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    12 Aug

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 9 Days

    When joining the Northern Vietnam motorbike tours to Ha Giang, the farthest province in the North of Vietnam, Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark is the must-have in your list of visiting. This site is combination of many incredibly massive sceneries, utterly beautiful landscapes, the variety in the geographic values and the endemic flora and fauna. All things considered create a geological heritage, both regional and international scope.

    Dong Van is no doubt the ideal place for both researchers and tourists. And there are many things offered to you in northern Vietnam motorcycle trip.

    Join the tour with us to explore what are waiting you ahead with that amazing journey.


    Highlights: Hanoi – Thac Ba – Luc Yen – Bac Ha – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Bao Lac – Ba Be – Na Khan – HanoiHanoi – Thac Ba – Luc Yen – Bac Ha – Ha Giang – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Bao Lac – Ba Be – Na Khan – Hanoi



    The riding today with Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours will start in Hanoi. We move to the suburban area, on the roads running along the Red River. Our first stop will be Thac Ba Lake, a stunning area with the tremendous mountain ranges, shadowing to the paddy fields.

    After a while, our motorcycle tour to the North Vietnam will take the small road to Vu Linh village, where is inhabited by mainly Dzao ethnic minority. We will have the warm welcome and the friendliness from the local people and enjoy one night in their homestay.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 9 Days

    DAY 2: THAC BA LAKE – SAPA ( 200 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    The 2nd day with motorbike trip Northern Vietnam will be kicked off right after breakfast by moving up to higher mountains, where you can admire the fascinatingly winding passes leading to Sapa. This one could be the best part of whole motorbike Tours Northern Vietnam.

    Sapa is a main touristic destination in the North of Vietnam, located in Lao Cai province. This town is a crucial trading point of many ethnic groups nearby, named as Hmong, Dzao, Giay, Tay, etc.

    We will stay one night in this town before rushing to the next amazing days with motorbike tours Northwest Vietnam.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 9 Days

    DAY 3: SAPA – BAC HA ( 140 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    Bao Ha is well-known for its periodic markets, mainly falling on Sunday morning, where all the local people come here for commercializing activities. The tourism potential of this town is still in pregnant stage, waiting to be more well-planned and developed by related authorities.

    Basically, this town is about 900m above sea level, so understandably warmer than Sapa. When it comes to Bac Ha, it will be lacking if not mentioning to alcoholic home brews (rice wine, cassava wine and corn liquor). One more thing shining Bac Ha’s fame is that it is the only place in Vietnam where you can fine particular moonshine. There is a large area specialized for it at the Sunday market.

    After a long day exploring this lovely town, our motorcycle tours in North Vietnam will have an overnighthere.
    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 9 Days


    Coming to the 4th day Vietnam motorbike tours; after breakfast, our Vietnam motorbike team will ride to Xin Man and Hoang Su Phi, mainly on the bumpy and rugged roads, which is tough but also amazing with many breathtaking views.

    Xin Man is situated near the border between Vietnam and China. This area itself brings an wild beauty, remain being untouched by many tourism activities as well as surrounded by mountains and forests.

    After that, we keep riding to Hoang Su Phi, a remote area in Ha Giang province. For a long time, it has been isolated from the outside world. When riding motorbike through that area, surely all the motorcyclists will be enchanted by the authentic beauty of the forested mountains and the typical traditional culture, strongly connecting with the indigenous people such as : Nung, H’mong, Tay, Ha Nhi, etc..

    After lunch, our Vietnam motorbike tours continues to go to Ha Giang city, where we take the rest for tonight and ask for permit for travelling to some remote areas tomorrow.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 9 Days

    DAY 5: HA GIANG – DONG VAN ( 160 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    If we can take the permit successfully from Ha Giang’s immigration police, the North Vietnam motorbike tours today will be awesome when we can ride near the border between Vietnam and China. We are supposed to conquer the off roads with rocks and landslide; but the payback is really awarding with stunning views of mountains.

    Our Vietnam motorcycle team ascends to the Ma Pi Leng pass, one of the most spectacular pass in Vietnam, covered by white clouds year around and from the pass, you can open your eyes widely with the panoramic view to Nho Que river. This pass is the linkage between Dong Van and Meo Vac. There are no words which can be used to totally convey the charm of this pass, the masterpiece of nature. It could be the best part of your motorbike tours in Vietnam.

    We will ride in the winding tracks and reach Vuong Family’s residence. It is about 14km far from Dong Van.

    Vuong family is a famous one in Ha Giang, which was considered the King of H’mong people in Dong Van town. Their residence was constructed in the settlement of Sa Phin valley, resembling Chinese architecture. Rock and wood are the only material concreting this building. One more special thing is that the rocks used for constructing were imported from China. This premises stands out like a highlight for the wild beauty of Sa Phin valley.

    On the northern Vietnam motorbike tours today, you can have chance to interact with many indigenous people, whose life mainly on the mountains and forests. Their vitality is really strong to conquer the tough life in this rock plateau.

    You can spend time to walk around Dong Van town when we reach there. This town is typical with the ancient houses made from clay bricks and tiles roofs dating back many years ago. We will have one night staying in this town before continuing the Northwest Vietnam motorbike tours.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 9 Days


    Because today, we mainly ride on the out-of-track roads, it seems very long distance for the route from Meo Vac to Bao Lac. The landscapes are the glamour for every motorcyclist.

    We will ride in the remote regions of Ha Giang province, also Meo Vac. It has the same boundary with Dong Van district and Bao Lam district of Cao Bang province. Like Dong Van, Meo Vac also has most of terrain in the rock plateau and this town is about 1000m higher than the sea level.

    From November to April is the severe time for Meo Vac because the weather is so catastrophic, which can be really freezing and dry. There are pockets of ethnic minorities occupied in that area, namely H’mong, Kinh, Tay, Dzao. Almost all the tribes here still preserve and conserve their traditional culture.

    At night, our northern Vietnam motorbike tours will stop in Bao Lac, another famous place for trading activities of many ethnic people on the 2 sides of the border.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 9 Days


    Our Vietnam motorcycle tours will tumble down to Bac Can province, cross few passes before approaching the easy-to-ride roads. Generally, the roads are smooth and comfortable, except for some blind turning points that all the motorcyclists need to take care.

    Ba Be is considered the largest lake in Vietnam and it is the main core of Ba Be national park, founded in 1992 by Government to preserve the primitive forests of northwest Vietnam ecosystem. It is densely surrounded by limestone mountains, deep lakes, waterfalls, glamorous caves and grottos, created by the geographic formations and changes. This area has the high biodiversity with about 1,268 species of flora and fauna.

    Ba Be is also the home of many ethnic group in Bac Kan province such as Tay, Nung, Dzao and Mong, resided in 13 villages around the park.

    We will ride motorbike to Bac Ngoi village, situated inside the Ba Be national park. Just enjoy a peaceful and relaxing moment here with the homestay viewing directly to lake. It is the end of the 7th day with northern Vietnam motorbike tours.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 9 Days

    DAY 8: BA BE LAKE – NA KHAN ( 90 KM – B, L, D ) HOME STAY

    Vietnam motorbike crew can start a bit later, we don’t need to rush with the long and intensive riding; instead of that, our motorbike tours North Vietnam can enjoy the boat riding on the lake. We will have time to visit Dau Dang waterfall on Nang River and explore the ecosystem of this area. Considered as one of 27 ASEAN heritage gardens, Ba Be will probably welcome many tourists in the not far future.

    Based on the information of Vietnam institute of Geo-sciences and Mineral resources, Ba Be lake’s formation was the consequence of the collapse of the subterranean Nang River, caused by an earthquake.

    We can enjoy the lunch in the village near Dau Dang water and then get back to homestay. Afterward, we keep riding motorbike to a countryside region, named Na Khan. This is the village of Nung people and can hardly be found on the map.

    The last night with local people before coming to the last day of motorbike tours Northern Vietnam.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 9 Days

    DAY 9: NA KHAN – HANOI ( 180 KM – B, L, D )

    We will have a relaxing riding day when joining on the easy countryside roads and passing many rustic villages with the terraced paddy fields. Our Vietnam motorbike tours will get back to the bustle of Hanoi in the afternoon. We will be in Hanoi before rush hour, roughly 4: 00 pm, and end the 9 day tour to the northern area with Vietnam motorcycle team.

    Although 9 days are not a long time but we hope that the moments with Vietnam Motorbike Tours did give you a lot of unforgettable memories.

    Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 9 Days


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