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    8 Nov

    7 Things to Prepare For Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    Preparing enough warm clothes; body-protecting equipment and especially a strong-will spirit…are the things you are supposed to bear in mind. Below are some tips before booking Motorbike Tours Vietnam.

    7 Things to Prepare For Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    With many people, motorcycle trip along Vietnam is not an easy journey and full of pressures. As being from the western countries, there exist lots of things which seem unfamiliar with travelers . Flying to an Asian country brings them various differences and particularly, motorbike tours northern Vietnam is much more peculiar and burdening than any experiences ever.

    Hence, it is required that all motorcyclists must follow some disciplines and regulations before the trip. Also, there are some specific stuffs, as well as intangible things of which travelers should be mindful to bring. Let’s take a look at what could we prepare prior to this wonderful motorbike tours in Vietnam.

    7 Things to Prepare For Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    1. Warm and suitable clothes

    It is clear that everyone should prepare enough clothes for your motorbike trips in Vietnam, based on the destinations they would visit. And motorcycle tours North to South Vietnam is not exceptional. Along the journey, the riding crew is supposed to pass by many famous beaches, when you certainly take use of the swimming suit or trekking clothes when our team take a stroll around the mountainous village, instead of roaming on motorbike.

    Especially, with the motorcycle trips up North Vietnam, you are likely to face with serious and harsh weather condition. Therefore, preparing a variety of clothes is a must! Try to bring some warm-but-light jackets when ascending to Vietnam’s northern mountainous areas. In the daytime, it would be pretty comfortable with the breeze, but at night, the temperature can drop dramatically and without warm jackets, it is easy to get cough or flu.

    7 Things to Prepare For Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    1. Body-protecting equipment

    No one expects to get injured in motorbike tours northern Vietnam but sometimes, the light injures and pains are inevitable. With motorcyclists who are not experienced with motorbike operation, you can be crashed or get fallen with potholes on the way or other vehicles. Our expert always tries to limit it, but you’d better to equip yourself with necessary equipment. At shop, we provide some protection like Knee pads, elbow pads…

    Firstly, helmet is provided by company so you should be no longer worried about it. There are other things like rough-palm leather gloves for you to easily drive when raining; knee and arm-protecting stuffs; medical facemasks or plastic bags to wrap your shoes and bag when bucket rains come.

    7 Things to Prepare For Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    1. Motorbike-riding skills

    Motorcycle tours north Vietnam with our company is welcomed to all the riders, with limitation in age and physical situation. However, it impossible for the joiner to control their top-gear motorcycle if they don’t know how to operate engine-based vehicles. Therefore, we ask for the basic and fundamental skills for motorbikers to follow.

    For example, you are required to have the driving license; you have to prove that you have used or been familiar with motorcycle before so that riding is not a big problem to you. Before the trip, our expert also carries the small session to help you get used to riding motorbike.

    7 Things to Prepare For Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    1. Weather forecast

    It seems simple but weather is the most and widely concerned thing when traveling Vietnam on motorbike, no matter where you go. Especially, the tropical-region countries are really changeable, in terms of weather. You can ride under the sun in the morning or get stuck in a bucket rain right after that.

    Check the weather forecast in advance so you would be more proactive and ready for any changes. Bringing your raincoat along in any cases is a must in the North Vietnam motorbike tours.

    1. Basic knowledge about destination

    Normally, you could know the itinerary of mountainous area motorbike tour long before the trip and all the destinations we are going through will be publicly shown. Beside the well-known places many tourists have been aware of when it comes to Vietnam, there could be more attractions you could hear for the 1st time, you should also learn basic mechanic if you book self guided Vietnam motorbike tours.

    If getting known in advance, motorcyclists could experience it thoroughly; such as recording video clips about the destination or writing their travelling blog afterward. In this case, we suggest you to book fully guided Vietnam motorcycle tours.

    7 Things to Prepare For Motorbike Tours Vietnam

    1. Traditional norms and local customs

    One of the most important things you have to prepare is being fully aware of the local customs and traditional rules of indigenous people. In the journey with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team, we will drop into some rustic villages of local residents. Some are really essential because a small misunderstanding could lead to serious problems.

    For example, the ethnic people are really hospitable and warm-welcoming. When you are invited to the party of a local man, it will be so impolite or so-called “rude” if you refuse to accept their drinking invitation. If you show your disagreement or unwillingness to take a dip of wine. Besides it, there are more and more customs which seems strange to you but they are the “musts” to ethnic people.

    1. Strong-will spirit and a willing-to-experience courage

    Frankly speaking, it is believed that the most important thing to every riders is their courage to overcome challenges and willing-to-experience spirit. Don’t be scared of everything. Challenge yourself and get immersed in pool of fantastic things in motorcycle tours Vietnam.

    If you are really curious and excited about Vietnam motorbike tour, you can easily log on the internet and our websites Vietnammotorbiketour.asia to see the best motorcycle tour in Vietnam or contact directly to Mr. Alan, an expert from Vietnam motorbike tour, at + 84985 333 066 or Email: sales@offroadindochina.com to reserve a motorbike tour in northern Vietnam.

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