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    18 May

    Tips For Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Motorcycle tours have been popular among all the travelers for their interesting things which could be brought to adventurers. However, to make use of the trip and bring back the most wonderful memories are not the easy tasks for every motorcyclists. Let’s give you 10 essential tips to turn your Vietnam motorbike tours into the enjoyable moments that you could never have!

    Tips For Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    1. Bring enough warm and light clothes.

    The climate sudden change in northern motorbike tours could be a challenge to many travelers. Most of the tourists are from the cold-weather countries with the long winter in which temperature can be lowered to minus degree. Therefore, getting used to with the heat in the summer seems confronted to them.

    Moreover, when the motorcycle touring team ascends to the higher region, the weather would be cooler, but the changes are quickly carried out which can make the tourists hard to adapt immediately. Bring enough warm clothes in the cold weather and the light costume would be a good solution for it.

    1. Follow the team strictly.

    Getting lost seem inevitable when moving by motorbike, especially when we are in the big team with the long journey. North Vietnam motorbike tours would go through many high mountains with the winding trails. Hence, being out of sight of the leader is probably taken place.

    Trying to follow the leader and the riding team strictly. In case you get lost, just stay still in the place that you lose the track of the whole team and wait for them to come back. That you keep riding to find them can turn the issue more serious.

    1. Learn something in advance about traffic in Vietnam.

    Traffic in Vietnam is not a fantasy thing. If you once tried motorbike Hanoi city tours, you could imagine how messy and chaotic the traffic in the metropolis is. This case could be found in mostly every big city in Vietnam. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you know some basic rules about traffic in Vietnam (Like riding on the right side, the limited speed, etc.)

    1. Self-protection equipment.

    In the motorbike tours Vietnam, we have tried to provide you with the necessary equipment like helmet, carefully chosen top gear motorbikes, etc. However, depending on the demands of drivers, you can bring more stuffs if you think it is also crucial to you.

    Remember, pack lightly so it would be flexible and convenient for you to install or remove when you don’t need it. Gloves, knee protection things, hiking shoes… all should be considered when you decide to bring it along to ensure a safe trip.

    1. Always bring along the camera.

    Camera is something indispensable for every trip, not only in motorcycle tours Vietnam. Taking nice photos is the ambition of many travelers when coming up with ideas of travelling. In the journey with motorbike riding team, we would pass through many breathtaking and imposing landscapes, which are off the popularity and really special.

    For sure, you don’t want to leave your camera at home in such a fantastic trip like this!

    1. Try to adapt to new environment.

    From the western countries, many travelers find it hard to totally adapt to new environment when everything is so novel to them. In the journey of Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours, you are going to through many regions with different people.

    Meeting and interacting with them is an essential part of those trips. Sometimes, you have to live like them in the homestay or countryside guest houses. Therefore, adapting to new environment with new culture, new habits of living, or even new rituals that you have never seen, is a good way to treasure the authentic moments.

    1. Junk foods and candies is highly recommended.

    With motorcycle off-road trips, you are going to travel through many places. We will try to accommodate you the full nutrient meal, but to make you more positive and active in the journey, some foods are key things for you when you feel tired and hungry.

    Moreover, on the hilly tribes, there will be a lot of indigenous children. Giving them few candies can make them excited and it works as the simple of generosity.

    1. Avoid the taboo of the community

    Coming to a new country, there exist range of new things that you have to avoid. For example, in Vietnam, it is not polite and sometimes insulting if you visit a pagoda or holy places, you wear a short jean or laugh out loud in those places.

    “When in Rome, do as the Rome do”, it is the advice for you. Try as much as possible the things that can disturb and annoy the local people.

    1. Respect the local people.

    It is another thing you need to keep in mind when joining the adventurous motorbike tours to the North Vietnam. Respecting the local people, especially the elderly one is something very important because the senior people are like the leader of the community or the house.

    Therefore, whenever you visit a place or want to do something, ask the local people for permission first. If they feel respected, they would be very friendly and hospitable. They will tell you many interesting things, introduce you to their daily life or welcome you with the most hospitable manner. It can turn you trip really meaningful!

    1. Keep the comfortable, cheerful and enthusiastic attitude.

    Last but not least; if you want to treasure every second of your motorcycle North Vietnam journey, be cheerful, be happy and be optimistic! Your trip is more completed and savored when you set your attitude right!

    Be happy with the journey, be supportive and enthusiastic with the new friends, be faithful and open-minded with the local people; it is the most essential tip for not only your motorbike journeys but also every move of your life!

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