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    29 Jan

    Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Multi activities

    The small yet resilient S-shaped land- Vietnam is world-famous for its’ breathtaking landscape, human nature, and magnanimous history.  Riding a powerful motorbike in the beautiful country is the ideal holiday for those who want to blow their minds up and find a heaven landing-place. Travelling with Vietnam Motorbike Tours to experience best time with your family, friends, lover, or even like-minded people, challenge yourself in new environment, and make a contribution to volunteering activities.

    Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Multi activities

    1.    Create your ideal holiday with Vietnam Motorbike Tours

    Obviously, you come to our Motorbike Tours in Vietnam with first and foremost purpose of making your ride perfect.  From our points of view, a perfect ride doesn’t mean you are just on a smooth road, beautiful landscape, but the feelings the people sense. We always create an environment as friendly as possible so that you will enjoy every moment with us. If being fed up with boring trips, you and your loved ones should immediately make a contact with us to pursue dream rides.

    2.    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – a best way to challenge yourself

    What are special things you can get after participating in Vietnam Motorbike Tours? All of our tours are designed to meet your wish of seeking fun and challenges.  You will absolutely be astonished at yourself as exceeding the limits of your own such as riding under hard condition of narrowed gravel road. How fantastic you will feel.
    One day to be a farmer : riding with North Vietnam Motorbike Tours gives you the chance of not only sightseeing but also working as a real peasant. You can harvest rice, green vegetables, and fresh fruits, or feed livestock. We ensure you will have great time of doing the stuff without any tiredness. What is more, at night it is time for you to enjoy your achievement: tasty and fresh dishes from the local ingredients. Eating together shows the hospitality of people here, and it is a symbol of friendship.

    Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Multi activities

    Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Multi activities

    One day to be a fisher: the fact that S-shaped land-Vietnam is surrounded by sea explains why there are so many Vietnamese living on fishing.  Going on Vietnam Motorbike Tours, you will be flying over stunning beaches while bathing in the beautiful sunshine.  But it is not enough as you can have a real look on the life of the fishermen from their daily life to working time. You will be able to witness their sophisticated fish-catching technique. There are many things you can learn such as when is suitable time to go fishing or even how to bait, and so on.  Of course it is not a long-term course to train a professional fisherman, it just take you a couple of hours to fish in an acceptable manner. And do you know what our tourists love most?  The answer is they can at last taste the fresh seafood they captured by themselves. The feeling of enjoying the food which is result of our own efforts is nothing comparable.
    Some days to be an adventurer:  unlike any other Vietnam Motorbike Tour companies, the Vietnam Motorbike Tours always set tour schedules in absolutely different adventures. In other words, every single day of tours will give riders a pack of new things to experience.  Riding with us from countryside, coastal line, lowland to highland will be out of your expectation.  If you love to take more challenge, you can also have trekking and elephant riding. It will be a special occasion for you to explore the countries exotic creature and food as well. The food made from the produce of mountain is cheap, healthy, and really excellent. Your Vietnam motorbike adventure trips are inclusive of your trained guide, meals, accommodation, vehicles, and activity inclusions where stated in the itineraries. There’s an adventure tour for all fitness levels, accommodation standards, from day tours to half month trips and cheap adventure travel package deals for extended touring.

    Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Multi activities

    3.    Participate in volunteer activities

    Taking the chance to embark on Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours will widen your vision on not only the thrilling place of beauty but also such a peaceful picture of the villages that time seems to slowly flow or even stop there.
    Throughout the country’s countryside, you will witness many hardships which the local people especially in the faraway and mountainous areas have been facing day after day.
    It will be your valuable time for sharing a part of the difficulties with their people living under poverty line. For example, you can donate your old clothes, footgear, books, pens, etc. to the children so that they are able to go through severewinters and go to school. Maybe the stuff means nothing to you and me, but it means a lot to these children. You couldn’t imagine how happy they will get!

    Vietnam Motorbike Tours – Multi activities
    Also, you can join hand with the Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours to build a better local community by helping the children- the future owners to learn English through playing games, singing English songs for instance. Although time we spend in each region will be short but somehow we will have done something meaningful for the unfortunate lives. Your ride will be much more worthwhile than you think.
    For more information about Vietnam motorcycle tours, just feel free to click on the website Vietnammotorbikeride.com, or contact to the hotline +84 985. 333. 066 or email to us at sales@offroadindochina.com. There are a range of interesting topics available to support you for your best motorcycle tours in Vietnam. Let’s find and research it to have the best moments of your life here.

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