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    11 Aug

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days

    Duration: 16 Days/15 Nights

    If you are seeking the chance to ride motorbike in Vietnam, the 16 day Northern Vietnam motorbike tour will be the perfect choice for you to explore the endless charm of this region. With the variety of topographies and the breathtaking landscapes, Northern Vietnam is the ideal place for every motorcyclists. From the low-land areas of Red River delta, up to the high mountains covered by clouds year around, you will follow the off roads to feel the ventilating atmosphere of northern nature.

    Throughout the whole journey with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team, you will ride through many famous places in Northern areas; such as Mai Chau, Phu Yen, Moc Chau, Son La, Tuan Giao, Muong Lay, Sin Ho, Dien Bien Phu, Sapa, Bac Ha, Luc Yen, Xin Man, Ha Giang, Dong Van, Meo Vac, Bao Lac, Ba Be, Cao Bang, Quang Uyen, Lang Son and Mau Son.

    It is no doubt the best motorcycle tour to have a deep insight into the sceneries of northern Vietnam. Let contact us now to be part of this incredibly amazing journey!

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days


    DAY 1: HANOI – MAI CHAU ( 180 KM – L, D ) HOME STAY 

    We will start the northern Vietnam motorbike tour by riding on the back roads to get out of the bustle of the city and go into the countryside area. Our Vietnam motorbike crew will pass by the yellow paddy fields, the massive limestone mountains with the typical Karst structure. On the way, motorbike touring team can see many famous landmarks like “Perfume Pagoda”, a famous pagoda in the North of Vietnam.

    After the lunch, we will ascend to 2 passes and riding down to Mai Chau valley.

    The Northern Vietnam motorbike tour will have one overnight stay in the house-on-stilts of White Thai ethnic minority. It would be a warm and hospitable night to try local foods and drinks. It is the end of the 1st long day with motorcycle tour Northern Vietnam.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days

    DAY 2: MAI CHAU – PHU YEN ( 165 KM – B, L, D )

    From Mai Chau, we continue to ride to Moc Chau plateau and then redirect to a less crowded road No 43 leading to Da River. Our motorbike tours Northern Vietnam will cross the reservoir of Da River on ferry. It is followed by easy riding on the marvelous winding roads until Phu Yen town. We will have the night on this town before starting a new day with northern Vietnam motorbike tours.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days

    DAY 3: PHU YEN – SON LA ( 165 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    The riding today will be full of excitement when our motorcycle team ride on a smooth and empty road 37 and then cross the mountains which are inhibited by Black Thai ethnic minorities, whose agricultural activities mainly happen in the sloppy hilly areas. Our motorbike tour also rides through many rustic villages of Thai people and their terraced fields. Keep following the winding hills before heading up to the plantation of sugar cane, where we will have one night stay in Son La town.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days

    DAY 4: SON LA – TUAN GIAO ( 155 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    Coming to the 4th day, our motorbike tours Northern Vietnam moves northwest from Son La and pass by many massive mountains and the residential area of Black Thai people. The picture of local life will appear in your eyes with the mountainous children, the hard-working women or the castles, the main labor force in the farmers’ houses. Then, we reach the beginning of the Pha Din pass, a famous pass in the French War that make the legendary history of Dien Bien Phu. After crossing that pass and sightsee the majestic view, our Vietnam motorcycle riding team will stay overnight in Tuan Giao.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days


    From Tuan Giao, we follow the off-the-track roads to Than Uyen. After the tough riding through the bumpy and muddy roads, you can enjoy the splendid views of Mu Cang Chai with the sea of rice extending to the end of horizon. It could be the highlight of off-road Vietnam motorbike tours.Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days

    DAY 6: THAN UYEN – SAPA ( 125 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    You can enjoy your morning in the town before riding up to Sapa from Than Uyen. In the morning, you are supposed to see the local life of H’mong and Dzao people. Our northwest Vietnam motorbike tours will move on the easy roads with roughly 100 first km, and then approach the rugged one for the last 40km. The riding on motorbike is really awesome with the glorious sceneries on 2 sides of the way.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days


    You are delivered many options to choose on the 7th day of northern Vietnam motorbike tours exploration: just take a walk around that peaceful and romantic city, ride motorbike to the peak of highest mountain pass in Vietnam or tumble down to the beautiful Muong Hoa valley. No matter what you choose, you are going to see the massive mountain range of Fansipan, which is 2000 meters higher than the sea level. Additionally, you can spot the colorful life of many indigenous tribes on that area such as H’mong, Giay, Tay and Dao. We will come back to the hotel in the afternoon.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days

    DAY 8: SAPA – BAC HA ( 115 KM – B, L, D )

    Motorbike tours northern Vietnam starts the day by departing to Lao Cai city ( 37km) and then heading to the direction of Bac Ha.

    After checking in the hotel, we can enjoy a free afternoon without intensive riding. Our Vietnam motorbike crew will trek to Ban Pho village, where you have chance to learn how to make corn wine and tofu people. All are conducted by the cuisine artisans in the village. If you get on the Sunday, you can see the typical high market ( Bac Ha market ). We come back to Bac Ha town after trekking and enjoy the 8th day in this city.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days


    On the journey today, Northern Vietnam motorbike tours offers you many stops to feel the charming of nature. Just spend time on visiting Can Can market, situated at the center of mountainous circus, which is quite adjunct to the Chinese border, where you can see the vivid life of both domestic and Chinese ethnic minorities.

    Just about 55km from Bac Ha to Xin Man, but it could be the best part of this grand motorbike tours North Vietnam to enjoy the peaceful life here.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days


    Our Northern Vietnam motorcycle tour team will ride in the less busy road with a bundle of picturesque views and then move along the Lo River. It is compulsory that we need to ask for the permit to get insight into the remote areas near boundary of Ha Giang province. The following stages cross the mountainous territories of the frontier ethnic groups. We will stay in hotel in Ha Giang afterward, or stay in the homestay of local people.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days

    DAY 11: HA GIANG – DONG VAN ( 185 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    After obtaining the permit to ride freely along the border area with Chinese, our northern Vietnam motorbike tours will travel along the rugged and off-the-beaten-track roads. You will be amazed by the masterpieces of nature as well as the hilly villages resided by indigenous people. It will be one of the greatest parts on that trip with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days

    DAY 12: DONG VAN – BAO LAC ( 90 KM – B, L, D ) HOME STAY

    The 12th day with motorcycle tour in North Vietnam offers you the surprisingly amazing views of mountainous areas. Just enjoy your moments by slowly riding and enjoy the wildness of nature. After getting out of Ha Giang, we will come to Bao Lac and stay one night here. If we come here on Sunday, you can feel the atmosphere of traditional mountainous market.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days

    DAY 13: BAO LAC – CAO BANG ( 155 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    It will be the highlight of grand Northern Vietnam motorbike trip from Bao Lac to Cao Bang province where you can admire the spectacular sceneries along the way. Remember to ride carefully here for some blind turns in the winding passes. After 8 hours of riding motorbike, we will be at Cao Bang city before the night and stay here in the local hotel for the 13th night of motorbike ride to the North of Vietnam.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days

    DAY 14: CAO BANG – QUANG UYEN ( 150 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL

    The morning is kicked off by the 1 hour and a half riding to the village of Quang Uyen, circled by the mountain. This part of the journey can be considered as the most joyful part of northern Vietnam motorbike tours when we ride to Ban Gioc Waterfall, the most marvelous fall in Vietnam, in the mutual border of Vietnam and China. If we have time, you are free to swim and enjoy the fresh non-stop moving waterline.

    We will stay in a local host and enjoy the hospitable atmosphere of the indigenous residents here before moving to next destination.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days

    DAY 15: QUANG UYEN – LANG SON ( 185 KM – B, L, D )

    The Vietnam motorbike crew will follow the highway 4 from Quang Uyen to Lang Son. Just enjoy your time by riding motorbike around this city to explore the main point of trading activities between Vietnam and China. A stop at the Dong Kinh Market will be the relaxing time to buy some stuffs or Chinese products with cheap price.

    The 15th night is ended in the city hotel, before coming to the last day with the motorbike trip of conquering northern Vietnam.

    Grand Northern Vietnam Motorbike Tours 16 Days

    DAY 16: LANG SON – HANOI ( 150 KM – B, L )

    After the long days with intensive riding, our northern Vietnam motorcycle tours will have a relaxing day by just following the highway from Lang Son to Hanoi. We are back to Hanoi at roughly 3- 4:00 pm safe and sound, before rush hour and end the tour with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia.

    We look forward to seeing you again in Vietnam to be with us on other amazing journeys to explore Vietnam.

    Please contact us for detailed price!

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