our morning is set off by the riding to Quy Nhon, after a full breakfast to prepare for a long day. The route today is quite easy for all the motorcyclists when descending down from Highland to coastal plateau area. There are some stopovers for you to visit the tribal villages of local minorities, scattering in lower area.

    At around 4:30 pm, our motorbike tour team reaches the hotel and you could spend the rest of afternoon relaxing on the beaches. Just enjoy your leisure time to revel in the beauty of the ocean.

    Another staying in hotel for the 3rd day of motorbike tours Vietnam.

    Day 4: Quy Nhon – Nha Trang: 225km

    Motorbike Tour From Hoian To Saigon – 11 DaysThe road from Quy Nhon to Nha Trang is definitely another highlight of the whole motorbike tour Vietnam. Strolling along the long coastal line of Vietnam, you are stunned by the incredibly glorious scenery of beaches and ocean. There are some famous passes on the way meandering around the cliffs and beaches, such as Cu Mong Pass, Ca Pass. One road side is towering mountain and lush hills and the opposite site is the enormous space of Vietnamese ocean.

    We stay in a hotel in Nha Trang- the waterfront city which is famous for beach tourism in Vienam.

    Day 5: Nha Trang – Buon Me Thuot: 190kmMotorbike Tour From Hoian To Saigon – 11 Days

    From the sea city, we head up to Buon Me Thuot, back to the Central Highland area with South Vietnam motorcycle tours. Instead of long roads along the sea, you could capture the images and panoramic views of winding mountain trails, small villages dotted in the forested hills and splashing waterfalls. Buon Me Thuot will be an interesting stopover for the entire journey with typical features of highland area.

    An overnight in hotel in Buon Me Thuot city will mark the end of 5th day with motorbike tours Vietnam

    Day 6: Buon Me Thuot – Lak Lake: 150km

    Motorbike Tour From Hoian To Saigon – 11 DaysThe 6th day’s riding is going to be a joyful and exciting one when our motorbike touring team hits the road to Lak Lake. There are many attractions along the route such as natural waterfall, lakes, forests or rustic villages of local people. The morning tour will take you to Dray Nur waterfall, one of the most glorious and imposing waterfalls in the highland area. Then, Southern Vietnam motorbike tour keeps riding to Lak Lake, where we would stay in a homestay of M’nong ethnic people. There will be some activities for you like elephant riding through villages or traditional music show performed by the indigenous.

    Day 7: Lak Lake – Da Lat: 170kmMotorbike Tour From Hoian To Saigon – 11 Days

    With the route from Lak Lake to Da Lat, motorcycle touring team could admire the spacious view of pine forests and coffee farms. The spotlight of 7th day tour is the riding to Langbian Plateau, which is 1600ft above sea level. This Plateau could offer tourists relaxing moments to enjoy the natural scenery of Da Lat City. This highland city is famous for its tranquility and peace, with many iconic places including waterfalls, flower valleys, ancient villas, etc.

    We will have a night accommodated in hotel for the 7th day of motorcycle tour to Southern Vietnam.

    Day 8: Da Lat – Bao Loc: 140km

    Motorbike Tour From Hoian To Saigon – 11 DaysFrom Da Lat, we ascend to another town of Lam Dong Province, named Bao Loc. There will be a short visit to a village of K’ho ethnic minority to learn more about the cultural traditions of the indigenous. Prior to visiting Bao Loc, motorcycle tour team Vietnam will visit Dambri Waterfall with the height of 90 meters.

    We will stay in a hotel in Bao Loc Town.

    Day 9: Bao Loc – Mui Ne: 175mMotorbike Tour From Hoian To Saigon – 11 Days

    Leaving the central town, our Vietnam motorcycling tour will ride down to Mui Ne- another coastal city which is famous for fancy resorts and color-changing deserts next to the ocean.

    Before tumbling down to the lower land, our motorbike team could take a short riding around few well known places, namely terraced tea fields, Dambri Waterfall and rustic villages of local tribes. The scenery changes gradually when we descend from highland to coastal delta. Enjoy the striking view of nature in Mui Ne and we will stay in a hotel there.

    Day 10: Mui Ne – Lagi: 120km

    Motorbike Tour From Hoian To Saigon – 11 DaysEven it is a short route, the road from Mui Ne to Lagi can impress all the motorcyclists with the breathtaking scenery of ocean. Besides, we can also pay a visit to other places such as Thay Thim Temple, Takou Mountain, some tribal villages and fishing market. With the motorcyclists fantasizing the history of ancient dynasties in Vietnam, it could be really helpful and interesting to get more understandings about Champa history and culture.

    A little guest house near the beach will be your accommodation for the last night with motorcycle tour to the South of Vietnam.

    Day 11: Lagi – Ho Chi Minh City: 170kmMotorbike Tour From Hoian To Saigon – 11 Days

    From Lagi, our motorcycle crew will ride to Ho Chi Minh City, the economic center of the whole country. You could spend the last hours with motorcycle tour admiring the beauty of sea views and ocean. The distance is short, but it can take time to reach here because of the traffic jam in the suburban areas of Ho Chi Minh City. We will ride to train station and park the motorbike here.

    And it is the end of the Southern Vietnam Motorcycle Tour. In nearly 2 weeks staying together, hope that you did have really good memories and full of valuable experiences. In the future, it is our honor to cooperate and deliver to you many other interesting tours to discover this beloved S-shaped country.

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