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    16 Nov

    Ha Giang – The Paradise For Bikers

    When autumn comes, travelers are eager to travel to the Northern mountainous area to admire the charm of nature. Of all the destinations highly regarded by tourists, Ha Giang ranks at the top favorite places for motorcycle tours North Vietnam

    There are so many reasons why you should travel up north to Ha Giang in the autumn. It is regarded the best season to observe the daily life as well as the flamboyant sceneries of nature of this farthest province in the North Vietnam. With any northeast motorbike tours Vietnam, Ha Giang will definitely be included in all the itineraries. Joining with Vietnam motorbike tours, you have the chance to take insightful looks into the tranquility and quietness of this province.

    Let’s see the reasons why people are so itchy to travel to Ha Giang in the Autumn and what is waiting for you to be a part of Ha Giang motorcycle tours. It is always the best trip in our Vietnam motorcycle tours collection.

    Ha Giang – The Paradise For Bikers

    1. Season of flower

    If you are keen on the wild beauty of nature or your desire when travelling to Vietnam is admiring the wonderfulness of mountainous area, Ha Giang could be the best choice for you. From Hanoi, our motorcycle tours north Vietnam team follows the back-roads and countryside roads to Ha Giang. Right when we catch the sight of stretched mountain ranges, surely you will have to glue your eyes at the flower mountain corridors.

    At the foothill of the mountains, there are so many wild flowers, which blossoms in different period from September until the end of December. In early October, the hilly fields are all covered with bucket flowers. This cereal tree blossoms in the whole winter, depending on the latitude and the regions. Standing alone doesn’t make it attractive but the tremendous fields carpeted with bucket flowers turn it into a really stunning view of north Vietnam’s mountain.

    Additionally, when Winter comes or maybe at very last moments of autumn, the sidewalk fields are colored with the yellow color of mustard broccoli flowers. In some rock fields, there are some wild daisy flowers dotted on the bleak background of bare rocks and head-sharpened stones. It would be the perfect moment for motorcycle tours North Vietnam.

    Ha Giang – The Paradise For Bikers


    1. Harvesting season on the terraced fields

    Of all the highlight places in Vietnam which is famous for terraced fields, the paddy fields in Ha Giang are always highly appreciated by travelers. It is an ideal place with splendid views, which will absolutely amaze all the motorcyclists in Vietnam motorcycle touring team. The photogenic backgrounds of north Vietnam mountains and valleys will allure and satisfy the travelers to the fullest.

    In the autumn, almost all the fields turn to yellow color because the rice is ripen. It is the masterpiece of agricultural activities in the broad scale. Riding along the winding path in Hoang Su Phi with north Vietnam motorbike tours, you can totally get immersed in the endless beauty of Ha Giang. The flavor of ripen rice arouses in the atmosphere, spreading out the aroma of young rice. You can also hear the waving sound of rice tree, fluttering in the breeze.

    Ha Giang – The Paradise For Bikers

    1. Balmy and pleasant weather

    If you wait for the winter to come and join the motorcycle tours North Vietnam at the middle of winter, the weather is harsher and more unpredictable. At some moments of day, the winter can drop out to 5-10 degree and the visibility is limited for the existence of misty air and steam in the atmosphere. Moreover, landslides could happen at some mountain paths, which is a main and deadly threat to travelers, even our motorbike tours North Vietnam.

    Therefore, visiting Ha Giang and other northern provinces in autumn is widely chosen and prominent for many tourists. On approaching Ha Giang, you could enjoy the atmosphere and landscapes in the temperate weather, somehow sunny in daylight but not severe and humid. It is generally dry and cooling for the entire day. Riding motorbike with Northern Vietnam motorbike tours requires much energy from motorcyclists. Therefore, the idea season is absolutely autumn, when the heat is not really highly boiled and the freezing gusty wind has not come yet.

    Ha Giang – The Paradise For Bikers


    1. More chance to make friends with Ha Giang motorbike tours.

    In recent years, Travel to Ha Giang by motorbike gets more naturally beautified in the autumn makes it to be the favorite choice of many domestic travelers. Many Vietnamese also use motorbike/scooter for their 5, 6 day trips to Ha Giang. On the way, meeting and interacting with new people from different background and age group help you to have a new look and interesting perspectives about Vietnam.

    What more is that autumn is also the time that many festivals, both traditional and modern one, are held. They organize the local festivals to encourage tourism and honor the local products. From the terraced rice festival in Hoang Su Phi to buckwheat flower festival in Dong Van Town. Our motorcycle tours Northern Vietnam to Ha Giang could get delighted and cheered up in the dynamic atmosphere of the autumn’s festivals.

    Northern Vietnam is the top choice for motorbike tours in Vietnam, the North Vietnam Motorbike tour offers more off-road riding.

    1. Ma Pi Leng Pass – The Paradise For Bikers.

    Ma Pi Leng mountain pass belongs to Ha Giang province – Northeast Vietnam; it is the most incredible and highest road with 22 kilometers length. Over the Ma Pi Leng, there has a mountain with 2.000 meters height located on the ‘Happiness’ road connecting Ha Giang, Dong Van and Meo Vac town. Ma Pi Leng began building from the 60s of the 20th century by local builders who are the Black, Flower H’mong people.

    Ha Giang – The Paradise For Bikers

    The mountain path length is approximately 210 kilometers. Ma Pi Leng Pass is located in the Dong Van Geoparks which is recognized as the global geoparks. The road along the mountainside has the most romantic, amazing scenery that is the paradise for bikers. Ma Pi Leng Pass is not so long but it is the most challenging pass of north Vietnam motorbike tours. It is considered as the “King” of the Vietnam’s pass or Great Wall of Vietnam or the Pyramid of the Meo people.

    6 to 8 Day Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam. After the ride with the experienced team of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia, you will have the lifetime experience. Below links are featured trips to Ha Giang, the best place for motorbike tours north Vietnam.



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