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    7 Nov

    Guided Motorbike Tours North Vietnam?

    Record a journey video, take lots of photos or do something crazy could enhance your experiences with motorbike tour mountainous countryside area in Vietnam.

    With many travelers, joining a motorbike tour could be an exciting memory and one of their whole life. Coming to Vietnam seems already strange to lots of people and no one ever thinks of visiting try a motorcycle trip from North to South ( Motorcycle tours Ho Chi Minh Trail ) or ride up north to the mountainous areas.

    So, if you are hesitating to choose a motorbike tour or not, let’s think of what could you do to turn your only opportunity into extraordinary memories.They seem simple, but promisingly, it will retain all the best moments you had with us on motorbike trip Vietnam.

    Guided Motorbike Tours North Vietnam?

    1. Take selfies

    Frankly speaking, on the journey with Motorbike Tours Vietnam, you will jump into many fantastic moments which have never come across my mind: riding motorcycle through a stream, ascending to the top of towering and gigantic mountain in northern Vietnam, or being surrounded by the gentle aroma of enormous paddy fields on harvesting seasons. What could you do there? Undoubtedly, take a selfie!

    There is no other fascinating things than posing quirkily with variety of emotions while being backgrounded by the marvelous sceneries. Take many selfies and post on Facebook or any kinds of social media you are in. Don’t forget to hashtag #vietnammotorbiketours, along with your exciting status. I am sure that your friends will get jealous of you.

    Guided Motorbike Tours North Vietnam?

    1. Snap as many photos as possible

    You don’t know which landscapes you are supposed to admire in the North Vietnam. Mountainous areas Northern Vietnam possesses the breathtaking landscapes which can blow your mind away. From the valleys full of ripen rice tailored with the golden yellow color to the rocky plateau, extending to the horizon; all are marvelously drawn before you. Riding motorbike on the winding trails, you can immerse yourself in irresistible beauties of Vietnam.

    The topics for you are variety: landscapes, local life of indigenous residents, birds, wonderful moments, etc. Or simply, just take the photos of your teammate through out the motorbike tours in Vietnam. Their true happiness, sadness or tiredness will make your photos more realistic and artistic.

    Guided Motorbike Tours North Vietnam?

    1. Record a video journey by Gopro Hero

    One of the best thing with motorbike tour North Vietnam is off-road paths, along with twisty ones over hills and mountains. However, taking a photo is not enough for you to describe and show the difficulty, but impressiveness of the road.

    Let’s prepare a journey camera ( Gopro Hero ) for each Vietnam motorcycle trip and install it strongly on top of your helmet. After long hours riding from delta area, through hilly villages to the top of mountain, you have recorded valuable films about the beauty of Vietnamese nature. Precisely, it will fully reflect and recall your best moments in during your North Vietnam Motorbike Tours with motorbike crew. You can feel the breeze blowing through your hair or the freezing in your hand.

    1. Make a funny video clip or instructive one

    Amusing as it is, Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia will surely bring you the relaxing and comfortable moments with friends, who were the strangers at first. To make your motorbike tours northern Vietnam more vivid and unforgettable, let’s make a funny video together. It could depict your friend’s sneezing moments or when you get drunk with local people; or simply your loud screaming from the top of the world.

    If you don’t think your sense of humor is good enough, let’s construct a video with title “how to”: how to ride motorbike in Vietnam, how to dance the bamboo dancing or how to wear the traditional costumes of ethnic people. It would be so much funny but informative and useful at the same time. You don’t want to waste your trip or let it flow in vain; so go for it!

    More riding tips at below link


    1. Learn something new from local people

    No one wants to go to a new place without absorbing and acquiring something new, especially in an Asian country, where all the seem-to-normal things turn out really weird, or special, in other words, to Western people. Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia will take you to visit some indigenous villages of the local. Some visitors are surprised at the way Vietnamese eat; or feel curious about how a little woman can carry a sizable bag of water on her head.

    So learn it and try to get them all. The perk of being a traveler is that you could learn something authentic, unique and really impressive. Let’s attempt to make a small rag doll or a tiny souvenir by yourself, so when you are back home, you will miss Vietnam and motorbike tours more than you could expect.

    And there are more and more crazy things you could figure out and explore in motorcycle tour Vietnam. Just don’t be shy to stand out and show yourself. Who knows when you will come back to Vietnam; let’s enjoy like it is the first, but also the last of your life!

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    If you are really curious and excited about Vietnam motorbike tour, you can easily log on the internet and our websites Vietnammotorbiketour.asia to see the best motorcycle tours in Vietnam or contact directly to Mr. Alan, an expert from Vietnam motorbike tour, at + 84985 333 066 or Email: sales@offroadindochina.com to reserve a motorbike tour in northern Vietnam.


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