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    12 Aug

    Motorbike Tour In Northern Vietnam – 10 Days

    Duration: 10 Days/ 9 Nites
    Destination: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Phu Yen - Son La - Tuan Giao - Sin Ho - Sa Pa - Luc Yen - Vu Linh - Hanoi!

    For a long time, Northern Vietnam has been an ideal place for every motorcyclist wanting to conquer the challenges. Joining motorbike tours North Vietnam is a good choice to experience those feelings. Northern Vietnam is inhabited by many ethnic groups in Vietnam. You can admire the splendid landscapes of gigantic mountains or enormous valleys, where are resided by many rustic villages.

    On the Northern Vietnam motorcycle tours, you will cross many famous landmarks such as Hoa Binh, the home of many Thai and Muong people; Son La province, where still imprints the historical relics and the wonderful sceneries; Lai Chau province, being famous for colorful hill tribes and the tranquil rivers; Dien Bien Phu, where you can turn the clock back to the severe years of French War and have a deep understanding about the failure of colonialism in Vietnam particularly and Indochina in general.

    On top of that, you can enjoy your riding time to Sapa, the famous touristic town leaning on the side of Hoang Lien mountain ranges. It is promisingly the best motorbike tour for you to explore the beauty of Northern areas of Vietnam.


    Motorbike Tour In Northern Vietnam – 10 Days


    DAY 1: HANOI – MAI CHAU ( 170 KM – L, D ) HOME STAY

    We will start the motorbike tours to the North Vietnam by riding on the back roads to get out of the bustle of the city and go into the countryside area. Our Vietnam motorbike crew will pass by the yellow paddy fields, the massive limestone mountains with the typical Karst structure. On the way, Vietnam motorbike touring crew can see many famous landmarks like “Perfume Pagoda”, a famous pagoda in the North of Vietnam.

    After the lunch, we will ascend to 2 passes and riding down to Mai Chau valley.

    The north Vietnam motorcycle tours team will have one overnight stay in the house-on-stilts of White Thai ethnic minority. It would be a warm and hospitable night to try local foods and drinks. It is the end of the 1st long day with motorcycle tours Northwest Vietnam.

    Motorbike Tour In Northern Vietnam – 10 Days

    DAY 2: MAI CHAU – PHU YEN ( 155 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    From Mai Chau, continue our Vietnam motorbike tours to Moc Chau plateau and then redirect to a less crowded road No 43 leading to Da River. Our motorbike touring northern Vietnam will cross the reservoir of Da River on ferry. It is followed by easy motorbike riding on the marvelous winding roads until Phu Yen town. We will have the night on this town before starting a new day with northern Vietnam motorbike tours.

    Motorbike Tour In Northern Vietnam – 10 Days

    DAY 3: PHU YEN – SON LA ( 165 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    The motorbike riding today will be full of excitement when our Vietnam motorbike team ride on a smooth and empty road 37 and then cross the mountains which are inhibited by Black Thai ethnic minorities, whose agricultural activities mainly happen in the sloppy hilly areas. Our Vietnam motorbike tours also rides through many rustic villages of Thai people and their terraced fields. Keep following the winding hills before heading up to the plantation of sugar cane, where we will have one night stay in Son La town.

    Motorbike Tour In Northern Vietnam – 10 Days


    DAY 4: SON LA – TUAN GIAO ( 150 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    Coming to the 4th day, our motorbike tour to the North of Vietnam moves northwest from Son La and pass by many massive mountains and the residential area of Black Thai people. The picture of local life will appear in your eyes with the mountainous children, the hard-working women or the castles, the main labor force in the farmers’ houses. Then, we reach the beginning of the Pha Din pass, a famous pass in the French War that make the legendary history of Dien Bien Phu. After crossing that pass and sightsee the majestic view, our Vietnam motorbike tours crew will stay overnight in Tuan Giao.

    Motorbike Tour In Northern Vietnam – 10 Days


    DAY 5: TUAN GIAO – SIN HO ( 180 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    In the motorcycle tour today, we will ride to the North of Vietnam from Tuan Giao, following the back roads cutting through the residence of H’mong and Thai people, with the rustic village dotted in the banks of rivers and on the hilly areas.

    After the lunch by the stream, our northern Vietnam motorbike tours will gear up to Sa Tong pass. From the peak of that pass, we can enjoy the splendid sunset with the panoramic view to Lai Chau valley.

    We will come to Sin Ho before the darkness comes and have one night staying in that town, ending the 5th day with motorbike tours North Vietnam.

    Motorbike Tour In Northern Vietnam – 10 Days

    DAY 6: SIN HO – SAPA ( 120 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    Coming to the 6th day of motorbike touring Northern Vietnam, we will follow the slopes of Hoang Lien mountain range with the Fansipan peak. There is another choice for you to try the challenging moments by riding in the back routes. Northern Vietnam motorbike tours guide will take you through many rivers and streams.

    The main views of the trip today are overwhelmed by the spectacular nature with the colossal mountains. We will ascend to Binh Lu and have a wonderful North Vietnam motorcycle riding to the top of the highest part in Northern Vietnam (Tram Ton pass).

    From the height of more than 2000m, our Vietnam motorbike crew to the North of Vietnam will hit the road to Lao Cai province. This route offers many glorious landscapes extending to the horizon.

    We descend to the Sapa valley for overnight here. It ceases the 6th day in the journey to explore the picture of Northern Vietnam on the motorbike.

    Motorbike Tour In Northern Vietnam – 10 Days


    You are delivered many options to choose on the 7th day of northern Vietnam motorbike tours exploration: just take a walk around that peaceful and romantic city, ride motorbike to the peak of highest mountain pass in Vietnam or tumble down to the beautiful Muong Hoa valley. No matter what you choose, you are going to see the massive mountain range of Fansipan, which is 2000 meters higher than the sea level. Additionally, you can spot the colorful life of many indigenous tribes on that area such as H’mong, Giay, Tay and Dao. We will come back to the hotel in the afternoon.

    “Sapa is a main touristic destination in the North of Vietnam, located in Lao Cai province. This town is a crucial trading point of many ethnic groups nearby, named as Hmong, Dzao, Giay, Tay, etc. For that reason, it can not be lacked in the northern Vietnam motorbike tours.”

    Motorbike Tour In Northern Vietnam – 10 Days

    north Vietnam motorbike tours

    DAY 8: SAPA – LUC YEN ( 180 KM – B, L, D )

    We will start the motorbike trip Northern Vietnam by tumbling down from Sapa town to Luc Yen. On the way, we will pass many palm forests with the shadows covering the whole road.

    We will have one overnight stay in the traditional houses of Dzao people. This night is going to be fascinating when you have chance to interact more with local people and get a comprehension about their life.

    It comes to the end of the 8th day Motorbike tour In Northern Vietnam.

    Motorbike Tour In Northern Vietnam – 10 Days

    DAY 9: LUC YEN – VU LINH ( 90 KM – B, L, D )

    Enjoy a comfortable motorbike riding in the morning by riding around some traditional villages, and then keep heading to Dzao’s village in Vu Linh. You can have the best night of the whole motorbike tours in the North Vietnam with the party of the hosts. It will be an unforgettable night with the traditional foods, as well as the hospitality and the warmth of indigenous people.

    Motorbike Tour In Northern Vietnam – 10 Days

    DAY 10: VU LINH – HANOI ( 180 KM – B, L )

    Breakfast in the morning is followed by the comfortable ride on motorcycle to southeast on highway 2 before approaching the Phu Tho town. We will have relaxing Vietnam motorbike tours today when moving along the Red River delta, where all the motorcyclists will be stunned by the modest and humble beauty of countryside, with the picturesque views of peaceful villages, the fishing boats, or the enormous paddy fields and corn farms.

    After passing by the Black River Bridge, we follow the highway from Son Tay to Hanoi and come back to the capital before 4: 00 pm. It ceases the 5 marvelous day tour with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team. Although 5 days are not a long time but we hope that the moments with North Vietnam motorbike tours did give you a lot of unforgettable memories.

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