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    27 May

    Exploring Northern Vietnam- 4 seasons with motorbike tours.

    As a country lying in tropical region, Vietnam is prioritized with the variety of weather and the natural scenery is changed regarding to season. Therefore, the landscapes also go along with the seasons, creating the lasting impressions to travelers.

    Especially, over the mountainous areas of Northern Vietnam with the dense tropical forests, the scenery is remarkably depicted with the leaves changing color and the sudden changes of the weather, from the ultimately cold winter with the falling snow to the brightly sunny day. In lieu of joining the normal tours with your head spun around by the slowly boring voice in sync with the thunder-like sound of the car engine, let emerge yourself in the dynamic atmosphere of the summer on the back of motorcycle. No matter which time picked up, your motorbike tours in Northern Vietnam will be undoubtedly treasured.

    Exploring Northern Vietnam- 4 seasons with motorbike tours.

    Northern Vietnam motorbike tours – Spring- the call of vitality.

    Spring is of the best period to travel to northern Vietnam. Unlike other seasons, spring is the time when the life is woken up after a long sleeping winter. Therefore, joining the Northern Vietnam motorbike tours, you are appraised of the changing scenery of the whole large area.

    Most typically, on the route to Moc Chau or Dong Van, Ha Giang, lying on 2 sides of the roads grow a lot of blossom trees. Those spring-predicting flowers outbloom the whole area creating the panoramic views of nature. When riding over the mountainous trails, Travel Vietnam by motorbike can feel like riding under the sky of over-blooming flowers with the typical pink and red color. Furthermore, the colorful world is also dotted by the yellow of borecole flowers and the white of apricot petals.

    On top of that, spring is the time of festival all along the country. When our motorbike riding trip northern Vietnam reaches that land on spring, you are fortunate to participate in the dynamic eventful festivals of ethnic minorities. It would be the good chance for you to get closer to the traditional lifestyle of far-living indigenous residents.

    Exploring Northern Vietnam- 4 seasons with motorbike tours.


    Vietnam motorbike tour – Summer- the streams flow into the river.

    Summer could be most vivid time of the year when everything is fully alive. Our motorbike tours north Vietnam can joyfully savor the atmosphere of summer with the bright sunny day and the cooling winds. Especially, if you are passionate about the terraced rice fields view of southeast countries, this could be ideal moments to film the paddy fields overwhelmed with water.

    On top of that, the Motorcycle trips Vietnam would be far more fascinating on arriving in Ba Be Lake or Thac Ba Lake. In the summer, the water in the lake is running over, making everything so energetic and lively. After the long intensive riding day, it couldn’t be more alluring when our motorbike team can relaxingly lay the eyes on the surrounding landscapes of Ba Be Lake or enjoy swimming under the Ban Gioc waterfall in northeast Vietnam.

    Exploring Northern Vietnam- 4 seasons with motorbike tours.

    Motorcycle tours Vietnam – Autumn- the color-changing forests.

    The natural view in the autumn is literally gorgeous and splendid. Over the tremendous area of northern mountainous area lie the densely vast forests, especially the Hoang Lien Son Range. The leave colors vary from bright yellow, wooden brown to the dry-apple red. The falling leaves create a colorful greensward, sewing a breathtakingly wonderful picture. Surely, our motorbike tours North Vietnam will be stunned by the view and the appealing photos are over filled in your camera.

    Besides it, every year, the thousands of travelers flock to Ha Giang and other Northern provinces to admire the panoramic views of the paddy fields in harvesting time. From September to October, our Vietnam motorbike tours can catch the view of the peasants collecting the rice after few months of cultivating.

    You can totally revel in the rush-working atmosphere of local people as well as take the realistic-but-poetic photos of glorious fields before and after the harvest. With the weather of winter-coming days, the summer heats will be blown away with the replacement of cooling winds in autumn. The feeling would be absolutely pleasing.

    Exploring Northern Vietnam- 4 seasons with motorbike tours.

    Vietnam Motorbike Tours Ho Chi Minh Trail – Winter- the picture of tough life.

    Winter could be really cold in the North Vietnam and in the Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours, you are required to prepare enough warm clothes to make sure your health could be well maintained. The picture of winter is heart-touching with the unveiling of the hard life of people. The children are unclothed or nastily dressed up; the poor family and the gloomy residential community covered in the dreary foggy layer.

    Nevertheless, apart from the bleak pieces of life, you are dimmed into the beautiful winter views. Sometimes, in the North Vietnam, you can see the falling snow, scattering over the forests and rocky mountain. With some tourists, snow is common to them but most of travelers originating from tropical countries have never seen it before and even after then. If you are lucky tourists, admiring snow in motorbike off-road trips Northern Vietnam is the once in blue moon chance. Heading to south Vietnam if you lock a motorcycle tours Ho Chi Minh trail so that we can feel very much warmer down the south.

    Exploring Northern Vietnam- 4 seasons with motorbike tours.


    If you are really curious and excited about Vietnam motorbike tour, you can easily log on the internet and our websites Vietnammotorbiketour.asia to see the best motorcycle tour in Vietnam or contact directly to Mr. Alan, an expert from Vietnam motorbike tour, at + 84985 333 066 or Email: sales@offroadindochina.com to reserve a motorbike tour in northern Vietnam.




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