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    11 Nov

    Motorcycle Riding Safely In Vietnam

    Riding motorbike is never that easy, but with some tips from our experts, your Vietnam Motorbike Tours would be so much comfortable.

    With the highly-separated terraces, Northern Vietnam seems a challenge for many motorcyclists. The riders are supposed to pass through the top-high mountain with winding trails and bending curves which are also sloppy and rugged at the same time. In some cases, motorbike tours Northern Vietnam team will run into muddy paths leading through the forests or ride over full-of-stone streams with strong currents.

    Let’s review some issues you are probably encountering on the way with motorbike tour and check how can we solve them effectively:

    Motorcycle Riding Safely In Vietnam

    1. “Bad weather is so bad”

    Bad weather is an inevitable with every tourist no matter where they go. However, with the northern Vietnam weather condition, the situations get bleaker when the change of weather happens so fast that you are not ready for it. The higher the location is, the more harsh and cold the weather gets. When our motorcycle riding team ascends from the delta to the up-hill mountainous area, you can easily get freezing and vulnerable to cold-related diseases.

    Moving from one place to another, riding team of Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia can escape from a bucket rain to a super sunny area. Check your raincoat carefully and make sure it is always in attainable and in your reach. Raincoat should be the full-packed one with both cloth and trouser. If you are short-sighted, wear a face-covered helmet.

    1. “Can I separate and go alone?”

    Follow the leader is not always easy as it seems, although what you have to do is just riding slowly and take an eye on the leader’s vehicle. Whenever you join a motorbike tours in Vietnam or elsewhere, remember to take notice of your leader, the riding expert team from motorbike tour company, because he knows the way better than anyone there. Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia prouds to have the latest updated bikes and best guides in Vietnam.

    Some trouble can happen such as: losing the trace of the first team, getting lost in an unknown area or being unable to notice which motorbike belongs to which team with so many motorcycle riding group to the Northern Vietnam. Before we depart, let’s make something noticeable and apparent so we can catch up with it from far distance. For example, all the motorbikes of our group can have some visibility aids like brightly colored clothing or any signals.

    Remember to keep in touch with leader in case of emergency. If you are lost and left behind by the motorcycle team, stay still in where you last saw them and call to the leader. Be patient and don’t be freak out until someone comes back.

    Motorcycle Riding Safely In Vietnam


    1. “My motorbike gets broken”

    That situation put lots of motorbike riding team member into the dilemma. Before joining Vietnam Motorbike Adventure Tours, many riders are not fulfilled with motorbike-fixing skills or how to deal with light problems. When our crew accesses to the almost isolated areas with few houses dotted on the far-away valleys, it is hard to find a garage for fixing motorbike.

    Therefore, you are required to know how to solve minor problems of your vehicles such as brake or chain. In case your tire is flattened, take as example, inform it immediately to the expert. He is equipped with few basic gears for motorbike, all our guides is 3 in 1. ( Guide, Translator, Mechanic ), they know how to fix your bike well.  If the problem turns more serious, don’t try your best or you could worsen it. We could find a vehicle fixer or mechanic somewhere to help us.

    Motorcycle Riding Safely In Vietnam

    1. “It gets darker”

    If you are only 10km from the destination and the sun is going down like a flash, what should you do? Accelerating your motorbike or pausing for a while? That’s common with all Vietnam Motorbike Tours teams when timing is not 100% perfect.

    When you detect that your visibility is limited, try to decelerate the speed and turn all the lights so that you are observable. At that time, you should focus on the road with all your attention. Motorcyclists are required to move in line and in case something happens, use your honk effectively.

    Motorcycle Riding Safely In Vietnam

    1. “What’s wrong with my knee? It is bleeding!”

    To protect your body entirely, you should never forget to bring along the necessary stuffs, apart from helmet. We are unable to foresee what could happen on the way no matter how carefully we prepare. Therefore, in order to avoid the awful pain and physical disorder, something like body-protecting cloth (knee, arm), glove, trekking and waterproof shoes are very crucial.

    There comes some trouble you are possibly enduring on the motorbike tour northern Vietnam. Undoubtedly, we always try to minimize it and make it under our control but it is better to be safe than be sorry. Hopefully, you can bear those tips in mind and savor your wonderful trip to explore the Northern Vietnam by motorcycle to the max.

    Motorcycle Riding Safely In Vietnam

    If you are really curious and excited about Vietnam motorbike tour, you can easily log on the internet and our websites Vietnammotorbiketour.asia to see the best motorcycle tour in Vietnam or contact directly to Mr. Alan, an expert from motorbike tour, at + 84985 333 066 or Email: sales@offroadindochina.com to reserve a motorbike tour in northern Vietnam.


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