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    12 Jun

    Northwest Vietnam – Best routes to ride in Vietnam

    Travelling to Vietnam, travelers are experienced the most fantastic feelings of the adventurous journeys on a multi-color country. Gearing the motorbike up to the mountain or sliding along the ocean; hiking through the jungle or riding over the streams; more and more activities are specially offered to the adventure-seekers when choosing Vietnam as their destination.

    On top of that, if you want to maximize your experience and fulfill those memorable feelings in Vietnam, joining the northwest Vietnam motorbike tours is the shortcut to the happiness to you. Treasuring the journey with motorcycle riding team North Vietnam, you will be taken through the dreaming routes which could never be imagined!

    Let’s be a part of motorcycle adventurous tours Northwest Vietnam and explore the best routes in this far-away region. Your trip will be far more fascinating than your expectation!

    Northwest Vietnam – Best routes to ride in Vietnam

    1. Vietnam motorbike tour – Khau Pha pass- Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai.

    KhauPha Pass is one of the 4 most magnificent passes in the Northern of Vietnam. With the length of more than 30 km, KhauPha pass cuts through many famous attractions in Yen Bai province. However, this pass is not easy-to-ride route for every traveler in motorcycle tours Northwest Vietnam and promises to be full of challenges for everyone.

    When cycling here, travelers are supposed to admire the striking landscapes of this mountainous area. On the one side of the path stand the towering mountains and the left is the deep valley. From this route, you can enrich your view by the wild beauty and spacious atmosphere of northwestern natures.

    The most special thing that make this region worth visiting is the paddy fields on harvesting season. Every year, the thousands of tourists flock to Mu Cang Chai – Yen Bai to feast their eyes with the panoramic scenery of ripen rice carpet-like fields. It is considered the most fantastic man-made view in Vietnam. There is no place better for motorbike top gear tours to get into the working life of people in Vietnam in such an impressive way like this.

    Northwest Vietnam – Best routes to ride in Vietnam

    1. O Quy Ho Mountain pass – road in the cloud.

    O Quy Ho is the longest path in the Northern Vietnam, lengthening more than 50km. This is the goal of many travelers to successfully conquer this path. Over-cutting the Hoang Lien Son Range, O Quy Ho Pass poses the pristine elegancy of the highest mountain’s ecosystem in Vietnam. After leaving Lai Chau, Motorbike Vietnam team will ride through this pass to visit Sapa town.

    O Quy Ho Pass could be visited at any moment of the year with the views changing according to season. At the height more than 2000km above the sea level, you feel like riding among the ambiguous cloud layer in the cooling weather. In the winter, this place welcomes many travelers from all the corners of the country to here and sightsee the snowing view, which is once in blue moon in Vietnam.

    However, the best time to visit O Quy Ho for any Motorcycle Tours Northern Vietnam should be fallen into October or November, when the weather is not extremely cold. You can see the color-changing leaves, one of the most astonishing views of nature, which is barely seen in Vietnam. After the long day riding, stopping over on the top mountain in the light sunray of the dawn could bring you the unforgettable impressions!

    Northwest Vietnam – Best routes to ride in Vietnam

    1. Moc Chau- the flowery spring.

    If in the winter, the roads to Sapa is cramped with many tourists, who are seeking the chance to observe the snow directly one time; then in the spring, Moc Chau is the destination for Motorbike tours North Vietnam chosen by many travelers, who come with the hope to enjoy the fresh atmosphere of the spring with flowers blossoming everywhere. This route would be so relaxing and unhurried to all the motorcyclists Northwest Vietnam.

    In this season, many flowers get blossomed over the region. Lie along the region the carpet-like fields of cherry blossom and apricot flower, dotted with the green color of tea farms. You can feel the liveliness and the vitality when riding in the dynamic atmosphere of the spring with many traditional festivals and the over blooming flowers.

    Promisingly, with the less far distance to Hanoi in compare with other destinations, the route to Moc Chau is an ideal itinerary for the time-limited travelers in the motorbike trips North Vietnam.

    Northwest Vietnam – Best routes to ride in Vietnam

    1. Pha Din- the historical route.

    Of all the 4 famous passes in the Northern region, Pha Din is the last one located in the Northwest side. Pha Din means the interaction of earth and the sky in the tribal language. Accordingly, when motorcycle riding team Vietnam comes here, you are taking the moments of riding above the cloud.

    On top of that, if you are not simply the nature lover but also history-passionating tourists, Pha Din is the good choice for you to reveal the historical curtain of Vietnam. This route was the main linkage where Vietnamese soldiers transport the weapons and the foods up north to Dien Bien Phu to support the based military forces fighting against the French.

    Even the war has gone so far, the remnant of history along with the splendidness of nature still marks the gracefulness of Pha Din Pass.

    Northwest Vietnam – Best routes to ride in Vietnam


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