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    30 May

    Northeast Vietnam- the heaven for motorbike tours.

    Motorcycle tours” have been a common keyword on google with hundred of searches each month. Newly launched thought it has been for few years, motorcycle adventurous trips have been a choice of many travelers, who are seeking the extraordinary feeling to get out of their comfort zones. Therefore, many companies have and on-going crafted more and more motorbike tours to meet the demand of ever-growing developments.

    Northeast Vietnam- the heaven for motorbike tours.

    Vietnam is obviously not out of line with motorbike tour market effectively introduced.  With the advantages of a country owning the various natural resources, Vietnam is a favorably chosen destination for adventurous tours. Joining the motorcycle tours Northeast Vietnam with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia will deliver you chance to optimize Vietnam beauties to the most!

    Northeast Vietnam- land of mountains.

    One of the most typical features of Vietnam nature is the spaciously widespread range of mountain along the whole North region. From the rocky rugged mountains uphill, to the karst mountains which create the spectacular views of caves and forests, Northeast Vietnam is famous for off-road Vietnam motorbike tours.

    When roaming over this region, motorcyclists in motorbike off-road tours can test their durability and their physical health with the seemingly vertical slope or the winding blind mountainous path. If you think you have conquered many routes all over the world, let rethink about the ones waiting for you ahead. Surely, the challenging level of northeast Vietnam mountain trails is way harder or approximately equivalent to any obstacles that you have tried.

    However, gone are the difficult moments, you can enjoy the breathtakingly marvelous landscapes of mountain. Attempting to the top of the mountain before the sunrise and welcoming the first sunray of the new day or looking over the vast ripen rice-covered valleys are the wonderful experiences you are going to be gifted in the journey of motorbike tours.

    Northeast Vietnam- the heaven for motorbike tours.

    Motorbike Tours Northeast Vietnam – The symphony of nature.

    Northeast Vietnam is well-known with the superior natural views. No matter how man-made or natural it is, you will be amazed by the creation of nature as well as human’s efforts. On the motorcycle tours Northeast Vietnam, you can be lured into the symphony of nature.

    On September, every road all leads to Ha Giang to take the glimpse of ripen rice fields. On the sizable region lay the carpet-like ripen rice fields running parallel to the horizon. Right after the astonishing feelings, don’t forget to snap the fantastic photos of human working effort-created sceneries. You will feel relaxing when gazing at the gentle beauty of rice strains on harvesting season.

    Up to the Northeast, your motorbike holiday in Vietnam can be marked by the magnificence of Ban Gioc Waterfall. Distantly viewed, Ban Gioc Waterfall looks like an artwork of nature with the flows of water fiercely running to a large pool. The color of water blended in the different-colored farms nearby create a colorful picturesque scenery view which seems irresistible to every traveler when coming here.

    Northeast Vietnam- the heaven for motorbike tours.

    Northeast Vietnam- the important landmarks.

    Coming to Northeast Vietnam, you are riding on the land brimmed of national famous landmarks, both historically and naturally. From Hanoi, our motorbike riding northeast Vietnam will pass through Thai Nguyen Province, where used to be the base of Vietnam military in the war. Gone is the war but the remnants are still noticeable.

    Up North to the Ha Giang, our motorbike tours Northern Vietnam will ride to Lung Cu, the farthest north pole of Vietnam with the Vietnamese flag flying over the border of Vietnam and China. Riding through the road named “Happiness”, you could feel the hardness and toughness of nature when local ethnic minorities had to open the road through the rocky mountain just by their hand and simple equipment.

    Ban Gioc Waterfall is another natural boundary between Vietnam and China. From the side of Vietnam, you can lay eyes on the land of China. Hundred kilometer from Cao Bang, you can observe the dynamic and rush atmosphere at the border markets in Lang Son, where tons of commodities are transferred back and forth between 2 countries.

    The colorful variety of ethnic minorities.

    If travelling to northeast region, you could hardly ignore the indigenous life of residents all over the mountainous area of 6 provinces. If our motorbike riding team hits the road to this region in the spring, you are supposed to experience the vivid and lively atmosphere of villages in the festival season. Spring is the best time to visit Northeast Vietnam with thousands of wild flowers blossoming and traditional festivals.

    Northeast Vietnam- the heaven for motorbike tours.

    In the summer and spring, the scenery is different from the summer and the local life is typical of the hastening pressure of growing the rice strains, cultivating and collecting it in the autumn. It is a good chance for you to take a candid look at the life of local farmers, as well as to try take the role of them then do the agricultural activities.

    Winter comes, people in the mountainous areas suffer from the harsh season when growing seems impossible. Even it seems interesting for tourists to visit northeast Vietnam, but it is full of difficulties for the local people. Frankly speaking, the Northeast Vietnam motorbike tours can get comprehensive in the life of local residents in the far-away places in Vietnam.


    If you are really curious and excited about Vietnam motorbike tour, you can easily log on the internet and our websites Vietnammotorbiketour.asia to see the best motorcycle tour in Vietnam or contact directly to Mr. Alan, an expert from Vietnam motorbike tour, at + 84985 333 066 or Email: sales@offroadindochina.com to reserve a motorbike tour in northern Vietnam.


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