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    13 Jun

    See The Real Hanoi On Motorcycle

    Hanoi is an emerging destination in the world with millions of tourists flocking to here every year. Along with the abundance of historical sites and cultural aspects, that Hanoi is considered as the cheap destination also attracts many tourists visiting this city. However, for the booming development of tourism, tourists are seeking for something new than what they could do on your own or the things popularly displayed in the tour companies.

    Catching up with the demand of tourists, Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia have launched the motorcycle trips around this city. From the back of motorbike, the beauty of Hanoi would be much more impressive and way realistic than you could imagine.

    See The Real Hanoi On Motorcycle
    Hanoi motorbike tours – Riding along the crowded streets.

    Hanoi is famous for the densely arranged streets with many crossroads and the small lanes. Mentioning about Hanoi, tourists is really fascinated by the way traffic in Hanoi is operated. Therefore, there is no doubt that our Motorcycle Tours Hanoi would explore the system of small roads in Hanoi.

    You could not imagine how amazing the riding in the center is! Riding among the crowded and cramped roads of motorbikes could be really dangerous, but you could view how the roads are flowed. It could be the motorbikes with full of goods and products behind, or the astonishing views of 3 people on the motorbike. No matter how dangerous it seems, it still runs smoothly and makes the travelers feel so exciting.

    And in Vietnam, there is a culture rumored by tourists named “honking culture”. The motorcyclists in Vietnam can’t stop honking in the street and they look always hurried. Ring along the jam-packed streets, you experience the feeling of an indigenous citizen with the exclusive and unique culture in Vietnam. That’s the perk of joining the Motorcycle Tours in Hanoi. Viewing the local in the local eyes,

    See The Real Hanoi On Motorcycle

    Motorcycle Tours Hanoi – Explore the beauty of small lanes.

    The beauty of Hanoi doesn’t lie on the front side of the streets but it is hidden behind the old corner of the city. If you are looking for a real Hanoi with the authentic beauty, Alan Chien – Hanoi motorbike tour expert would take you around to get an insight into Hanoi and you can see ” REAL VIETNAM”.

    With people in Hanoi, Old Quarter is considered the heart of city. Riding motorbike through the small alleys, you could see the various daily activities of local people and the old houses which were built nearly 100 years ago. Behind the busy streets locate the pagodas or temple where the traces of time are still preserved.

    Sometimes, you can also smell the scent of time; after getting over the dark narrow-constructed road, all the motorcyclists Hanoi journeys could admire a different world. Many families share a same yard, where the communal activities are still conducted: the children run around, play seek and hide; the elder read the newspaper or play chess; the mothers are cooking together or gossiping about their day. All of those views make Hanoi really unique!

    See The Real Hanoi On Motorcycle

    Vietnam Motorbike Tours Hanoi – The moments of daily life.

    Some people say that Hanoi is more beautiful in the early morning or at the break of dawn. The normal tours will start when the sun has come up and end before the dawn. With motorcycle touring around Hanoi, time is in your hand!

    In the early morning, roaming around the sword lake, you could see many elder people doing taichi or exercise, creating a dynamic and cheerful atmosphere. In the market, the flow of people are getting more and more full when everyone is in the hurry to buy the foods for the whole day. Along the coffee streets, many people are sipping their cup of coffee to prepare for a new day.

    And at the break of dawn, the teenager takes control the public spaces. Our motorcycle riding team Hanoi could catch a glimpse of the children playing skateboard or some adventurous sports. Around the lake, the young people chitchat and walk around to savor the cooling air with the ventilating winds. They all draft a lively scenery for Hanoi leaving unforgettable impressions on travelers.

    Hanoi motorcycle tour 1 Day – The flavor of countryside.


    If you think Hanoi is just around the Old Quarter area, you would be amazed by how large and wonderful it is. Just about 10 km from center of Hanoi, the scenery will be changed and open up in your eyes a tremendous countryside area. It would be another fantastic experience for all the bikers in motorcycle trips Hanoi.

    Feeling fed up with the stuffy atmosphere of city center, you will find it more superb when admiring the vast fields of ripen rice or the sizable lawns of vegetables. Riding motorbike along the off roads Hanoi, you could get the adventurous feelings like roaming along the Northern mountainous roads in Vietnam. Check it out below link, you can see all of the most popular motorbike tours Northern Vietnam.

    After the hard-riding day, Hanoi motorcycle riding countryside team could take a drop in some traditional villages on the suburban areas of Hanoi. Here, you could enjoy the local foods and observe the traditional products as well as the manufacturing process. It could level up your trip to another wonderful emotion!


    If you are really curious and excited about Vietnam motorbike tour, you can easily log on the internet and our websites Vietnammotorbikeride.com to see the best motorcycle tour in Vietnam or contact directly to Mr. Alan, an expert from Vietnam motorbike tour, at + 84985 333 066 or Email: sales@offroadindochina.com to reserve a motorbike tour in northern Vietnam.

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