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    11 Nov

    Top Destinations in Northern Vietnam

    From up-hill town Dong Van to the rice valleys in Mu Cang Chai, Sapa,Tu Le..etc all possess the irresistible charm that you should come in autumn and check out our Motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam.

    The best season to travel to the North of Vietnam is autumn, obviously. The journey from Hanoi to remoted provinces offer you wonderful views of mountain and forest. Especially, this time also coincides the harvesting season in mountainous areas with extraordinary agricultural landscapes.

    There comes the list of destinations which you should not miss in the motorbike tours North Vietnam. Brave yourself for the amazing scenery of Vietnam northern mountainous area on 2 motorbikes.

    Top Destinations in Northern Vietnam

    1. Mu Cang Chai- the golden carpet tailored with rice

    Annually, September is the ideal time for the photography lovers and travel freaks to flood to Mu Cang Chai to admire the “wow” scenery of this land. And for that reason, Mu Cang Chai is also on the list of should-visit places with motorbike tours Northern Vietnam. As being a remote area in Yen Bai Province, Mu Cang Chai is almost untouched by human and its lifestyle is still typical.

    However, the most fascinating thing that allures lots of tourists to come here lies in the poetic beauty of enormous terrace paddy fields, extending from this hilly slope to another valley. Riding along the 32 Highway, our motorbike riding crew can have a stopover anywhere to snap the great photos of landscape and people. Moreover, the incredible view of rice fields is more highlighted with the aroma of newly-harvested rice and daily life of the indigenous.

    Top Destinations in Northern Vietnam


    1. Ban Gioc Waterfall-the anthem of water

    Right up north of Vietnam lies a huge and marvelous waterfall called Ban Gioc. Being as the natural border of Vietnam and China, Ban Gioc Waterfall is the last point that North Vietnam motorcycle Tours team could reach in Cao Bang Province.

    Just about few kilometers before reaching its foot, you could hear the pound sound of water over the rock. Ban Gioc Waterfall tumbles down into the pool like a gigantic water spout. Parking the motorbike nearby, we could take relaxing moments by swimming on the clear pool which enables us to see the rocky bottom. Also, just try to spend times on taking photos of picture perfect sceneries or relaxingly listen to the rice fields waving gently in the wind.

    And then, it takes our motorcycle touring Vietnam team few hours to look around surrounding areas with spacious and great-capacity caves or drop in few rustic villages of ethnic people.

    Top Destinations in Northern Vietnam

    1. Dong Van Rock Plateau- where people conquer the nature

    Located in the farthest province in the North of Vietnam, Dong Van is a small town which is traditionally preserved with unique features of ethnic community. From Hanoi, motorbike tour northern Vietnam ride straight to the North, through Tuyen Quang Province and approach the administrative area of Ha Giang.

    Coming to Dong Van, all the motorcyclists can have an insight into life of indigenous people. This small town is the residence of few hundred households and gathering place of the local from surrounding forested villages. Every Sunday, they flock to here together to exchange commodities, make acquaintances or simply hang out to enjoy the lively atmosphere of weekly market.

    Apart from it, the spotlight of Dong Van is the Dong Van Rock Plateau. Being recognized as the world heritage by UNESCO, Dong Van draws a large number of tourists to Ha Giang. Travelling to Dong Van offers motorcycle touring to the Northern mountainous area chances to admire the massive and extensive space of rock fields and spot the little human, who have worked tirelessly to conquer the hardness of nature. In the autumn, the wild flower blossoms wholly area, crafting a fantastic but peaceful and romantic view for the mountain. Its aroma spreads in the air, leaves the atmosphere vastly-scented.

    Top Destinations in Northern Vietnam


    1. Y Ty- the color of ethnic minority

    Y Ty is a small town near Sapa, where their daily life is seemingly isolated from modern life. As our north Vietnam motorbike tours team reach here in early September, this area is fully coated with yellow hue of harvesting fields. From mountain villages, local people descend down to the valley and harvest ripen rices.

    After the harvesting season, the dynamic and joyful atmosphere is all around Y Ty. People celebrate and cheer up for a fruitful season. On this period, the Northern Vietnam motorbike trip team could enjoy with local people for many activities: daily markets, small festivals, parties all around the area or local agricultural sceneries of the indigenous. It is the perfect combination of natural view and daily life of ethnic minorities.

    And there exists more and more interesting places; famous as they are; for motorcyclists in motorbike tours North Vietnam to experience. Let’s come and roam the Northern Vietnam to see the best of this country.

    Top Destinations in Northern Vietnam

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