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    19 Jan

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 11 Days

    Duration: 11 Days/10 Nites
    Destination: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Phu Yen - Mu Cang Chai - Than Uyen - Sapa - Bac Ha - Hoang Su Phi - Ha Giang - Dong Van - Meo Vac - Bao Lac - Ba Be lake - Thac Ba Lake - Hanoi

    Roaming the Northern area from West to East, Northern Vietnam motorbike tour will offer you the best motorbike trip of your lifetime.

    Northern part of Vietnam is one of the most remote areas in the entire country. However, those intact and pristine area is the home of various glorious destinations which are naturally preserved and almost untouched by human. Ranging from limestone mountain, rice terrace, river valley, green meadow; there are plenty of wonderful landscapes and places for travelers to get immersed themselves into. Riding with us- motorbike tours in northern Vietnam, we will take you to discover the masterpieces of nature in the mountainous areas of Vietnam. Undoubtedly, It will be vivid memories for your journey to this S-shaped land.

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    Day 1: Hanoi Motorbike Tour to Mai Chau Valley: 170 km ( L,D – Home stay with the Thai People) |Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam 11 DaysNorthern Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 11 Days

    The Northern Vietnam motorbike tour starts at 9:00 am, after the guide come and pick you up at the hotel. We will ride to the west of Hanoi following the countryside roads, back-roads and head to Mai Chau. After around 1 hour, the views on two sides of the road turns into countryside pictures with forested hills and rice fields. There come lots of local children with curious eyesight for western tourists on the way.

    After the lunch, our motorbike crew keeps on riding through many stunning countryside back-road to Mai Chau and it is considered as the highlight of this Northern Vietnam motorcycle trip.

    We reach Mai Chau at about 5:00 and the very first day tour ends here in a lovely homestay.

    Day 2: Mai Chau – Phu Yen: 150 km (B,L,D – Hotel stay) 

    |Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam 11 Days

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 11 DaysPhu Yen is the next stop in the motorbike tour Northern Vietnam today. Although the distance is not far, we can see many distinctive landscapes and rustic villages of ethnic groups. Before arriving to Moc Chau Plateau, our Vietnam motorbike crew will be lead through the rugged and narrow roads to experience the village landscapes and the panorama of huge mountains.

    Lunch is ready for you in Moc Chau. In the early afternoon, the Vietnam motorbike tour to the Northwest will cross the Da River to Phu Yen town. Those moments are so fantastic since you can relax and admire the amazing natural view on the bank of river. The wind is so breezy and the water is crystal clear. All of that make your motorcycle tour in Vietnam more memorable.

    We come to Phu Yen at roughly 4:30 pm and stay in the hotel tonight. It is the end of 2nd tour with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team to the North Vietnam.

    Day 3: Phu Yen – Mu Cang Chai – Than Uyen: 210 km (B,L,D – Hotel stay) |Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam 11 Days

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 11 Days

    The 210km road from Phu Yen to Than Uyen could be the highlight of the whole motorbike tour in Northern Vietnam. It can satisfy all of your expectations and desires. This route is famous for terraced paddy fields on 2 sides of the road, the friendly and hospitable local dwellers and winding trails can make every motorcyclist of the motorbike tour feel really excited.

    This fantastic northern Vietnam motorbike ride will end at 5:00pm, when the whole motorbike crew reaches Than Uyen town. After checking in the hotel, we will enjoy the 3rd night in this town before starting a new route with motorbike tour to the north of Vietnam.

    Day 4: Than Uyen – Sapa: 110 km (B,L,D – Hotel or Home stay)|Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam 11 Days

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 11 DaysToday is another promisingly wonderful riding day with Vietnam motorbike tour when we can see the massive mountains with splendid views when passing the vast green tea farms. We will cross the O Quy Ho-one of the longest and most attractive pass in Vietnam, where you can see the Fansipan Mountain from far distance. This place is super ideal for taking photos, at the height of 2000 meters above sea level. You will feel like riding in the top of the world! And for sure, this one will be one of the greatest parts with northern Vietnam motorcycle tour.

    We will come to Sapa at noon and you can take a walk around this romantic town after lunch. This night is the free time for you to discover this attractive town. It comes to the end of the 4th day of north Vietnam motorbike trip.

    Day 5: Sapa – Bac Ha: 160 km (B,L,D – Hotel stay) | 

    |Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam 11 Days

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 11 Days

    From Sapa, our North Vietnam motorbike tour crew keeps riding to Bac Ha in the morning. This route is so wonderful with winding and up-and-down trails and passes, which makes your motorbike tours North Vietnam more exciting than ever! We can see the peaceful villages across the Chinese border with the lush terraced paddy fields.

    When our motorbike crew reaches Bac Ha, it will be roughly 4:00pm. Enjoy an overnight here before hitting the incredible road to Ha Giang with Vietnam motorcycle holiday.

    Day 6: Bac Ha – Ha Giang: 190 km (B,L,D – Hotel stay)

    |Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam 11 Days

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 11 DaysIt is uncomplete of this motorbike tour of North Vietnam if we don’t ride to Ha Giang, the totally different views in compare with other Vietnam motorbike tours. The roads here will be more challenging for you but the landscapes are far fantastic than you could expect.

    You are also offered the best scenery of terraced rice field when passing Hoang Su Phi. It is really the highlight of the northern Vietnam motorbike tour and you will feel unregretful when visiting there.

    We come to Ha Giang before the dawn and have a relaxing night in the hotel. It brings to the end of 6th day with motorbike tour in northern Vietnam.

    Day 7: Ha Giang – Dong Van: 150 km (B,L,D – Hotel stay) 

    |Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam 11 Days

    It is a great lack if you come to Vietnam without trying motorcycling to Ha Giang; the highest Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 11 Daysprovince in the
    North of Vietnam with the massive plateaus of rocks and colorful and vivid life of local people. Ha Giang is an impressive and attractive destination for every Vietnam motorbike tour with beauties that are typical of mountains and forests. The motorcycle route today from Ha Giang to Dong Van will be the spot light of the whole motorbike tour in northern Vietnam. Just relax and take stops on the way to let your passion with natural photography satisfied! Travelling with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia will fulfill your experiences as well as your eagerness to learn about new knowledge, new cultures of a different Vietnam.

    We come to Dong Van town at 5:00. Take your time in that tranquil and romantic town and enjoy the night.

    Day 8: Dong Van – Bao Lac: 160 km (B,L,D – Hotel stay) 

    |Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam 11 Days

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 11 DaysIn the morning, we can take a walk around Dong Van ancient town, taste a delicious coffee, or sightsee the architectures which is highly typical of French style, which were built in colonizing time.

    We start off again at 10:00 am. On the way from Dong Van to Bao Lac, our motorbike crew will cross many landmarks like rock plateau, terraced rice fields and through Ma Pi Leng, one of the 4 enormous and longest passes in the northern of Vietnam. Ma Pi Leng mountain pass offers the most Vietnam challenging motorbike tours.

    After enjoying a motorbike tour in Dong Van Global Geo Park, we will arrive in Bao Lac at 4:30 pm and stay there for the 8th night.

    Day 9: Bao Lac – Ba Be lake:  150 km (B,L,D – Home stay with the Tay) |Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam 11 Days

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 11 Days

    From Bao Lac, our motorbike tour Northern Vietnam crew will go down and ride along the Gam River, with many passes crossing the rustic villages. Wherever we go, you can see the friendly and hospitable smiles of local people, especially the children.

    After 1 hour on the beautiful roads, we will take turn to the snacking roads with rocks and stagnancies. Those rugged roads will lead us through the nice terraced fields, peaceful villages with many clean streams. It is undeniable one of the amazing parts of this motorbike tour in Northern of Vietnam.

    We will be at Ba Be lake at around 3:00pm, you can leave your luggage in the homestay before joining a really joyful and relaxing boat trip on the Ba Be Lake, the largest natural lake in Vietnam.

    Day 9 comes to an end with a cozy and warm overnight in home-stay of Tay people.

    Day 10: Ba Be lake – Thac Ba lake: 160 km (B, L,D – Home stay with the Dzao people) |Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam 11 Days

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 11 DaysIn the morning, our motorbike crew will ride down to Thac Ba lake – one of the largest and most beautiful lake in Vietnam. The perk of this motorbike tour is that apart from natural landscapes, we also visit the historical sites, such as ATK Dinh Hoa, the place where Ho Chi Minh found the Vietnam communist party in 1930. After riding to Thac Ba lake, the northern Vietnam motorcycle tour will stay overnight in a Dzao people’s family, on the bank of Thac Ba lake. We also can enjoy a boat tour on this splendid lake to see the impressions of the nature and heritage of man-made construction.

    Day 11: Thac Ba lake – Hanoi: 180 km (B,L) 

    |Motorbike Tour Northern Vietnam 11 Days

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tour – 11 Days

    On the last day, the northern Vietnam motorbike trip will see off Thac Ba and come back to Hanoi at 8:00 am. We promise to bring you the valuable memories with the out-of-track roads, which is challenging and adventurous for you to try. There are also some sealed and nicest countryside back-roads for you to relax and enjoy the cooling winds in the afternoon.

    We come to Hanoi before rush hours and end the 11-day motorbike tour in Vietnam. Hopefully this long trip has left a lot of impressions on your mind!

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