When it comes to Vietnam’s beauty, it will be a great deficiency if you don’t mention about Ha Giang, the farthest province in the North of Vietnam. Joining the motorbike tour Northeast Vietnam with us on 6 days is a wonderful experience to explore the scenery of this remote area with the towering rocks, inhibited by many hill tribes for hundreds of years. This motorbike tour is specially designed for every motorcyclist who desires to conquer the toughest topographies in Vietnam.

Tour Start and Finish: Hanoi ( Loop Ride )

The Nearest Airport: Noi Bai International Airport



DAY 1: HANOI – VU LINH ( 180 KM – L, D ) HOME STAY | Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour To Ha Giang 6 Days

Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour To Ha Giang 6 DaysWe will set off the motorbike tour by taking the motorbike from the store located in the outskirt of the busy city. After being explained carefully about the itinerary of motorbike tours North Vietnam and enjoy the breakfast, we will ride motorcycle from the west side of the city and move along the Red River.

The roads are not hard for motorbike touring. We will reach Thac Ba Lake first and then head up on the rugged path to Vu Linh, the home of many Dzao indigenous people on the side of lake. Our northern Vietnam motorbike touring team will stay in the homestay of Dzao people for the 1st night of the trip.



DAY 2: VU LINH – HA GIANG ( 180 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL | 

Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour To Ha Giang 6 Days

Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour To Ha Giang 6 Days

After the breakfast, our motorcycle tour Northern Vietnam crew continues to ride along Thac Ba Lake on a bumpy road, shadowed by the line of trees on 2 sides and naturally decorated by the massive mountains. You also can see the life of local ethnic people, whose life mainly lean on the mountain ranges and forests. This motorbike riding part could be the best of the whole Motorbike tour Northern Vietnam.

We will come to Ha Giang city, where we take the rest for 1 night and ask for the permission to ride along the border.


DAY 3: HA GIANG – DONG VAN ( 180 KM – B, L, D ) | Hotel

Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour To Ha Giang 6 Days

Coming to the 3rd day, you will have a extremely fascinating riding day with northern Vietnam motorbike tours. Having taken the permission yesterday, we can ride along the border areas with Chinese, where you will surely be stunned by the wild beauty of nature. Riding motorbike through the winding mountain passes, you will have the most relaxing and enjoyable of the whole motorbike touring Northeast Vietnam.

Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour To Ha Giang 6 DaysWe ascend to the Ma Pi Leng mountain pass, another incredibly stunning masterpiece of nature in the northwest motorcycle trip, with the panoramic view down to Nho Que River. It is not the end of fantastic things when we keep riding to Dong Van plateau, a remote area in Ha Giang with many hill tribes on the rugged monoliths. There is a range of ethnic minorities such as Dzao, Giay, H’mong. You will be surprised by their ambition and vitality to conquer the hardest conditions.

When we come to Dong Van town, you can admire the ancient town dating back for the long time with many old houses built with clay bricks and tiles roofs.

The North Vietnam motorcycle tours today will be more marvelous for one night stay in the traditional house (or mini hotel, optionally) in Meo Vac. Just enjoy your relaxing night to try local foods and drinks after an intensive riding with motorcycle ride to the Northern Vietnam.


Please check out the river crossing in Ha Giang here!

Please check out the single track crossing Dong Van plateau here!


Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour To Ha Giang 6 Days

Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour To Ha Giang 6 Days

On the 4th day, all the motorcyclists in our crew will have to cross many tough roads which are still under construction and full of stagnant holes. However, the payback is really worthy when you can take a look at the wild glorious scenery of the northern Vietnam areas on the back of motorbike. It is another highlight of Vietnam motorbike tours.

After the long riding in the North of Vietnam, we will have a rest in Bao Lac town. This town is near the border so it is like the junction point of many ethnic groups to gather here and conduct trading activities in market. If you come here on Sunday, you can see the true beauty of a mountainous market.


DAY 5: BAO LAC – BA BE LAKE ( 155 KM – B, L, D ) HOME STAY | 

Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour To Ha Giang 6 Days

Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour To Ha Giang 6 DaysThe road from Bao Lac to Ba Be Lake is another spotlight making this Northern Vietnam motorcycle trip more memorable. You will descend from the high mountain range to the area of greatest natural lake in Vietnam- Ba Be Lake. We can spend the time enjoying the boat tour on the Ba Be Lake if the time is suitable. It will be along day riding but also exciting and joyful when we can enjoy the peaceful nature with the tranquil atmosphere in Ba Be Lake.

After the boat tour, we will come back to the homestay of indigenous residents. It is an awesome experience of motorcycle touring in North of Vietnam when riding to Ba Be Lake today.


DAY 6: BA BE LAKE – HANOI ( 230 KM – B, L, D ) | 

Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour To Ha Giang 6 Days

Amazing Vietnam Motorbike Tour To Ha Giang 6 Days

In the last day with Vietnam motorbike tours, we have to start earlier than other days for the long riding from Northeast Vietnam back to Hanoi. It will be challenging but what nature can offer to you on the way is worth every hour you spend on riding. We will reach Ha Noi before the rush hour, roughly 4 pm and finish the motorcycle tour in North Vietnam, specially tailored by Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team.

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