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    northern vietnam motorbike tours
    6 Mar

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Periodical Markets

    Periodical markets are not something unfamiliar with many tourists when coming to Vietnam because it has been a unique and distinct beauty of mountainous areas in Northern Vietnam. From Mai Chau, Moc Chau to Sapa, Bac Ha, Khau Vai… etc the weekly markets have created the uniqueness and somehow crafted the likelife daily routines of people in the mountainous regions of Vietnam.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Periodical Markets

    Periodical markets- the hidden charm of Northern mountainous areas.

    However, tourists just can see the popular markets in touristic spots, where almost all of them have been changed or modified to meet the demand of tourists; a little bit commercial, mainly displaying purposeful and everything doesn’t run as naturally as its essence. That’s why, in Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours; we will show you the deep corners of mountains, where the local life is less affected by touristic activities.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Periodical markets – a special cultural point of ethnic groups.

    Riding motorbike Vietnam from the delta area to uphill mountains in North Vietnam, it is visible for you to catch up with many traditional markets; the wholesale markets for fruits; the wet markets or simply the provisional ones on the edge of the highways. However, nothing is as peculiar as weekly markets in the high-latitude areas.

    In Vietnam, if you look at any markets, you can guess the characteristic of community nearby. When our motorbike touring on Ho Chi Minh trail, you can feel the fishiness of sea markets, where all the newly-caught fishes from the sea are displayed on the wooden blocks. With periodical markets in the high areas, through their outfits, the designs of the markets, the things for merchandizing… you can realize that kind of market. The space of the market is not only the place for purchasing activities; it is carried out like a small festival for many ethnic groups.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Periodical Markets

    Northern Vietnam Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Regular-term markets, trading place for all the ethnic minorities.

    Basically, the occasional markets are still the places for the trading activities of local people. If you desire to find the local products or the speciality of the forests; it is the good chance for our Vietnam Motorbike Tours to come here and admire the unique commodities.

    From the early morning, people from many trails walk the long way or using horse to come here. Because the far distance of the villages to market, it can not be run every day; they need to take advantage of this time to purchase necessary products for one week or maybe more. One interesting in the periodical markets is that apart from the products like shampoo, washing power, etc that can’t be produced; all the other ones such as groceries, foods, agricultural tools are hand-made and they will bring it to the market for exchanging to what they need. On the motorbike trips North Vietnam, you are supposed to see the crowded view of an early market.

    For sure, it will be really interesting for all the motorcyclists of the Vietnam Motorbike Tours when seeing the scenery of the men leading their pigs or goats like the pets to the market. Cattle corner is always the busiest corner of the market when many indigenous people gather here to choose the animals for their farming or their house. Apparently, in Vietnam, having many cattle ensures the good life for the family.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Periodical Markets

    Periodical markets- a small colorful festival.

    When touring motorbike in Northern Vietnam to here, you will be amazed by the vivid life of all the local people. Considering the market as a small festival, all the girls from ethnic groups come here with the cheerful and bright happiness. They will wear their most gorgeous dress and outfits. Market is not only for selling but also the place to hang out and enjoy the bustle of the life.

    And if you have time, don’t forget to stop the motorbike tour and drop in a local food stall. On a gloomy day with the cooling weather, it is so wonderful when we spend time on the boiling horse hotpot and drink the corn wine. The gastronomy of the mountainous areas is really mouth-watering with the exclusive ingredients and the formulas which can be found anywhere.

    Sometimes, the local people come here without selling or buying anything. They just want to meet up and talk with the new people from different ethnic groups. It is the time for them to make friends or can start a new relationship. Our Northern Vietnam motorbike riding team can be the focusing point of the market because some of them have never seen the foreigners before. You can ask them about their life, their traditional cultures or the tribe’s fairytales.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours And love…

    Yes, it is the place for the lovebirds to find each other and sing the songs of happiness. Many boys will gather here, bring their instruments; they will perform it under the admiration of all the girls around. And if they are lucky to be felt in love by any girls, she will give him something as a sign of agreement and a promise. Sapa love market has come into poem and literature and leave the good impression for many tourists in Vietnam and also internationally. I am sure that, you can not find it anywhere apart from Vietnam Motorcycle Tours.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Periodical Markets


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