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    12 Nov

    Motorcycle Tour In Northern Vietnam – 7 Days

    Duration: 7 Days/ 6 Nights
    Destination: Destination: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Phu Yen - Than Uyen - Sapa - Luc Yen - Vu Linh - Hanoi

    Biking over the northern mountainous area in Vietnam for 7 days, you could experience the best and fantastic things of Vietnamese nature and traditional culture. Our motorbike team will travel to bundle of iconic places in Northern Vietnam, such as Sapa, Thac Ba Lake…Those 7 days would be vivid and unforgettable memories for you and could be the most remarkable part of your trip in Vietnam. Let motorbike tours North Vietnam turn your dream come true.

    Click here to view the route:

    Day 1: Hanoi – Mai Chau ( L, D – 180km ) Home-stay.

    Motorbike tours northern Vietnam will be kicked off at around 8 am when our team gathers at the suburban areas to head up north to mountainous area. To avoid the traffic congestion and diminish the time-consuming, we will get into the small lanes through the countryside. The path from Hanoi to Mai Chau will offer you wide range of natural and agricultural landscapes.

    After the full lunch, our motorbike riding trip approaches a forgotten French road No. 6. This path is located in the bushy and forested areas when you could overpass the paddy fields which are neatly separated into the squares. Later on, our riding team will pass by the Thung Khe Pass, one of the most famous passes in Vietnam offering a marvelous view of mountains and valley.

    After few up-and-downs, we will tumble down to Mai Chau where we would take a rest and overnight at homestay of Thai People (the house-on-stilt). It comes to an end of the 1st day with northern Vietnam motorcycle tour.

    Motorcycle Tour In Northern Vietnam – 7 Days

    Day 2: Mai Chau – Phu Yen ( B, L, D – 150km ) Hotel.

    Coming to the 2nd day, the motorcycle riding team North Vietnam will hit the road to Phu Yen on slight easy path. This provincial road offer you the peaceful, idyllic sceneries of countryside.

    After a relaxing morning walking around the village and tasting the local coffee, we will farewell to the hospitable and warm-welcoming hosts and leave Mai Chau.

    Our team can spend time enjoying lunch in Hua Tat Pass and turn to the less-known road 43 to savor the quiet atmosphere of North Vietnam’s mountain. This bending road leads us to Da River, where you embark on the ferry to cross the river. For the rest of the day, our Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team can move calmingly to Phu Yen for staying overnight.

    It marks the 2nd day with motorbike tours North Vietnam

    Motorcycle Tour In Northern Vietnam – 7 Days

    Day 3: Phu Yen – Than Uyen ( B, L, D – 210km ) Hotel.

    Today is a long day for motorbike crew so it would be better to be an early bird. We will head up to Than Uyen. On the way, you are supposed to see many picturesque sceneries of mountains and forests. Our motorbike tour to the North of Vietnam will cross Lung Lo pass and reach Tu Le for the lunch.

    In the afternoon, it turns out to be the highlight of the whole journey when we cross by Mu Cang Chai, where is famous for the vast terraced paddy fields covered with a bright yellow color.

    We arrive in Than Uyen at 5:00pm. You can enjoy a peaceful in this town by walking around. It remarks the 3rd day with northern Vietnam motorbike team.

    Motorcycle Tour In Northern Vietnam – 7 Days

    Day 4: Great Vietnam Motorbike Tour to Sapa ( B, L, D – 100km ) Hotel.

    Than Uyen – Sapa is an amazing route that deserves to be the best part of northern Vietnam motorcycle trip. The roads in the morning are smooth and big, which lead you through the tremendous green tea farms and rustic villages of local people. After crossing the O Quy Ho, where you can have a view of Hoang Lien Son mountain range with the summit of Fansipan Mountain, our motorbike crew will arrive in Sapa.

    You can enjoy your free time in Sapa after the lunch. Take your time to discover this romantic and lovely town before we have another fascinating riding day tomorrow with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team.

    Motorcycle Tour In Northern Vietnam – 7 Days

    Day 5: Sapa – Luc Yen ( B, L, D –  180km ) Home-stay.

    From Sapa, we can ride on the easy roads to Luc Yen. Our motorbike tour North Vietnam will start at 9am, head down to the Lao Cai town and continue to ride along Chinese border on the sealed road no 70.

    After that, you can make a turn to a small rugged road, leading to Luc Yen, a beautiful and quiet village of Tay people, with the special and unique house-on-stilts.

    Enjoy the warm atmosphere with the local residents on the homestay. Surely, it will be a wonderful night of the northern Vietnam motorbike tour with indigenous people.

    Motorcycle Tour In Northern Vietnam – 7 Days

    Day 6: Luc Yen – Vu Linh (B, L, D –  80km ) Home-stay.

    The riding on the 6th day is pretty easy and comfortable when mainly the riding time is on the well-tarmacked and smooth road. You will have a relaxing motorbike touring day when the distance is short, so that all the motorcyclists can spend more time admiring and sightseeing the magnificence of nature, with paddy fields and forested mountains as the prominent views. In case we spot any rustic villages of Dzao or Tay people, a quick drop in is possible.

    After morning riding, motorcycle tour in northern Vietnam will stop in Vu Linh for lunch. This village is placed on the bank of Thac Ba Lake, the biggest man-made lake in Vietnam. It is promisingly so astonishing and delightful when we are in front of a masterpiece created by the efforts of human.

    We settle in the home-stay of Dzao people before moving back to Hanoi for the last day of Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours.

    Motorcycle Tour In Northern Vietnam – 7 Days

    Day 7: The road back to Hanoi ( B, L – 170km ).

    The last day with motorbike touring North Vietnam will leave you unforgettable moments with the smooth riding and humble but poetic views of Vietnam’s countryside. Right after departing from Vu Linh, we head to No 2B road where the traffic flow is not dense.

    Afterwards, we ride along the Red River Delta, where you could again experience the picturesque landscapes of Vietnam countryside. This part is going to rock your trip with both challenging potholed tracks and also the well-seals road.

    We come to Hanoi before rush hours and end the 7-day tour. Hopefully this medium-length trip has left a lot of impressions on your mind!


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