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    7 Nov

    Sapa – Motorcycle Tours North Vietnam

    For a long time, Sapa has been a favorite place for travelers and popularly considered as the most-visited place in the North Vietnam. Motorbike Tours are the top choice!

    Lying not far from Hanoi with the distance of roughly 300km, Sapa is widely chosen by tourists for their holiday. In the itinerary of almost every motorcycle tour North Vietnam, Sapa is an unmissable destination with a bundle of intriguing activities.

    Besides that Sapa draws lots of leisure tourists for their vacation; regarding to adventurous tours, it is also an ideal place for travelers to get immersed in different excitements with topography and challenging natural terrains. Let’s see what is waiting for you in Sapa with motorbike tours north Vietnam and then you won’t hesitate to give this journey a try. Ton of funs is waiting for you with this incredibly fantastic mountainous area exploring tour!

    Sapa – Motorcycle Tours North Vietnam

    1. Sapa, the land of flowers and natural landscapes

    Located in tropical country but at the high altitude, Sapa is naturally prioritized with the balmy and pleasant condition, like in tropical zone. On the way ascending to Sapa, you are probably to admire the pristine grace of wild flower. Roaming along the unrevealed paths, covered and hidden with forests and valleys, our motorbike tour riding team can catch up with blossoming flower fields in autumn.

    Especially, if you visit Sapa in the spring, you could be amazed by the cerise and milky beach flowers which blossom before traditional holiday of Vietnam. From the foothill of Ham Rong Mountain, a variety of flower is set along the way, diversifying from daisy, rose, orchids to temperate flowers such as hydrangea, tulips.

    When Sapa motorbike touring crews descend to some hilly villages of local tribal, we could get an eyes on the plum or apricot trees, grown in front of their houses. That scene is really poetic, alluring and promised to be the highlight of the whole motorbike tours in Vietnam.

    Sapa – Motorcycle Tours North Vietnam

    1. Sapa, the land of snow

    Rarely have you ever seen snow if you come from a tropical country in Vietnam. Hence, taking the view of snowing is the dream of many people. While they can’t travel that far to western countries or far-away ones in the North hemisphere, they could combine two experiences in one trip: viewing snow and experiencing motorbike tour.

    Once in blue moon, tourists are bound to see the snowing view in Sapa, normally dropping in late January. Even snow is not every thick and cotton-like soft, it also creates a marvelous view for motorcyclists to spot a rare natural phenomenon in Vietnam. However, in case North Vietnam motorbike tours crew don’t come on exact occasion when snowing occurs, it is still really incredibly wonderful to get harmony with the cooling weather in the bright and pleasant sunshine.

    We would make a note on the website if snow is predicted to fall in Sapa so you could make decision easily.

    1. Sapa, land of striking architectures

    Sapa used to be the relaxing centre for French in the colonizing time for its weather condition so travelling there, tourists are stunned by the leftover French buildings. From Cau May Street, our motorbike tours North Vietnam meanders along the street and will catch up with the colossal and stone-built church. This construction was erected by French and stayed massive for many years. It is also the most checked-in place in Sapa.

    On top of that, rambling over the mountainous paths, you can take load of the French villas, which are now just remnants or was transformed for other purposes. However, those used-to-be striking and bizarre architectures were the icons of Sapa tourism. Those influences of French cultures on Sapa are still noticeable for motorbike riding team to explore.

    Sapa – Motorcycle Tours North Vietnam

    1. Sapa, land of cultural colors

    Apart from the breathtaking natural view or the ideal climate, Sapa is alluring more tourists for it typical cultural aspects. Visiting Sapa town, our Sapa motorcycle tour will be guided to take a look at weekly markets of tribal residents. From remoted villages such as Ta Van, Ta Phin, Lao Chai; they come to the central market to trade products and make acquaintances.

    Especially, Sapa is well-known for the love market, where the young gather to find their partners. The girls will dress up glamorously with their most colorful outfits, while the boys will try to attract girls by playing their instruments, or singing the romantic song. Walking to the central stadium in the Saturday evening, all the motorcyclists of North-west Vietnam motorbike tours could get involved in dynamic and cheerful atmosphere of love market.

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    Sapa – Motorcycle Tours North Vietnam

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