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    12 Jun

    Wonderful moments with motorbike tours countryside Hanoi.

    Currently, motorbike tours are more and more popular in Vietnam with the variety of tours specially tailored to meet the demand and the need of guests. Realizing its potential as well as its being sensitive to this large market, many companies have tried the grand top gears tour lasting more than 1 week to 2 weeks. However, the focusing is still on the short-time city tour to exploit the beauty of Vietnam countryside.

    So why the motorcycle tours Hanoi countryside are far more attractive and highly appreciated by the travelers? We will give you an insight into the formula behind this amazing tours!

    Wonderful moments with motorbike tours countryside Hanoi.

    1. Short time, but unforgettable memories.

    Most of the tourists can’t afford to travel in the long time for the shortage of time as well as limited budget. With the mindset of moving as much as possible, travelers intend to stay less but maximize the number of destinations. Therefore, short motorbike trips countryside Hanoi is suitable to almost all the tourists.

    Just in one day, the Motorbike Tours Hanoi will cover all the highlights of the city countryside. The day is commenced in the city center and followed by the slow riding among the flow of bustle vehicles; then the riding team hits the roads to the suburban areas.

    One day is not the long time to explore the breathtaking grace of countryside Hanoi, but we will try to tailor it to meet your schedules. Leaving the city center right after the rush hours toward the outskirts and coming back at the break of dawn, you will an entire perfect day.

    Wonderful moments with motorbike tours countryside Hanoi.

    1. Hanoi-land of traditional values.

    Not only lying inside the city, the cluster of heritages of Hanoi also scatters around the city. 1 day Hanoi motorcycle tour to countryside, we are offered the chance to sightsee the remnants of time with the traditional villages or ancient pagodas, castles.

    From Hanoi toward the west side, we will reach the area of Duong Lam village, a famous village famed for its unique architecture with almost all the houses constructed of laterite. Coming here recalls all travelers the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of an ancient village in Vietnam long time ago. Duong Lam village still preserves quite well the original model of the ancient houses which specializes it to every traveler.

    Over the Chuong Duong bridge to the North, our countryside Vietnam motorbike tours Hanoi could drop in the Co Loa village, another highlight of system of historical vestiges in Hanoi. There are the traces of a large citadel used to be located here, based on a famous national legend. This land is also the home of Giong Festival, the intangible heritage of Vietnam recognized by UNESCO.

    Wonderful moments with motorbike tours countryside Hanoi.

    1. Motorbike Tours Hanoi -the beauty of nature.

    If you are looking for the mountains, the forests or the vast fields of flowers, don’t need to look further because all are available in suburban Hanoi. The beauty of nature and the peace of Hanoi countryside can astonish every single traveler in Hanoi motorbike tour to countryside.

    Riding on the off-road along the river dykes of Red River, you can catch sight of the enormous fields of corn or ripen rice, hiding the peaceful villages behind the bamboo range. On the river, the picture is dotted with the fishing villages, covered by the gloomy and dreary atmosphere. And on the two sides of the road grow the colorful vegetables and flower which look so eye-catching and impressive.

    Further, just about 60km from Hanoi, motorcycle tour off-road trip Hanoi will approach the area of Ba Vi national park with the famous national park and towering mountains. Absolutely, the heat of the summer is blown away under the shade of the forest, making your trip more relaxing and way cooler!

    Wonderful moments with motorbike tours countryside Hanoi.

    1. The friendly and hospitable local people.

    One of the most special thing of Motorcycle and Motorbike touring around Hanoi  is the interacting with the local farmers. Throughout the way from central Hanoi to the countryside, we will visit some traditional villages to get into the daily life of indigenous people.

    Let’s imagine after the long riding day under the sun, our motorcycle tours Hanoi would drop in a house of local host and enjoy the lunch with all the traditional cuisines. Then, we could visit the rice fields and try working like the real farmers. It would be so fascinating for the first time you could observe the way they grow rice, or just sit on the dyke road to relax and take swimming in the pond in the late afternoon. Those special activities can light up your motorbike trips in Vietnam

    If you want to get closer to the traditional crafts of Vietnam, our motorbike guiding experts could take you to the traditional handicraft villages, where you can admire as well as directly create your own things. Bat Trang village-a famous pottery village or Van Phuc- where the high-quality silks are weaved, could be the good choice for you.

    Wonderful moments with motorbike tours countryside Hanoi.

    On top of that, motorbike tour Hanoi countryside would be suitable for every tourist. You would have the cheerful moments with the guide and local people. Moreover, most of the countryside tour is privately designed for a small group of people or the couple. It would be extremely ideal for you to savor your private moments in a fantastic journey!


    If you are really curious and excited about Vietnam motorbike tour, you can easily log on the internet and our websites Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia to see the best motorcycle tour in Vietnam or contact directly to Mr. Alan, an expert from Vietnam motorbike tour, at + 84985 333 066 or Email: sales@offroadindochina.com to reserve a motorbike tour in northern Vietnam.


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