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    11 Aug

    Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 5 Days

    Duration: 5 Days/4 Nights
    Destination: Highlights: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Moc Chau - Phu Yen - Vu Linh - Hanoi

    Emerging as the destination for adventurous tourism in the recent years, Vietnam is the ideal place for you to try motorbike tour. Joining the northwest Vietnam motorbike tours delivers you the chance to have an insight into the authenticity of mountainous areas. Our motorbike tours North Vietnam lasts for 5 days, starting from Hanoi and departing to Mai Chau first, where you can get out of the bustle of the city and the stiffing atmosphere. You will be driven fascinatingly with the beauty of nature in that area.

    Promisingly, 5 day tour with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team will be the best experiences in your travelling life.


    DAY 1: HANOI – MAI CHAU ( 180 KM – L, D ) HOME STAY | Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour 5 Days

    The 1st day with northwest Vietnam motorcycle tours will start at about 9 am when we ride to theNorthwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 5 Days suburban areas of Hanoi. Our Vietnam motorbike crew will pass by the sea of rices, the towering limestone mountains with the typical Karst structure. On the way, motorbike touring team can see many famous landmarks like “Perfume Pagoda”, one masterpiece of nature with the system of limestone mountains embraced by silk-like rivers.

    After the light lunch in Hoa Binh province, we keep moving to Kim Boi hot spring, ascending to 2 passes and riding down to Mai Chau valley.

    The northern Vietnam motorcycle team will have one overnight stay in the house-on-stilts, the typical ones of White Thai ethnic minority. It would be a warm and hospitable night in the sound of traditional dances and music, along with the aroma of local foods. It marks the 1st long day with motorcycle tours Northern Vietnam.

    DAY 2: MAI CHAU – MOC CHAU ( 155 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL | Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour 5 Days

    Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 5 Days

    Tea Plantation – Moc Chau Motorbike Tours

    You are woken up in the morning by the sunlight shining through your window. A walking around the village is a comfortable beginning for a long day with Northwest Vietnam motorbike tours. After breakfast, the Vietnam motorbike team will head directly to the highway before making a sudden turn into the rugged and old roads, which date back from French colonization. This old road was the main vein linking the northwest areas; but due to the construction of Hoa Binh dam in 1994, this road was somehow flooded and not put in use for a long time.

    We ride upwards to the hilly areas, where are the home of variety of indigenous Thai, Dzao and H’mong people. They live in different heights of the mountain. The roads to the highland are rugged and somehow stagnant, but their paybacks are the stunning views on 2 sides.

    In the afternoon, our motorcycle touring to the North will farewell to the highway and get in the winding sealed road to Moc Chau plateau, the sanctuary for enormous tea farms, many types of mountainous flowers and the massive monoliths.

    We will enjoy one night in this peaceful town before kicking a new day with motorbike tour to northwest of Vietnam.


    DAY 3: MOC CHAU – PHU YEN ( 145 KM – B, L, D ) HOTEL | Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour 5 Days

    Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 5 Days

    Amazing Mountain Northwest Vietnam

    fter riding in the small back-roads, our Vietnam motorbike tours will embark to a new road leading to Phu Yen. It descends to a large valley and keeps tumbling down to the Reservoir of Black River.

    The next 50km is full of challenges with the tough surfaces. This area is surrounded by the rustic villages of both Kinh people and other colorful ethnic minorities.

    If time permits, our North Vietnam Motorbike can go thoroughly the whole road leading to another side of the valley with breathless sceneries in Northern Vietnam.

    Before reaching the reservoir, we need to conquer a little vertical road and pass by the village of Dzao people, and then crash down to the bank of reservoir and cross the river by ferry. There used to be the village here but because of building the reservoir so they need to reallocate the villagers. After the relaxing and easy-to-ride roads, our Vietnam motorbike tour to northwest reaches the delta of Phu Yen with the yellow carpets of paddy fields on the harvesting season.

    We will have one overnight in Phu Yen town.


    DAY 4: PHU YEN – VU LINH ( 155 KM – B, L, D ) HOME STAY | Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour 5 Days

    In the morning, you are delivered 2 choices to make decision: you can ride motorbike around the end of

    Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 5 Days

    Bamboo raftingIn Vu Linh ( Thac Ba lake )

    Hoang Lien Son mountain range (the most famous range in North of Vietnam with the Fanispan peak, considered as the rooftop of Indochina) with the winding roads around the mountains; or keep enjoying motorbike tour by crossing the range to reach an untouched areas of rain forest, where you can challenge yourself with the difficult topography.

    From Ba Khe, all the motorcyclists will ride on the smooth roads to the vast tea-planting farms, where the teas green the extensive area of hillsides, along the way to Yen Bai. We can take a short motorbike riding to the bank of Thac Ba Lake, which was concreted by the forming of hydroelectricity dam in few decades ago.

    We will cross the lake for about an hour and reach the other side of the lake, where is inhabited by Dzao people. One night with Dzao minority will be full of excitements and hospitality.

    It comes to the end of the 4th day in the journey of exploring Northwest Vietnam on motorbike.


    DAY 5: VU LINH – HANOI ( 180 KM – B, L ) | Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tour 5 Days

    Northwest Vietnam Motorbike Tours – 5 DaysBreakfast in the morning is followed by the comfortable ride on motorcycle to southeast on highway 2 before approaching the Phu Tho town. We will have relaxing riding today when moving along the Red River delta, where all the motorcyclists will be stunned by the modest and humble beauty of countryside, with the picturesque views of peaceful villages, the fishing boats, or the enormous paddy fields and corn farms.

    After passing by the Black River Bridge, we follow the highway from Son Tay to Hanoi. It ceases the 5 marvelous day tour with Vietnam Motorbike Tour Asia team. Although 5 days are not a long time but we hope that the moments with Northern Vietnam motorbike tours did give you a lot of unforgettable memories.

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