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    13 Aug

    7 Day Motorbike Tour In North Vietnam

    7 Day Motorbike Tour In North Vietnam

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours


    DAY 1: HANOI – VU LINH ( 180 KM – L, D ) HOME STAY

    On the first day with Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours, after being introduced and summarized the necessary information about our trip and get acquaintances to each other as well as motorbike, we will set off to Thac Ba lake, the area of 23,400ha with more than 1,331 islands and hills. This man-made lake is highly appreciated about the biodiversity. The water is green and spotless year around, reflecting the shadow of more-than-1000-year ancient forests

    Afterward, our motorbike crew will ascend to rustic villages of Dzao people on the bank of Thac Ba Lake. Just enjoy your time by walking around here, take snapshots and explore the local life.

    We will have a warm and hospitable night with the local hosts, with the traditional foods and music. It is promising the best night of motorcycle touring northwest Vietnam.

    7 Day Motorbike Tour In North Vietnam

    DAY 2: VU LINH – SAPA ( 210 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    The motorbike riding today will be somehow calm and relaxing when we riding along the Thac Ba Lake with spectacular views. We will have time to drop in some ethnic villages on the 2 sides of the road or take a look at some traditional market. The motorbike tour to Sapa could be the best part of Vietnam motorbike tours.

    We end the 2nd day of the motorbike tours northwest Vietnam in hotel in Sapa.

    7 Day Motorbike Tour In North Vietnam

    DAY 3: SAPA – HA GIANG ( 220 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    The 3rd morning in the journey of northern Vietnam motorbike tours is dedicated to Ha Giang. Ha Giang located in far northeast Vietnam, it is the paradise for motorcyclists.

    Our Vietnam motorbike crew ascends to Ha Giang through Xin Ma and Hoang Su Phi. This route will amaze every motorcyclist with the winding trail and splendid views. Today could be the best day for off-road riding in Vietnam.

    We will stay overnight in Ha Giang before moving to the next day of motorcycle riding journey.

    7 Day Motorbike Tour In North Vietnam

    DAY 4: HA GIANG – DONG VAN ( 150 KM – B, L, D )

    Coming to the 4th day, we will have the highlight of the motorbike tours Northern Vietnam when we hit the road to one of the most remote area in Vietnam, where people still live in the rock plateau and conquer with the harsh weather. We will pass the Heaven gate in Quan Ba, Rock Plateau and Vuong premises in Dong Van.

    We will have one overnight stay in hotel in Dong Van town.

    7 Day Motorbike Tour In North Vietnam

    DAY 5: DONG VAN – BAO LAC ( 100 KM – B, L, D )

    Enjoy your relaxing moments by walking around this lovely town in the morning. It that day is Sunday, we are able to see the weekly market of Dong Van, where the togetherness of many indigenous tribes happens. They come here like enjoying a festival.

    After that, our motorcycle tours North Vietnam keeps riding to Bao Lac through Meo Vac, with the breathtaking views when crossing Hoang Su Phi pass.

    We will stay in a guesthouse in Bao Lac and take a energy back for the up-coming days with Motorbike Tour In North Vietnam.

    7 Day Motorbike Tour In North Vietnam

    DAY 6: BAO LAC – BA BE LAKE ( 150 KM – B, L, D ) HOME STAY

    We spend the 6th day exploring the beauty of Ba Be Lake and national park with the scenery that can leave glamour for every motorcyclist.

    On coming here, you can enjoy your day by joining a boat tour on the Ba Be Lake and being submerged by the surrounding landscapes or taking a walk to the village of Tay people. The last night with Vietnam motorbike tours will be in the home-stay of Tay family.

    7 Day Motorbike Tour In North Vietnam


    DAY 7: BA BE LAKE – HANOI ( 230 KM – B, L )

    We will ride the long way from Ba Be lake to Hanoi in the last day with northwest Vietnam motorcycle tours.

    7 days are not the long journey to totally get the beauty of Vietnam but hopefully, this motorbike trip has fulfilled your experience and brought to you the most amazing moments of your traveling time.

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