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    15 May

    Top places for photo shoot in motorbike tour Vietnam.

    For any travelers, whose purpose is roaming this planet and capturing every moment of life, Vietnam should invariably be in their list of favorite countries. Tourists of all ages, some on the road for years, others just start; but share the same passion for photography, their ways all lead to Vietnam.

    In the normal journeys, catching the sign of daily life seems impossible with most of the views staged or put on to serve the demand of tourists. However, the real grace of Vietnam lies behind the curtains of tourism activities and stays hidden in the corner of life. If you want to unwrap the real delicacy of Vietnam to have the imposing photos, motorcycle trips Vietnam will help you to find that puzzle.

    Top places for photo shoot in motorbike tour Vietnam.

    1. Hanoi-the traces of a 1000 year history city.

    No matter where do you come from, Hanoi would always be the first point for your motorbike journeys North Vietnam. Short or long tours picked, the glamor of this city can enchant every traveler. Behind the flashy outward show of an on-developing city, Hanoi hides its delicacy of an ancient metropolis.

    With a wide range of 1000 year architectures, the remnants of the war, it is not difficult for motorcyclists Hanoi tour to choose the good view for themselves to reflect the beauty of the city. Deep inside the small valleys of Old Quarter, you can explore the humble life of residents whose life are attached to this land, materially and mentally. It would be the most realistic moments with the photos of the native citizens.

    1-hour riding far from the center, Hanoi opens up in the eyes of travelers a large view of countryside with the paddy fields or the lush fruit garden. Motorbike tour off-road Hanoi team can treasure the moments slowing riding on the back roads, feeling peaceful atmosphere of the countryside and capturing the photos of labor life.

    Top places for photo shoot in motorbike tour Vietnam.

    1. Sapa, the mixture of French architectures and endemic cultures.

    Sapa is the choice for not only the travelers but also numerous couples who are exciting for the new-style wedding photos. With the characteristics of a town combined by many types of architecture, Sapa will offer you the wonderful backgrounds for your photoshoot.

    After a half of the day from Hanoi, our motorbike trips Northern Vietnam will reach the Sapa, the heart of the whole region. The first thing flashing in the eyes of travelers is the vivid life of people here; both tourists and indigenous people. You can easily take the photos of the normal life of ethnic minorities in the costumes, their daily activities. All are visibly and colorfully depicted, just through a mountainous market.

    Additionally, if landscape is your favorite topic in photography, don’t forget to take a look at the ancient villas of the French or the central Cathedral inSapa, all are well-represented in the French architecture. On top of that, our mountainous Vietnam motorbike tour can ride to adjunct areas, where you can treasure the view of rustic villages, lying tranquilly under the shade of forests.

    Top places for photo shoot in motorbike tour Vietnam.

    1. Ha Giang- the farthest point of the country.

    Unlike Sapa, Ha Giang is also a mountainous province but almost not fiercely influenced by tourism; the beauty of this region is somehow wild, pristine and authentic. Not many tours are organized to here for the lack of facilities and entertaining activities. However, with the adventurous motorcycle trip Vietnam, it could be the sanctuary.

    From the central town spreading to all the ways, you can truly feel the charm of this far-away land. The winding trails circling around the mountains can wipe out all your worries and tiredness. Just stop on the edge of the pass, all the motorcyclists of the touring crew Vietnam can admire the view of looking down to the valley which is covered with the yellow color of harvested rice and take panoramic photos. Beyond any doubt, nature has never been that magnificent.

    Up ascending the mountain, the life of indigenous people is gradually caught into your sight. The photos taken here could be categorized into any types: realistism of life, portrait of aliveness, landscapes, etc. Coming to Ha Giang, our motorcycle tours North Vietnam can see a real Vietnam with the miserable persons, the poor, the ethnic and their struggle against the tough life.

    Top places for photo shoot in motorbike tour Vietnam.

    1. Hoi An- the ancient sea harbor of central Vietnam.

    If you ask me where to find the trace of the cultural interference still existing in Vietnam, Hoi An ancient town must definitely be my answer to you. Riding along the Truong Son Mountain Range, our motorbike team Ho Chi Minh trail will reach Hoi An after overcoming the Hai Van Pass and Da Nang city.

    Top places for photo shoot in motorbike tour Vietnam.

    Big Thanks To The Bike

    This is the perfect place for you to enjoy both amazing beaches and the historical remnants! Lying not far from the town center, our motorbike riding team can take a short tour to Cua Dai Beach and have the snapshots of the sea, the crystal-like sky and the silky white sand. You don’t have to go to Maldives or the Caribbean countries, the beaches in the central Vietnam are also the top beautiful beaches of the world!

    And after a long day motorbike riding and swimming, just take a leisure walking around the small valleys of Hoi An town with the clues of time clearly imprinted on the walls of the houses. With the buildings mixed among 3 architecture styles: Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese, Hoi An deserves to be a place for recalling the breath of the past.

    If you are really curious and excited about Vietnam motorbike tour, you can easily log on the internet and our websites Vietnammotorbikeride.com to see the best motorcycle tour in Vietnam or contact directly to Mr. Alan, an expert from Vietnam motorbike tour, at + 84985 333 066 or Email: sales@offroadindochina.com to reserve a motorbike tour in northern Vietnam.


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