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    8 Dec

    Vietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 Days

    Duration: 12 Days/ 11 Days
    Destination: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Tan Ky - Phong Nha - Ke Bang National park - Khe Sanh - Vinh Moc tunnels - Hue - Da Nang -Hoi An - Kon Tum - Buon Me Thuat - Lak Lake - Nha Trang

    Extended for more than 1 week, this 12-day Vietnam motorbike tour top gear special will be an extraordinary moment highlighting your trip in Vietnam. Motorbike tour to northern Vietnam and then down south, motorbike tours riding team have the chance to entirely explore and immerse themselves into the marvelous landscapes of Vietnam gradually changing according to latitudes. It will be not only a normal eco-trip to get insight into the Vietnam nature but also an opportunity for everyone to revise the heroic but solemn pages of Vietnamese history and the diverse culture of tribes along this nation.

    Let’s come and delight yourself with Vietnam motorbike tour special for a lifetime experience!

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    Day 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau: 180 km

    Vietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 DaysHeading the way from outskirt of Hanoi, our Vietnam motorbike tour sets off the trip to Mai Chau- a rustic community of White Thai people in northern Vietnam. The first day of motorcycle trip Vietnam will be an unhurried day with calming pace of riding when our riding team will bike through the common countryside landscapes of Vietnam with paddy fields, small villages besieged by tree lines. Moreover, the bustle of city is left behind our motorbike team; which makes the trip easier and far more comfortable.

    On ascending to the mountainous area, tourists are totally impressed by the significant changes in topography with more mountains and woody hills. Everything is vastly covered with green color, making our soul more released and calm.

    We reach Mai Chau at around 5:00; the break of dawn is pulling the darkness to the whole area. It comes to the end of the motorcycle tours northern Vietnam’s first day.

    Day 2: Mai Chau – Tan Ky: 260kmVietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 Days

    Coming to the 2nd day of Vietnam motorcycle trip, it is going to be more challenging when hard efforts are put for all the motorcyclists to overcome the old paths and intense riding for almost 8 hours. We ride along the Ma River, with the mountain steeply erecting on one side and river fiercely flow down to the lowland area.

    After having lunch in Ngoc Lac town, our riding team carries on the trip to Tan Ky and stay in guesthouse in town for the 2nd night in motorcycle touring Vietnam.


    Day 3: Tan Ky – Phong Nha: 280km

    Vietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 DaysAs well-known for being the gateway to Ho Chi Minh legendary trail, Tan Ky is a must-visit town in the journey with Vietnam motorbike tour top gear special. From here, we hit the way to the legendarily important road from which weapons and foods are transferred and distributed to southern battle fields in Vietnam War.

    With recent renovations but still ensure the original structure of the road, the first stages of Ho Chi Minh Trail is easy for the riding team. You could get your eyes on the peaceful countryside views on 2 sides of the road and imagine how barren and arid it was in the war time.

    For the 3rd night, our motorcycle tour Northern Vietnam -South will stay in Phong Nha.

    Day 4: Phong Nha – Khe Sanh: 220km

    From Phong Nha to Khe Sanh, The experienced guide of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia will take you on the western Ho Chi Vietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 Days Minh Trail, which is different from other Vietnam Motorbike Tour Operator /companies. This Trail is known as the hidden trail to avoid the bomb of US Army, which runs through the Phong Nha –Ke Bang national park. In the distance of more than 200km, you are supposed to see more landscapes and relics than motorbikes. This part is the highlight of the whole Vietnam motorbike tour top gear special from North to South on Ho Chi Minh trail.

    After getting out of Phong Nha-Ke Bang, we will visit the former marine base of US enemy: Khe Sanh. Coming to Khe Sanh nowadays, you can see the air base, the tunnel system and the museum with remnants of the past.

    We will finish the great western Vietnam Motorbike Tour Ho Chi Minh Trail and have one overnight in Khe Sanh, before heading to other landmarks.

    Day 5: Khe Sanh – Hue: 170km

    Vietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 DaysAfter departing from Ho Chi Minh trail, our motorcycle tour Vietnam will ride along the historical road No.9- an essential road linking Vietnam and southern Laos. From the west to the eastern side of Quang Tri Province, the highlights of the tour today lie in the collection of war-related relics which is an unforgettable part of Vietnam War, namely Hien Luong Bridge bordering the North and South of Vietnam, Vinh Moc tunnel- an incredible man-built underground tunnel worked as military and civil base in the War.

    After dropping in some attractions, our motorcycle tour team will be at Hue City around 4:30 pm and stay in a hotel for the 5th night.

    Day 6: Sightseeing In Hue CityVietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 Days

    On the 6th day with Vietnam motorbike tour Ho Chi Minh trail, you will have a totally relaxing day in Hue. After riding intensively few days so far, let’s enjoy the gentle and peaceful moments and visit some famous attractions like Citadel, famous temples/pagodas.

    A free day is waiting for you to enjoy your relaxing private moments in this romantic city.

    Day7: Hue – Hoi An: 160 km

    Vietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 DaysYou will have the opportunities to explore that romantic city-Hue in the morning and some attractions in suburban areas. It is followed by the centre Vietnam motorbike tour on the National highway 1 in the afternoon from Hue to Hoi An.

    Vietnam motorbike tour guide will lead you through Hai Van pass (Cloudy pass). Just after 30 minutes from Hai Van pass, we will reach Hoi An, one of the most famous attractions in the center of Vietnam. This town used to be an important trading harbor in the 16 and 17th century.

    The motorcycle ride from Da Nang to Hoi An could be the highlight of the whole journey because you will ride along the coastal line of Vietnam, one thing that differentiate Vietnam motorcycle tour on Ho Chi Minh road from northern Vietnam motorbike tour.

    Day 8: Hoi An City TourVietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 Days

    Strolling around the historical and anciently atmospheric corners of this town is a fantastic experience for tourists, without exception to motorcyclists from motorcycle tour Vietnam. Besides the historical and cultural attractions in Hoi An, this town is also really well-known for its long and marvelous beaches. In the afternoon, we can ride motorbike to the Cua Dai beach or rent the bike to cycle along the windy paddy fields from Hoi An town to coastal area, just about 4km. At night, you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the bank of Thu Bon river, listen to the traditional music and explore the beauty of Hoi An by night with the colorful and shining lanterns.


    Day 9: Hoi An – Kon Tum: 210 km

    Vietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 DaysToday will be another highlight day with Vietnam motorbike tour on Ho Chi Minh trail, when we will ride to the Central Highland of Vietnam, where you can see the ethnic minorities with different lifestyle from ones that we have seen in the northern Vietnam motorbike tours.

    We departs from Hoi An at about 8:30 am and head up to Kon Tum. You will have the chance to ride motorbike through many rural areas with traditional villages such as: incense making, basket making village or rice paper manufacturing… we will also cross My Son sanctuary with the ancient Cham towers, which are typical of Hinduism.

    After that, our motorbike tour on Ho Chi Minh trail keeps riding through breath-taking landscapes with many tribes of Churu, Tay and Nung people who live on 2 sides of the Ho Chi Minh trail. We will approach Phoenix airport and some important historical vestiges in that area before reaching Kon Tum at 5:00 pm.

    One night in Kon Tum will end the 9th day with Vietnam motorbike tour on Ho Chi Minh trail.

    Day 10: Kon Tum – Pleiku: 180kmVietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 Days

    On the 10th day of Vietnam motorbike tour special, prepare to get on and off the motorbike frequently for many stopovers. Our riding team will visit an indigenous village of Bana people before setting off to Pleiku. This city is famous with the typical sceneries of highland area. Of all the famous places outstands a lake popularly known as “the Eyes of Pleiku”: Sea Lake. Besides, we could pay a visit to some plantation of rubber, coffee and other industrial trees. We head further down South to Buon Me Thuot, with a stop in an Ede community- another iconic and typical ethnic of highland area, it is the highlight of Centre Highland Vietnam motorbike tour.

    Our motorcycle team stays overnight in a hotel in Buon Me Thuot City.

    Day 11: Buon Me Thuot – Lak Lake: 100km

    Vietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 DaysIt will be really enjoyable Vietnam motorbike tour when riding to Lak Lake today. After a short distance, we will come to the Lak Lake with many interesting things around. Our Vietnam motorcycle touring team are supposed to see the coffee plantation and have chance to taste many kinds of coffee, or take a look at Dray Sap and Dray Nu waterfalls (the biggest waterfalls in Vietnam) or simply take a short trek to Elephant Mountain to enjoy the panoramic view of the whole region.

    We come to Lak Lake in the early afternoon. Enjoy your peaceful night in the hotel on the lake bank.

    Day 12: Lak Lake – Nha Trang: 215kmVietnam Motorbike Tour Top Gear – 12 Days

    For the last day of Vietnam motorbike tour top gear special 12 days, the experienced guide of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia will offer you exclusive landscapes and all the best of the trip. Passing the green mountain lake, colorful and lively tribal villages, we tumble down to the lower coastal delta where everyone could revel in the sound and aroma of ocean. For sure it is one of the most memorable day of motorcycle tours in Vietnam.

    The morning session is designed for motorcyclists to try riding elephant and passing the Lak Lake on boat to experience daily life of the local. For the rest of the day, we descend down to Nha Trang; visit the natural hot water springs, sightsee the Cham towers and few fishing villages. At roughly 4: 00 pm, we will be at Nha Trang and say farewell to each other.

    This amazing Vietnam motorbike tour special from north to South comes to an end. It is our gladness to offer you this wonderful journey when you come to Vietnam. Hopefully, we can see you again in another tour with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team to explore other parts of Vietnam.

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